I’m gonna give away the two items pictured above to a random winner of this give away.

I bought the jersey and the blanket for myself, but it got lost in the post, the shop I bought it from sent me another one and yadda yadda, the lost package showed up and the shop told me to just keep both of the packages. So now I have two identical jerseys and two identical blankets! And that’s where you guys come in, because I have never ever before held a give away, but I really do love all of my followers and now I have a chance to give away stuff relating to something means a lot to all of us (ie Real Madrid).


  • The jersey is a size small, but I’m sure it would fit a size medium too. You can see how it fits me in the right lower corner.
  • The print on the back is number 21: Callejón!
  • The fleece blanket is pretty ugly, haha, but it’s really soft and it will be really nice to have during those cold winter days where you are watching matches or doing your homework or whatever
  • These two things have a total worth of $175 (gasp)
  • The give away will end on December 24th (CHRISTMAS EVE :D), so you’ll have a good twenty days to partipate.
  • I’ll pay shipping and I’ll ship worldwide
  • You will also get a handwritten letter from me congratulating you on your win, hehehehehehehe, CAN’T RESIST THAT, CAN YOU
  • Also the jersey and the blanket you’ll get are of course brand new - not the ones I’m wearing/the one on the floor! That’s my own :3
  • NOTHING MORE. Onto the rules now.


  • I’m doing this for my followers, really, so to participate you MUST be following me.
  • And it would be nice if you were a Real Madrid fan, you know.
How to participate:
  • Follow me!
  • Reblogging the post will give you two tickets in the draw, liking it will give you one. You can reblog as many times as you like. You can only get three tickets all in all, though. You can also send me nice messages, maybe that’ll help you… No just kidding, this is a fair give away! But you can send me nice messages, I don’t mind!
  • Annnnnnd keep your ask box open, so I can contact you if you win :)


  • Jose Calejon (SSC Napoli) & Marta Ponsati 
  • Ivan Rakitić (FC Barcelona) & Raquel Mauri 
  • Fernando Llorente (Juventus) & Maria Lorente 
  • Simon Mignolet (Liverpool FC) & Jasmien Claes 
  • Raphael Varane (Real Madrid) & Camille Tytgat 
  • Pedro Rodriguez (FC Barcelona) & Carol Martin