Jose Rizal Bridge (by Jared Atkins)

Can you picture yourself; walking along this bridge with your lover. You trail your fingertips along the rail and they slowly walk towards you. Nothing sexual, just the essence of love lingering in the air. As you make your way further across, you two smile at each other. Staring into each others’ eyes, you start to laugh and cut the beautiful silence. But nonetheless the laughing is wonderful and the both of you savor every moment of it. And when you’re finally across, you clasp each others’ hands and walk off into the beautiful city.




May 14, 2014
Photos by chaptervixiv.

FUEL Coffee, Wallingford
Daejeon Park, Beacon Hill
Jose Rizal Bridge
International District, Seattle


First day being jobless, again.
It was nice not having mandatory responsibilities. 
I visited and tried things that were new to me and spent most of my day completing some home errands to declutter my life a bit. Then spent the rest of the evening at Julz’ at reception and had some good talks with Julz & Derek.

However, I need to start figuring out my job situation because after calculating my cost of living and shit, I think I think to find a full time job in order to continue living in Seattle. My savings are dwindling and I’m feeling the pressure.