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Last night I discussed Agents of SHIELD’s Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider origin episode on AfterBuzz TV’s AOS Wrap-up show! You can watch it here!

Thanks to Megan Salinas, Zack Wilson & Matt Liberman for having me on the show! I had a blast!


Earth 2: World’s Ends #26 - “End Times” (2015)

written by Daniel H. Wilson, Marguerite Bennet, Mike Johnson, & Cullen Bunn
art by Eddy Barrows, Eduardo Paunsica, R.B. Silva, Tyler Kirkham, Jorge Jimenez, Scott Cohn, Pascal Alixe, Juan Jose Ryp, Eber Ferreira, Julio Ferreira, Marc Deering, Walden Wong, Paulo Siqueira, Hi-Fi Design, Andrew Dalhouse, & Ulises Arreola 


if you can’t make it through the the day, just remember they’re on their way

Written by James Robinson and Jack Kirby
Art by Renado Guedes, Jack Kirby, Jose Wilson Magalhaes and D. Bruce Berry
Cover by Alex Ross
Titans clash in this first hardcover collection of SUPERMAN tales from fan-favorite writer James Robinson (STARMAN)!
Featuring SUPERMAN #677-680, this is the battle to end all others as Superman faces off with Atlas, lost god of myth. And when Atlas stakes a claim on Metropolis, it’s up to Superman and Krypto to take Atlas down.
As a bonus, this collection also includes FIRST ISSUE SPECIAL #1, the 1975 tale by Jack “King” Kirby that introduced Atlas!
Advance-solicited; on sale April 8 • 128 pg, FC, $19.99 US

If the federal government won’t keep track of this bull shit….then I will!

Severely beaten by cops
1. Rodney King- Victim of extreme violence
2. Chad Holley – Victim of extreme violence
3. Abner Louima- Victim of extreme violence/torture
4. Jose Velasco
5. Eric Wilson- Blind victim of extreme police violence
6. Tyree Caroll- Victim of a 24 police beating
7. Anthony Waller-Slammed face first into wall
8. Emilio Mayfield  
9. Christopher Owens and Tyler Owens an ex-cop and his son beaten by employed cops
10. Cindy Hahn beat up in front of her children
11. George Taylor
12. Aruthur Velasquez cited for not having a light on his bike
13. Stanislau Petrov
14. Jamie Kalani Rice Hawaiian man beaten for praying
15. Deshawn Franklin
16. Bryce Masters tased severally and went into a coma.

Unarmed people shot by police and or died via racist piece of shit pig tactics
1. Akai Gurley
2. Andy Lopez
3. Tamir Rice
4. Oscar Grant
5. Michael Brown                        
6. Amadou Diallo shot at 41 times hit 19 times
7. Sean Bell
8. Seymour Johnson
9. James Boyd
10. Michael Davidson
11. Jonathan Ferrell
12. Eric Garner  
13. Bernard Bailey
14. Philip White
15. Meagan Hockaday
16. Nicolas Thomas
17. Anthony Hill
18. Darrien Nathaniel Hunt
19. Walter Scott
20. Eric Harris
21. Freddie Gray
22. Ervin Edwards
23. Natasha McKenna
24. Floyd Dent
25. Timothy Russell
26. Malissa Williams
27. Alesia Thomas  
28. Ricardo Diaz-Zeferino
29. Brad Martinez
30. Robert Minjarez Jr.
31. Sandra Bland
32. Charly Leundeu
33. Samuel DuBose
34. Christian Taylor
35. Radazz Hearns
36. Zachary Hammond
37. Gregory Lewis Towns Jr.
38. Gilbert Flores
39. William Chapman II
40. Joe Felice shot 6 times
41. John Crawford
42. Ezell Ford
43. Kendrec McDade
44. Jonny Gommage beaten to death Oct 12, 1995 2 of the devils never were charged!
45. Ron Settles beaten and found hung in police custody Jun 2, 1981
46. Eula Love shot 8 times for almost throwing a knife at a couple of devils with a badge! Jan 3, 1979
47. Danroy Henry Jr. Oct 17, 2010 Beaten to death by Orange County devils
48. Ramarley Graham shot in his home after devils entered without a warrant
49. Dillon Taylor
50. Jeremy McDole man in a wheel chair shot multiple times…for supposedly having a gun
51. Devin Guilford
52. Matthew Ajibade
53. Jeremy Martis 9 year old Autistic child hit but cops were trying to kill the man..why?
54. Jamar Clark shot in the head while handcuffed

55. Laquan McDonald shot 16 times within 6 seconds of Jason Van Dyke getting out of his car

56. Rekia Boyd shot in the head, officer Dante Servin

57. Kisha Michael shot to death while sleeping in car in Inglewood
58. Marquintan Sandlin shot to death while sleeping in car in Inglewood
59. Alton Sterling
60. Philando Castille killed in front of girlfriend
61. Luis Rodriguez killed in front of his wife by police while unarmed
62.Joyce Curnell died in police custody in South Carolina
63. Terrence Crutcher
64. Alfred Olango
65. Kenneth Chamberlain
66. Samuel DuBose
67. Sylville Smith
68. Justine Damond unarmed WHITE WOMAN shot
69. Jordan Edwards teen shot by Texas trash

Police officers accused of rape or sexual assault
1. Joel Doseau Sexually Assaulted and raped a 14 year old girl            
2. Vladimir Sosa rape of a 16 year old girl
3. Vladimir Krull rape of a 13 year old girl
4. Joe Mendez likes child porn and gave minors alcohol as well as attempted to fondle them

5. Gabriel Lopez sexually assaulted and raped a 21 year old woman

If you know of any names that need to be added to this fucked up list, please send them to me. But most importantly, if there isn’t radical change in terms of police being prosecuted and convicted of murder in situations similar to the murders of those listed above, what are our next steps to ensure this doesn’t continue?  Since OUR TAX DOLLARS pay for these pieces of shit, when will we DEMAND that these losers upgrade their training and hiring processes?

anonymous asked:

Aw, come on Jess. What's one person to people who genuinely love you? Like Lola? And people who care about you like Jose, Ol Wilson, and...uh.. I'm not sure I have enough fingers to list out the others.

It wasn’t that Jessica didn’t appreciate the attempted comfort, but it felt a little .. silly, unneeded. Too much for a mood that wasn’t that dire, and was simply a little pout party for one. 

“It’s nothing so dramatic to deserve consolation like that, my anonymous benefactor. I appreciate the sentiment, I do, but I’m alright. A lady should be able to have her moments of pouting every now and then, you know. It’s healthy.”

The New Teen Titans (1984-1996) #11

Okay. It wasn’t Donna.

I was totally talking about Dick.

Everyone flips out about the collar but omg guys. This costume would be fine without that v-neck.