Beyond the Boundary Episode 10 Analysis oH YEAH

Okay so the Kyoukai no Kanata feelings have stopped (hahahaHAHA oh man what a lie), and now I’m able to think a little bit clearly about what the heckie I just saw. I’m just going to point out little details and just strings of theory that will give me an understanding of what happened in Episode 10 of KNK, specifically the separate timelines and explanations for certain events.

I ended up writing a lot more than I had initially planned;; hehe.

FIrst of all, we have the beginning of the episode. Let’s start there, as all beginnings should branch off from!

Mirai gets a call from Izumi Nase about seeing her, and it seems like she has already packed all her items. Either that, or she is unpacking them at her new home. I would go with the first option, because it seems like she has her suitcase ready to leave, and she goes into the train station with luggage after the phone call. I’m still a bit curious as to why her things are still in boxes, but I’ll say that it’s because her will to live is so minimal that she doesn’t require many necessities besides food on the table. As a spirit warrior with cursed blood, she has felt alone all of her life, so I’ll say this as a hypothesis. 

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OKAY HI EVERYONE I JUST HAVE A LOT OF THINGS TO SAY AND MOST OF IT IS GOOD NEWS! So I’ve been wanting to buy things from taobao for a while now, and after a few recommendations and reviews, I’ve found a beautiful gem in the mass of taobao agents connected to America. Taobaospree is a very reliable agent who keeps in touch with you at all times, besides weekends, and they communicate a lot with their sellers and just fill your needs to the best of their abilities!

I’m going to say a lot of things so I’m putting it under a readmore;; BUT PLEASE LOOK AT IT IT’S DEFINITELY SOMETHING TO SEE, ESPECIALLY IF YOU LIKE CUTE CLOTHES AND COSPLAY 

I also put a lot of photos and references, so please take a look yey

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Sometimes I love talking to my friends
Sometimes I get sick of talking to my friends
Sometimes I feel bad for talking to my friends
Sometimes I want to cry when talking to my friends
Sometimes I get intimidated while talking to my friends
Sometimes I want to stop talking to my friends
Sometimes I feel lonely when talking to my friends
Sometimes I laugh while talking to my friends
Sometimes I smile while talking to my friends
Sometimes I love talking to my friends


*im putting this in the nyc promstuck tag as well because, some promstuck people were asking about upcoming events!

Hey, guys! I see some people were chatting a bit about this event that Antonio, Plush, Amanda, Roya, and I are making! It is still a WIP, but pretty much set, as far as things go!

Please read the description of the event! It contains a lot of info, but I would like to post up the events that will take place at the event!

  • We will be having a Gift Exchange! This is the “hoho” part of our event, yes; Christmas! We will be doing a Secret Santa, which is actually going to be said tomorrow at 11:59PM (Wednesday)! So, for people on tumblr that didn’t hear of this event before, you have to email me @! This has to include your NAME, TUMBLR URL, AGE, AND (possibly) A PREFERENCE OF GIFT AND SPECIAL SKILLS YOU HAVE FOR A GIFT. We hope for as much cooperation as possible. But, if you take away your RSVP last minute, we would be happy to send your gift to the person. You have 3 weeks to look for a gift (bought or made!)
  • We will be doing skits! If you have a skit idea and wish to get back to me on what you’re doing, please send me a message or email me! Your skit should have an idea… yeah that’s basically it. But, you’re going to have to provide for yourselves! You have to schedule with me a skit you plan on doing!
  • Photoshoot! Like always, we have a mini photoshoot vuv. I think you should know the run down. This time, we have miss Plush holding a notebook and you have to get in a single file line and give us the ships you want to see! Think long and hard about the ships you want to see! 

Please read the event info!

The event is on January 5 (saturday), and is currently being held at Central Park. But, if it’s too cold, we might attempt to find a private area. If anyone has any suggestions, please tell me! But, we have to know ASAP!