josef brandt

On December 18th 1930, the notorious Nazi official Reinhard Heydrich not only proposed to his eventual wife, Lina Mathilde von Osten, but also wrote the latter an incredibally love-struck letter, worded as followed:

“My dearest, dearest Lina! In the midst of the hustle and the bustle of work and in a great hurry before my departure, I wanted you to know that… all my thoughts are with you. And I realize now how much I love you. You! I can no longer remember what it was like before. But I know only too well what I leave behind. That is why I am looking forward all the more to the life that lies ahead of us. You! With you I could endure every sorrow! Only a few more days until Christmas Eve. The closer it comes, the more confidently I look ahead. For being so straightforward and upright is the key demand I have always placed upon myself. It will thus not be difficult for me to look your father in the eye. You know, for me there is nothing worse in people whom I love than beating around the bush and insincerity. I don’t hesitate to confront mean guys with the same weapons. I can hardly wait until Saturday! 

Until then, much love, Your Reinhard.”