josefina hawke
Convergence {A Dragon Age: Inquisition Fanfic}
31789 words, rated T for mild language and some violence
By Organization for Transformative Works

Divine Justinia has called for an end to the war between mages and templars, and all of Thedas turns towards the small village of Haven, watching and waiting with bated breath for the outcome. It is the greatest conclave in an age, at least- some say there has not been a gathering like it since the signing of the Llomerryn Accords in the twilight years of the Storm Age. But, for such a grand event, there are several notable figures absent from the proceedings.

The woman once called Champion turns her face away, ashamed that her name has been used as a rallying call for war and rebellion. Another woman, a Hero to some, hides in an old fortress in the mountains, alone with the ghosts in her head. Would-be heroes, chafing at the bonds of responsibility and duty, wait for their moment to step forward and claim their own stories.

Change is coming to the world- and the fate of many will converge on one single, unfathomable moment.

Featuring Josefina Hawke, Elissa Cousland, Ilaane de Serault, Rees Lavellan and Lasair of Ice Lake Hold, in the weeks leading up to the Conclave and their reasons for being missing in action. And a huge thank you to shemrightsactivist for lending me Siobhan, to apocalyptichero for lending me Mallorie, to emilykcomicsmith for lending me Finglas and to skyjacklegion for lending me Luc. My worlds are richer for your participation in them xoxo

The lead rider dismounted once one of the stablehands ran over to hold the reins, and on the ground it was suddenly apparent how very short they were- scarcely above five feet, if one removed the height the armour added to their frame. They walked towards Corinne, reaching for their helmet as they did so.

Behind her, Corinne heard Cullen mutter “Oh Maker, it’s not…”

Before she could ask him what he meant, the rider at the head of the column, who had yet to dismount, shouted some kind of salute in Nevarran, and the rest of the riders shouted back an echo, armoured fists thumping against their chests. “Presenting the Lady Josefina Sofia Gottschalk of Nevarra, heir to the Grand Duchess Sofia Benita Gottschalk of Nevarra, twenty-ninth in line to the Nevarran throne, Condesa of Grey Lake, the Grey Lady of Nevarra City, Grandmaster of the Veiled Brotherhood-”

“She’s got more titles than you, Cassandra,” Corinne muttered out the side of her mouth.

“-Champion and previously Viscount of Kirkwall-”

Beside her, Corinne say Cassandra go terrifyingly still.

The figure came to a stop before them, the helmet tucked under her arm and her dark brown hair a frazzled, sweaty mess around her head. She was grinning, and she sketched a quick bow in their direction. “But you can call me Jo,” she said. “I’m sure it’s what you all know me by anyway.”

I was thinking too much about Jo and Cassandra and I went back to look at the chapter I started about Jo arriving at Skyhold and I have a problem