joséphine de la baume


Vous entrez dans un service d'élite Merlaux. Vous serez formé par des fonctionnaires d'élite.
Au service de quoi?
Au service de la France!

Au Service de la France, Saison 1, 2015

Joséphine de la Baume

Many reputable sites (e.g. IMDb, French Wikipedia; while Vogue can’t seem to decide) cap the “La”, but I’m going with lower case because that’s what the Telegraph does (consistently, which is nice).

135 ans de French Légèreté // 135 years of French Légèreté

On a dansé sous le regard médusé d'un ours polaire, la musique était parfaite et les invités so…French légèreté!
We danced while the star-struck polar bear looked on; the music was perfect and the guest so… French Légèreté!

Tout le monde s'est bien amusé dans le photomaton Harcourt
All everyone had fun in the Harcourt Photobooth.

Et moi aussi !
Me too!


It is a little strange but of late a lot of my postings have been the result of dreams about celebrities.  I mean, I say a lot, but it has just been a handful.  That handful is a lot more than normal however.  Anyway, I had a strange dream last night (Well, right before I woke up.  Then I went to record store day) about a birthday party and how I had to put up birthday hammocks so people could nap at this nap themed birthday party and… I ended up at a store being chased by zombies but Josephine de la Baume picked me up in a blue pick up truck that had to be 50 years old.  I hopped in, she drove, we escaped.  I hit on her pretty hardcore and since it was my subconscious I was doing pretty well but… then I woke up.  Anyway, this is all very odd not just because it is odd but because I have not seen her in a single thing since I saw Kiss of the Damned.  I really liked the movie and I really liked her in it but that was like a year ago.  So I am a little surprised my brain dug her out for a dream appearance.  She was really good in that movie though, so I guess this is all a tribute to how well she did because I am still thinking about her on some level.  And I don’t mind because she is gorgeous.  So today I want to fuck Josephine de la Baume.

Kiss of the Damned (2013)
I’m not really a fan of vampire meuvies. In the grand scheme of horror films, werewolves and vampires are pretty low on my totem pole; I’m much more of the monsters/demons/ghosts/murderers horror lover. But when I heard that Xan Cassavetes, director of the great documentary Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession AND daughter of the amazing John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands, I knew it wouldn’t be your run of the mill vampire flick and there was a good chance I’d end up loving. it.

I did!

While it may seem like your typical vampire meuvie on paper: girl meets boy, girls bites boy, girl and boy live fabulously, girl’s sister shows up and throws their perfect world into chaos— the costume design and hair & make-up truly make this film a style inspiration for all of us gals who love a dramatic look. But when you throw in the soundtrack and editing you really have a bang-up and sexy film that deserves some recognition.

Please do yourself a favor a see this film… and prepare to swoon when “Djuna” (played by Joséphine de La Baume) hits the screen— she’s gorgeous!

Click HERE to watch the trailer!

Kiss of the Damned is available to rent on iTunes and on OnDemand and will be in select theaters starting May 3rd.


Sometimes it seems like the universe is working pretty hard to put a girl into my thoughts.  Now, I brought up Josephine de la Baume yesterday talking to a friend because we were discussing French actresses and she popped into my head.  Of course that lead to a little searching of her tag but nothing major.  But then out of the blue a friend asked me if I had heard of Kiss of the Damned.  Obviously, I had, it’s how I know her.  Then later I am looking for something to watch and Netflix’s top picks for me?  Kiss of the Damned.  Well, I won’t fight it.  If something out there wants me to think about beautiful French Actresses I will bite the bullet and do that.  For all of you.  Because I’m just a good person.  So here is the beautiful actress Josephine de la Baume who I have only ever seen in Kiss of the Damned but she left an impression.  And so today I want to fuck Josephine de la Baume.