josef urban


“I am left alone, in the frozen dark, with the dead.

Terror claws at me, my body is shuddering and useless, with blood like ice.

I suck in a deep lungful of the dying air, and scream.“

ITS FINALLY HERE! After a bit of business (mainly a 40+ hour-a-week job over the holidays) i have finished! 6 of 6! stay tuned for the post with each one in a photoset It’s been so long and I’ve learned so much that before I upload the photoset I will be tweaking them all and revamping them. Thanks to themrcreepypasta for reblogging all my dumb art! Thanks to all of you for supporting my art with likes and reblogs as well! and thanks to all the messages telling me to hurry up. I love you all!

“W E  N E V E R  L E F T.”

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