joseph abate

Hey guys! So I'm here to tell you all about Monday, a.k.a. the best day of my life.

You wanna know why?


Before you begin, you need to know that I run her fan twitter account (@EdenArmy - follow me!).


So, I went to Eden’s concert at 54 Below in NYC on Monday. It was one of my bithday gifts, in addition to my Wicked tickets. So, my mom, dad, and I drove down to the city.


9:00 or so, I’m seated in the club. (It’s so beautiful! If you ever get the chance to go to 54 Below, DO IT.) We eat dinner, and the show, entitled Celebrating Life, Remembering Eva Cassidy, starts at 9:30. Eden looked and sounded GORGEOUS, and of course was full of stories and jokes. I was SO happy that I could finally here her flawless high belting in person! Every song was breathtaking. Among the top were Yesterday, Fever, Songbird, and many that I didn’t know the names of. My favorite, however, was Somewhere Over the Rainbow. She was so emotional, I was about to cry (My mom actually did)!


We wait, hoping Eden will come out. No sign of her. So, as we’re about to leave, my mom stops and talks to Joseph Abate, Eden’s ever so kind husband. All of a sudden, he stops, looks over at me, and blurts, “Are you Eden’sArmy?” My mom didn’t even tell him about me, he just knew! Of course, I replied yes, and he automatically told me how to get to the after party on the 11th floor.

Immediately, he said something like (I was in shock), “Go to the elevator. It’s 21+, but your parents are 21. Go to the 11th floor, and there will be a big room with everyone. I’ll get Eden, we all can take some pictures with the professional photographer!”

Clearly I was completely startled, shaking even. My parents and I packed into the elevator with 20 or so more adults. Finally we were at the party! Eden was talking to so many people, such as composer Scott Alan, Tony Award winner Karen Olivo, Natalie Wachen and MJ Rodriguez from Rent, and many more that I don’t know, I’m sure of it! We waited for a while, and then got to talk to Joseph again.

I don’t remember the exact context of the conversation, but these things I do remember…

-Joseph and Eden talk about my account (“Oh, how’s Eden’s Army?”) all the time! They KNEW WHO I WAS, something I never, ever expected!

-He asked my what I wanted to do in college. I said that I didn’t know, but theater would be a dream.

-Joseph: “So you’re a singer?” Me: “Well, yes.”

-Here comes the best part… wait for it… “So, since you’re such a big supporter of Eden, we’d love to pay you back sometime by maybe getting a cup of coffee? And Eden and I could help you with your singing, point you in the right track!” DEAD.

While I was mentally hyperventilating, Joseph got Eden. She came over and hugged him around the neck (so adorable!), saying, “What am I doing?”. He pointed to me.

She threw her arms and head back and yelled, “EDEN’S ARMY!”. We hugged, and she asked me what my real name was. She said it was so nice to finally meet me! Obviously, I couldn’t talk, so my parents took over, asking her a bunch of questions about what her upcoming projects were and telling her how much they loved the show.

Soon after, we went over to the big 54 Below photo backdrop and took some professional photos! “This is my photographer,” she said, “he’s shooting my album cover on Wednesday!” We shook hands and then took some photos (soon to be emailed to me - I’ll post them when I get them!).

My parents, Joseph, Eden, and I talked a little bit longer. My mom was all “Aww, I can picture you with your own little girl someday!” to Eden, and, of course my dad was talking about some stuff that I didn’t really pay attention to with Joe. Finally, we said our thank yous and goodbyes. My parents started walking back toward the elevator, and I finally got to talk to Eden alone.

“I’m sorry, I’m a little bit starstruck,” I told her. She reassured me, “No, It’s ok!” We said a few more things and shared a few laughs over our twitter convos and me being speechless earlier. It wasn’t until then that I could get out what I really wanted to say. “You honestly are my idol.” “Aww, thank you so much!” she replied. We hugged and thanked eachother again, hoping to see eachother at the album release party. Then, I slowly walked toward the elevator, dreading that moment when our outstretched hands disconnected and we finally waved goodbye.

And so it was over. But I wasn’t upset. I was FREAKING OUT, about to cry the entire two hour car ride home! That was the best day of my life. I will never be able to recreate it. It was PERFECT.

Here are some photos:

Until coffee, Eden!