jose antonio burciaga

Mexicanos will tell you they are all one - “¡Puro Mexicanos!” But as in the United States, not all are equal in the eyes of justice, education and economic opportunity. ¡En Mexico no hay racismo! Too many Mexicanos will tell you and insist it is classism. … but race also matters. Who drives the Taxi cabs? Who sells newspapers? Who dresses well? … Every September 16, Mexico’s day of independence, a military parade marches through the Zocalo, in front of the presidente and down El Paseo de la Reforma. This formidable parade features not only the latest tanks and troop carriers, but also hundreds of young soldados Mexicanos, cien porciento Indios…
—  Jose Antonio Burciaga, Drink Cultura, 1993
What a BEAUTIFUL day in Cali today.

just chillin enjoying my time off ! School next week ! ahh go hard or go home !

Today i got a head start reading my Chicano Studies Book, “Drink Cultura”, by Jose Antonio Burciaga, while waiting for the brother to get out of his dentist appointment & i am in LOVE with it haha I am so happy that i get to take one NON science/math class this semester i think i am going to enjoy it a lot (: 

i was on the Pendejisimo chapter & best quote, 

Naces pendejo, mueres pendejo!