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CA Republicans Sue Hispanic Dem Candidate For Being Too Inspirational

A law firm with ties to the California GOP is deeply bothered to see Mexican-American Jose Hernandez’s name on the ballot for U.S. Congress (that is not the joke yet, but we could probably just stop there, ha ha) because he has listed himself as “astronaut” on the line for his occupation. Hernandez, the son of migrant Mexican laborers, is a recently retired astronaut, a fact the law firm pointed out in a lawsuit filed last week. This means that Hernandez is CHEATING, by describing himself according to his career accomplishments over the span of more than say, the last week. May the Republicans suggest a more rule-abiding generalized occupational description such as “Brown person” instead?


What a fun trend this could be, minorities having to go to court for permission to publicly associate with their life’s work! There’s some job creation for you: Hernandez says on his Facebook page that it will cost $20,000 to hire lawyers to defeat the lawsuit.

His website.


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Spaceman-Turned-Politician Can Call Himself 'Astronaut' on Ballot |

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Several days ago I posted about how the California GOP was contesting Mexican-American Jose Hernandez’s name on the ballot for U.S. Congress because he listed “astronaut” on the line for his occupation - and Hernandez is a ‘retired astronaut’, not a currently working astronaut.

Good to see that Hernandez and common sense won this round

…Judge Lloyd Connelly disagreed, saying that Hernandez is an astronaut for “more than the time spent riding a rocket,” according to the Times.

The GOP is still whining about it:

“Allowing a candidate out of nowhere to use the profession of ‘astronaut’ when he hasn’t served in that profession recently, is akin to allowing someone to use a title of ‘sailor’ when they no longer own or operate a ship,” spokeswoman Jennifer Kerns said in a statement.

Guess they thought he should simply put “retired” or “migrant worker” on the ballot.

Congratulations and best of luck, Jose!