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No Such Thing As Vampires
  • Josef Konstantin: It's a threat to our secrecy. What is this, the 1720s? We're discreet! We don't leave bodies lying around. Now we have to be extra vigilant. We live in an age of fingerprint scans, DNA tests, genome mapping...
  • Mick St. John: ...Josef! Relax!
  • Josef Konstantin: I am relaxed. This is relaxed. You're only 90. You've never been chased by a torch-bearing mob.
On Writing: Army Life

This isn’t a post about details.  You can look up rank structure and job duties on google, after all.  Instead I’ll be attempting to tackle some of the broader parts of army life in this post.  I won’t get all of them, though.  “What it’s like in the army” is about as hard to answer as “What it’s like to live in the US;” it means a million different things that are all automatic and ‘normal’ to those who live them.

But I shall do my best.

  • Unit Culture - Every (or nearly every) individual unit in the army will have its own variations and attitudes.  Though there are standards that are supposed to be army-wide, things like ‘discipline’ and ‘how strictly the rules are applied’ vary.  This is largely dependent on the people in command of the unit; if they’re big on cleanliness, they can make people clean all day while failing to punish people for hazing.  A commander’s attitude can also have a big impact on unit cohesion.  I’ve been to units that were full of backstabbing because people would actually get rewarded for ruining someone else’s career.  (i.e., the commander wanted to say “I caught all these rule breakers and cleaned up my unit” instead of handling things internally – and quietly.)

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You know when I met her, she was building a pirate army. ”
“A pirate army?”
“You know, back in the day you could do that kind of thing.
—  Josef Konstantin & Mick St John (Jason Dohring & Alex O’Loughlin), Moonlight

This quote was about Delores Maxford Whitaker or Lola (Holly Valance) her as a pirate is a brilliant image. Largely Josef is the reason I keep coming back to this show.