I was close to buying polo denim jogger jorts today and i think it was a mistake that i didnt :/


Shadow of the Colossus:

#1 Desert Colossus by Seungjin Woo

#2 shadow of the colossus- brainstorm challenge 25 by Chuy De Leòn (Facebook)

#3 Colossus by Josh Ellem

#4 Colossus Smash! by Jort van Welbergen

#5 ‘City Colossus’ - Concept for Shadow of Colossus by theanarchytect

#6 The flying collossus by Jarold Sng

#7 Shadow of the Colossus - Post apocalyptic version by Rahul Philip

#8 colossus design by kalisdevals

#9 Shadow of the Colossus. Done for the Brainstorm group by Gediminas Skyrius Art (Facebook)

#10 Shadow of the Colossus redesign by eddie-mendoza

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Ex-Kentucky big man Josh Harrellson shows his superhero side- Yahoo! Sports

According to WKYT-TV, Harrellson and some friends were standing in the parking lot of a Lexington bar on Saturday night when they noticed a visibly drunk man getting into the driver’s seat of a truck. That man then started to back up his truck really fast in the direction of Harrellson and his friends, prompting the man best known to Kentucky fans as “Jorts” to jump into action.

“I just pushed everybody out of the way, and then bam — right into my truck,” Harrellson told WKYT.

“About four or five of us guys jumped on the truck and reached in there and turned the keys off and just tried to make sure he wasn’t going anywhere…

"We were just worried because he could have put it in drive at any time and maybe ran somebody over, or while our arms were in the car, just kept going and we could have been drug or something. I’m the type of guy that, I want to make sure everybody else is [all right]. I saw it, I moved out of the way, I’m fine. My truck got hit, that’s replaceable. I was just thankful nobody got hurt and the kids [discovered sitting in the man’s backseat] were fine.”

And so the legend of Josh “Jorts” Harrellson continues to grow here in the bluegrass.