Artwork from the TMNT: Legend of Yokai art exhibition, which is an ongoing project exploring the mythical origins of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Illustrations by: Jose Emroca Flores, RudcefAurelio LorenzoTomer HanukaYulia BrodskayaJorge CoelhoChris B. MurraySaturno, Amanda Visell & Jesse Phillips


Originals and prints from the “Adventure Time: Art of Ooo" book launch and art show at Iam8bit / Facebook. All artwork available HERE.

Finn & Jake Find the Light by Rich Pellegrino / Blog / Tumblr

BMO’s Family! by Drew Wise and Macky McNamara

Jake Plush by Philip Tseng / Tumblr

Marceline & The Scream Queens Tour Mini Poster by Aled Lewis

Dot Finn & Dot Jake by Pen Ward

Surfing Adventure Time by Jose Emroca / Tumblr

Party God! by Drew Wise and Bamboota

The Famous Chunkies: Finn & Jake by Alex Solis / Tumblr

BMO Cross-Section by Steve Wolfhard