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Misdialed Call (Part One)

Summary: After an overall bad day, you call your best friend to rant and to vent. But when you accidentally misdial, you end up talking to a complete stranger. What you don’t know is that this stranger may not be a stranger at all. He may even be the world’s first superhero. (Drabble Series)

Author’s Note: Hey guys. I’m back from my hiatus. I’ve miss you guys so much. I hope to continue writing for a while now that midterms are over and done with. I hope you guys enjoy this series and thank you for everything!
Also, special thanks to Combat Anon for the idea of this series!

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 934

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We partnered with @josecuervotequila to create a #Stratocaster out of Agave. Watch the making of this unique instrument. #fendercustomshop

heart of gold.

2,359 words | fluff, a dash of angst
boss/intern au + min yoongi

author’s note: i dedicate this one to my lovely girl @sugaspen <33 i know you said you were excited for this so here it is! this is loosely based on this gifset from the drama “strong woman do bong soon” btw~

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Legendary musician and skateboarder Ray Barbee got first dibs on the Cuervo x Fender Stratocaster made at the Fender Custom Shop, made with agave plant. 

Spin The Bottle

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader
Word count: 1,351
Warnings: Drinking
Request: ( @sdavid09 ) Could you do a Lucifer x Reader where Lucifer gets drunk? There is that episode where Cas gets drunk, and I know it takes a lot…but now I have to wonder…how would the other angels be like if they got drunk?!
Authors Note: I totally ended up taking this in an angsty love direction instead of a fun ‘what is Lucifer like drunk’ direction.  This is what came to me.  I’m sorry !

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loveyooumeanit  asked:

Harry but 37, 40 or 50 you pick! Haha

Okay, love, here ya go. I went with #50: “Oh come on, one lick won’t kill you!” LOL I had no idea where I would go with this, but I ended up going completely AU fratboy Harry. It’s kinda weird, forgive me.

Harry Styles was a cocky asshole. You knew it, everyone within your circle of friends knew it. Hell, everyone on campus probably knew it. He had a reputation and although you wouldn’t say you knew him well, you’d run into him enough to make your own assumptions.

So why in God’s name you had allowed yourself to be alone with him for a few minutes, you’d never know. There was no arguing that he was attractive. You would even go as far as to say he was incredibly hot and sexy, and most likely amazing in bed. But you’d been warned too many times at various parties to stay away from him because he was bad news and would only break your heart.

But tonight you didn’t care. Your heart had been broken and patched up so many times, you doubted it even beat the same. You knew the difference between love and sex, and right now love was the last thing on your mind.

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