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El mago de los sueños
(The Dream Wizard)

125 in x of animated feature film history
Release: Dec. 16th, 1966
Country: Spain
Director: Francisco Macián

El mago de los sueños is a traditionally animated Spanish starring the Telerín Family, animated characters created by the brothers Santiago and Jose Luis Moro Escalona. The film was made by Francisco Macián, who gained the Moro brothers’ permission to use their characters.

The film is based on the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen. The Wizard of Dreams, a kind of elf with glasses, attempts to thwart the evil Don Coco Quitasueños and ensure that children get to sleep, and also tell them a dream. Each of the children in the Telerín Family has a dream.

In the animation team was Chilean artist Vicar (Victor Arriagada Rios), who later would work for Disney as a cartoonist for Donald Duck.”


El mago de los sueños is available on YouTube.


DO YA’LL GOT ANY...........

since i finally got my own work space i can draw a LOT MORE IM EXXCITED but i have no ideas so uhhh

i wont do all of them & if i just don’t know what to do/don’t feel the idea too much i probably wont either these are for fun so =v=

rules aaaaaare

  • -no nsfw/ kink or fetish shit thaaaaaanks (please.. dont send me a request from an nsfw-centric blog? just send it on anon because guaranteed i won’t do it & just delete the ask. ESPECIALLY if u got some shit in your icon :\ )
  • -jojo only (this… is a jojo blog after all) (crossovers/outfit swaps are okay!!)
  • -i don’t really know anything past part 4 but if they’re a main character it should be fine
  • -ships are uh…. if they fall under that “adult/minor // abusive // incesty // pedo”” kinda thing just don’t bother tbh. Jota//han & cae//jose are both A+++ and i wont pair jotaro with anyone else really bUT OTHERWISE if it doens’t fall under the 4 ‘yeah no’s then just give it a shot tbh (if i dont want to i just wont anyway so :3c )
  • -quality is… whatever happens. might be a sketch or maybe i put too much effort in and it becomes a full image W H O K N O W S

So toss a request if u got one & whatever happens happens ♥ 


Squad goals, anyone? 

“The Patrol” by Ángel Trancón is certainly reminiscent of some other cinematic classics…  which do you think he was inspired by?

611 Days until the Han Solo Movie

450 Days until Episode VIII







WNDB Signings & Panels at BEA & BookCon

If you’ll be at Book Expo and/or the BookCon in New York City this week do stop by the following panels/signings to meet these amazing authors on the WNDB team and celebrated by the WNDB team!


*unless otherwise noted BEA signings are in autographing area

Wednesday, May 27th

Tim Federle – 2:30pm

R.J. Palacio - 4pm (Penguin Random House booth)

Thursday, May 28th

Anne Ursu – 9:30am

Kwame Alexander – 10am

Kristina Yee – 11am

Sunil Yapa – 11am

Suzan Lori-Parks - 1pm (Theatre Communications Group booth)

Brian Selznick – 1:30pm

Dawn Metcalf - 1pm (Harlequin booth)

Adi Alsaid - 1pm (Harlequin booth)

Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts - 2pm (Abrams booth)

Soman Chainani - 2pm (HarperCollins booth)

Ta-Nehisi Coates - 2:30pm (Penguin Random House booth)

Miranda Paul – 3pm

Libba Bray - 3pm (Hachette Book Group booth)

Vu Tran - 3:30pm (Liveright booth)

Friday, May 29th

Marie Lu - 9:30am (Penguin Random House booth)

Lamar Giles – 9:30am

Salina Yoon – 9:30am

Ilene Gregorio – 10:30am

Tim Federle - 11am (Running Press booth) 

Kristy Shen & Bryce Leung - 11am

Don Tate – 11:30am

Shannon Hale – 11:30am

Nicola Yoon - 12:30pm (Penguin Random House booth)

Adi Alsaid - 1pm (Harlequin booth)

We Need Diverse Books Panel – 1pm, Rm. 1E10

Meg Medina - 1:30pm (Candlewick booth)

Celeste Ng - 1:30pm (Penguin Random House booth)

Marieke Nijkamp - 2pm (Sourcebooks booth)

Rita Williams-Garcia – 2pm

Christopher Myers – 2pm

Don Tate - 2:15pm (Peachtree booth)

Alex Gino - 2:30pm 

David Levithan - 3pm (Penguin Random House booth)

We Need Diverse Books signing – 7pm at La Casa Azul Bookstore


*BookCon signings are in-booth or autographing area as noted

Saturday, May 30th

Nicola Yoon – 10am (Penguin Random House)

Shannon Hale – 10:30am (Candlewick Press booth) 

We Need Diverse Books Panel: Science Fiction/Fantasy with Kameron Hurley, Ken Liu, Joe Monti, Nnedi Okorafor, Daniel Jose Older – 11am in Room 1A21.

Daniel Jose Older & Nnedi Okorafor – 12:30pm (Autographing area)

Ken Liu – 12:30pm (Autographing area) 

Kameron Hurley - 12:30pm (Autographing area)

Lamar Giles - 12:45pm (Mystery Writers of America booth)

Jenny Han – 1pm (Autographing area)

Meg Medina – 1pm (Candlewick Press booth)

Cindy Pon – 2pm (Month9Books booth)

Renee Ahdieh & Marie Lu – 2pm (Autographing area) 

Sabaa Tahir & Aisha Saeed – 2pm (Autographing area)

N.K. Jemisin - 4pm (Hachette Book Group booth)

Jason Reynolds & Ellen Hopkins – 5pm (Autographing area)

Sunday, May 31st

Melissa de la Cruz - 11am (Autographing area)

We Need Diverse Books Panel: Luminaries of Children’s Literature with Libba Bray, Soman Chainani, David Levithan, Meg Medina, and Jacqueline Woodson – 11:15am in Room 1A10.

Jacqueline Woodson & Libba Bray – 12:30pm (Autographing area)

Meg Medina & Ilene Gregorio – 12:30pm (Autographing area)

Jenny Lee & Soman Chainani - 1:15pm (Autographing area)

R.J. Palacio – 1:30pm (Penguin Random House booth)

Brian Selznick - 4pm (Autographing area)

David Levithan - 4pm (Autographing area)