December 7. 2013

This picture was taken at my friend Joselynn’s annual tree decorating party that she holds around Christmas time.  There is a lot to say about the goofiness of this picture but whats important to me is that I explain a little about why I ended up in Providence around this time.  

My Friend Joe Buzzel decided that the life he was leading no longer needed to continue and ended it some time around thanksgiving.  I got a phone call some time around Thursday of this week from Katy Foley, letting me know. 

The interesting thing about making these posts so late in the game is that I know so much more about them then I did when they happened.  Its hard not to go on a total rant about what I learned from this or how the next 8 or nine months have gone since then.  I won’t

I will say that I lost my good friend Joe, who I had not talked to in some time but loved so so much.  I view his death as a choice and find some sense of peace with that, but my compassion goes out to those who lost there friend, son, partner, brother, band mate, creative muse, and guiding light.  He was guiding light to me and his memory will remain as such.

docilecas asked:

i voted a while ago and as far as i can remember i voted for speckledean uwu (also my face tag is just '/my face' because im a basic bitch)

no seriously are you aware of how attractive you are
and that purple hair makes you look amazing as fuck
I can’t stop staring at your face God dammit