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So I’ve been bawling off and on all day….

These guys are my heroes. Growing up they were unstoppable super heroes to me. Joe is a super hero.
I just really can’t believe that he’s gone. Vasicek was one of the first players I remember as a hockey fan. I’ll never forget his big hits and goofy smile and watching him lift the Stanley Cup. Rest in peace big Joe, and everyone else involved.


Jan Marek, Josef Vašiček, Karel Rachůnek, Pavol Demitra

You will be missed.

Forever in our hearts.


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<3 Always you will be remembered

A little memorial of my own. I will never forget you Karel, Jan and Josef. You were such a big part of my hockey-fan life that I can’t express how much I will miss you. Thank you for the memories which I will cherish that more and will always keep them close to my heart. Hope your beautiful souls find the rest, wherever they may be right now. Be at peace.

Forgive me the quality of the picture but it’s the best I managed to take.

Tragedy (Late post)

I know that this happened today. Why am I late to making a blog entry about it? I don’t know. I guess I forgot I had a tumblr.

In case you haven’t heard of what happened, a Yak-42 jet carrying the KHL team Lokomotiv Yaroslavl has crashed while trying to get to Minsk, the capital of Belarus, for the first KHL game of their season. The entire team and 4 members of the Jr team were on board the plane when it happened. The plane hit a tower mast, caught on fire, and crashed 1.6 miles from Yaroslavl. The plane didn’t have enough altitude.

Everyone on the plane save for 2 people died. Let that sink in for a moment. ALL BUT 2 PEOPLE DIED.

Some former NHL names include:

Pavol Demitra
Karlis Strastins
Jan Marek
Karel Rachunek
Ruslan Salei
Josef Vasicek

There were also some NHL prospects (or Ex-prospects) aboard the plane.

Daniil Sobchenko
6th Round
165th overall
San Jose Sharks
Drafted 2011

Later rounds usually contain people that will hardly make the NHL if at all, but this was a diamond in the rough. He had an outstanding showing at the U-20 tournament scoring 7 points in 7 games to help Russia clinch the gold. He was about to be invited to play for the Worcester Sharks, the San Jose affiliate farm team. But this is a case where “what if” is a more suitable situation as it will never come into fruition. I’m sorry that I am hyping him up, it was natural as I am a Sharks fan and was excited for Sobchenko.

Alexander Vasyunov
2nd Round
58th overall
New Jersey Devils
Drafted 2006

I don’t know much about him, but in his 18 game stint for the Devils, he scored 1 goal. He signed a 1 year deal with intentions on developing and returning to North America. Another “what if” scenario.

Stefan Liv
4th Round
102nd Overall
Detroit Red Wings
Drafted 2000

Despite playing mostly in the Grand Rapid Griffins, he had quite a career in Europe. And also helped the Swedish National team win Gold in the 2006 Turin Olympics and 2006 WC. He also helped his club HV71 win the SEL championships in 2004, and 2008.

Again, my condolences to the families of the following people. It never had to come to this.

Deceased Players:

Vitaly Anikienko
Mikhail Balandin
Gennady Churilov
Pavol Demitra
Robert Dietrich
Marat Kalimulin
Andrei Kiryukhin
Nikita Klyukin
Stefan Liv
Jan Marek
Sergei Ostapchuk
Ruslan Salei
Maxim Shuvalov
Kārlis Skrastiņš
Pavel Snurnitsyn
Daniil Sobchenko
Ivan Tkachenko
Pavel Trakhanov
Yuri Urychev
Josef Vašíček
Alexander Vasyunov
Alexander Vyukhin
Artem Yarchuk

Deceased Staff Members:
Brad McCrimmon
Alexander Karpovtsev
Igor Korolev
Yuri Bakhvalov
Aleksandr Belyayev
Nikolai Krivonosov
Yevgeni Kunnov
Vyacheslav Kuznetsov
Vladimir Piskunov
Yevgeni Sidorov
Andrei Zimin

Deceased Flight Crew Members:
Andrei Solomentsev
Igor Zhivelov
Nadezhda Maksumova
Vladimir Matyushin
Elena Sarmatova
Elena Shavina
Sergy Zhuravlev

Despite all of the tragedy, there is some good news. Remember that I said there were 2 survivors.

Alexander Galimov (Player)- In critical condition with 90% of his body covered in burns

Alexander Sizov (Crew)- Injured

Pray for these 2, and hope for the best.

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Rest in Peace
From San Jose California

Josef Vasicek was a terrific person, from a great family, who did things the right way. He was universally liked by everyone he came in contact with, and went out of his way to make time for anyone. Even on his toughest days, fighting through frustrating injuries, Joe was quick to flash his brilliant smile – the smile of a man whose mother was a dentist – with an understanding that such challenges were temporarily. He was the kind of person that seemed to truly enjoy life and appreciate each day, which is what makes today so very, very difficult.
—  Mike Sundheim