jorvik festival


Jorvik Viking Festival will be held again, from the 20th to the 26th of February 2017, in the City of York, England, from where the last Viking King of Northumbia, Eric Bloodaxe, ruled from 947-8 and from 952-4, after being deposed (934 AD) as King of Norway by Hakon, the foster son of Athelstan of England.

Interestingly, Eric, raised as a Norse Heathen, and his allegedly witch wife Gunnhild, converted to Christianity, whilst Hakon, raised as a Christian in England, after a period of reluctance, began offering to the Gods and celebrating Pagan feasts, but whilst Eric’s rule was nearly all troubled, much of Hakon’s is remembered as good and prosperous.

The header and other images are from Jorvik Viking Festival’s site where there are many more images as well as information about the coming festival.

lowdown of my first viking metal gig (Svartsot, Old Corpse Road) with my girlfriend

1. first mosh pit (in four times)
2.knocked down in said pit, helped up by four 6- foot bearded viking metalheads
3. got given a drinking horn of an unknown beer by said vikings
4. spilt most of it down my front, smells of beer presently
5. aided a crowd surfer
6. helped someone up from the pit
7. held up the guitarist by his foot
8. shook the bassists hand at the end
9. made out with my girlfriend during pretty much the whole thing :P
10. current status: cannot feel my feet, hands or lower body, headache, partial deafness in one ear and a fucking sore-ass throat

i fucking love Viking metal \m/