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Apart from the occasional clipping problems with this hair mod and the way her freckles sometimes turn shiny gold, I think I’m really exceedingly happy with Jo?!?!

And I got a hot Carver and smoking Bethany in the process

Formally announcing my Hawkes as contenders for hottest family in Kirkwall 

I’m going to headcanon out all the ambient dialogue from Leandra in DA2 where she mentions wanting to find Jo a spouse 

Instead in their place I’m going to imagine Leandra saying that she needs to go fight off those dreadful Hightown mothers who only have marriage on the brain because her daughter deserves peace and respect

why yes I am going to imagine an ace character with an enthusiastic and supportive mother, oh no, is someone going to write in to dragon age confessions to tell me off?


Elissa Cousland- Pansexual Aromantic

Josefina Hawke- Asexual Aromantic

Did someone say Aces in Thedas? Well no, I didn’t hear anyone say Aces in Thedas but too bad you’re getting them anyway

My canon warden and canon Hawke have very little in common apart from their fondness for knives, but they are both ace spectrum characters (and let’s face it, aromantics have an even harder time getting time in the spotlight than asexuals do, so Elissa gets a mention)

Heroes don’t have to have grand sweeping romances to complete their sagas, and not every story ends with a kiss
Convergence {A Dragon Age: Inquisition Fanfic}
31789 words, rated T for mild language and some violence
By Organization for Transformative Works

Divine Justinia has called for an end to the war between mages and templars, and all of Thedas turns towards the small village of Haven, watching and waiting with bated breath for the outcome. It is the greatest conclave in an age, at least- some say there has not been a gathering like it since the signing of the Llomerryn Accords in the twilight years of the Storm Age. But, for such a grand event, there are several notable figures absent from the proceedings.

The woman once called Champion turns her face away, ashamed that her name has been used as a rallying call for war and rebellion. Another woman, a Hero to some, hides in an old fortress in the mountains, alone with the ghosts in her head. Would-be heroes, chafing at the bonds of responsibility and duty, wait for their moment to step forward and claim their own stories.

Change is coming to the world- and the fate of many will converge on one single, unfathomable moment.

Featuring Josefina Hawke, Elissa Cousland, Ilaane de Serault, Rees Lavellan and Lasair of Ice Lake Hold, in the weeks leading up to the Conclave and their reasons for being missing in action. And a huge thank you to shemrightsactivist for lending me Siobhan, to apocalyptichero for lending me Mallorie, to emilykcomicsmith for lending me Finglas and to skyjacklegion for lending me Luc. My worlds are richer for your participation in them xoxo
Sex and Magic: A Dragon Age fanfic for Ace Week

Rated T for some sexual content 

Asexual, aromantic Hawke

Written for Asexual Awareness Week, this is actually the first time I’ve ever attempted prose about Jo- I’ve written meta about her fairly extensively, but this is a story I’ve been wanting to write for a very long time, and struggled with. Stylistically, it’s a little different to how I normally write, so I hope it reads okay. 

She hesitates for the longest time, the words like a stone in her stomach. “What if I- what if I don’t think I want to find someone?” She cringes, waiting for his disdain to fall on her like a whip. Everybody wants to find someone, it’s foolish of her to believe otherwise. All the stories are of great heroes falling in love, of glittering princes and lady knights courting in defiance of a king, of lonely queens being wooed by wandering minstrels, of a god being so moved by the beauty of a mortal that He abandoned heaven for a time to declare her His bride.

What place is there for a foolish girl who flinches at the very idea of such love?

I need to finish some of my WIPs about Jo but essentially

Remember the Black Vials quest line in Origins, and the bound revenants? Remember the notes on each vial, that seem to imply there’s a group (possibly a family group) secretly working across Thedas to find and contain the most powerful abominations and revenants when the templars fail?

I took that and ran with it, and Jo comes from a long line of demon hunters stretching all the way back to the time of Andraste, and based out of Nevarra. Malcolm wasn’t ever with the Crimson Oars- that was a cover- but was in the Kirkwall at the request of his Grandmaster Josefina Gottschalk (the woman Jo was named for) to investigate the Enigma of Kirkwall and to make contact with the wardens of the Free Marches who needed help with an ‘unspecified threat’ aka Corypheus 

It’s why Jo knows so much about blood magic and skills you’d normally associate with templars, it’s why she invests so much time learning about runecrafting and it’s also why she stayed in Kirkwall for as long as she did- Malcolm’s Legacy wasn’t just binding Corypheus, it was everything to do with Kirkwall sitting on a damn hellmouth and what he’d uncovered trying to investigate it

And that’s where Jo and Beth have been since the end of DA2- they went back to Nevarra, back to the Brotherhood because their paternal grandparents were still alive, and Jo was determined to take up a more active role (plus Beth had a measure of protection with them)

Also other things that are on my mind lately because they make me happy

Corinne is demisexual demiromantic, because it’s important to me that a charming, happy, outgoing, attractive woman be respected as ace and aro spectrum and it’s not an issue? Just like Jo was stoic and reserved and shy and blunt but was still respected and adored by her family and friends and was aroace

It’s important to me that ace and aro people are shown to be varied in their personalities and their relationships, because we ARE all varied in our personalities and our relationships, and there’s no right way to be ace or aro

And then when Cullen comes into the picture (who is DEFINITELY grey-ace) and his relationship with Corinne evolves from cool and professional to friendly to more, there’s a lot of moments where she’ll flirt and he’ll express discomfort and she apologizes and backs off instantly because I never see that in fiction??? I never see an acknowledgement of discomfort towards sex, if two people are interested in each other then their sexual appetite is just a given and there’s never any discussion of boundaries and being discomforted by something that the whole bloody world thinks is normal and fun and natural and having a loving, predominantly non-sexual relationship that constantly stops to refer to one another’s comfort levels is important to me :| 


-record scratches-

-awkward silence-

“So, Varric, when I told you my family were demon hunters, you decided that meant we were actually demons?”

“Hawke, trust me, the ladies love this supernatural stuff! I’ve already got a new series worked out once I finished Hard in Hightown, True Blight. It’ll be a bestseller for sure!”

I have this unending habit of creating my own classes for my OCs in Dragon Age, because inevitably I grow frustrated with the limitations that rogue/warrior/mage presents. And I mean, hell, I change so much of Thedas to suit my own ends, to make it happier and more inclusive, why not work on the skills and what not to better suit my characters strengths

Elissa for example is, in game, rogue class. But there are elements of her and her fighting style that more closely resemble the Berserker skill tree, because she’s not quick or talented with a blade, but she is relentless and when she loses her temper she doesn’t hold anything back. And later, as her lyrium addiction begins and grows and her grief over losing Justice grows and she throws herself so fanatically into theoretical magical studies, there are elements of her that resemble the Spirit Warrior class. She is immersed in the Fade, imbued with magic and anger, and there’s no real way of expressing that in her ingame presence. So what does that make her? A Spirit Assassin? Is there even a point of naming it?

Jo is another one- again, a rogue, but again with skills that extend beyond what the game allows. I’ll withhold judgement about the artificer class coming in DA:I as to whether that’s the best fit for her, but she’s a woman who augments her skills constantly with runes and symbols and blood, and she understands the power of blood and that it doesn’t have to be the blood of a mage to be powerful (see: Legacy, where Hawke’s blood was enough to break a complex seal simply because of the connection to the caster). Again, what does that make her? Do I name her a Hunter, after the back story I gave her? Or a Blood Rogue, or something else dramatic?

Peggy too- a dwarf raised by mages and with an immense and intricate knowledge of potions and poisons and mana. A dwarf invested in magic, who believes fervently in the potential of magic and the inherent goodness of magic. The best term for her would be an Alchemist, but even that doesn’t quite express the fervour she holds for magic. 

And Corinne, who is two parts Lady Cassidy and one part Toph, not a witch like Morrigan but a wild mage, so grounded in the earth and the world and almost completely oblivious to the Fade and the beyond. Do I just call her an Earth Mage and be done with it? Wild Mage suits her better, in the end I suppose.

Oops I rambled.