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davenport with a quick retory, davenport gives a quarterly report, davenport laughs and then he snorts, davenport calls for the mission to abort, davenport davenport needs a taller escort, davenport builds a pillow fort, davenport looks at barrys jorts, davenport davenport had to go to court. davenport is really short. tons of stuff rhymes with davenport, suck my daven-dick.

I can’t even be mad at that last part I’m just bad at rhyming

things to remember about gerard way:

  • they are 92% deaf in their left ear due to only wearing one in-ear montior onstage for years
  • sat on justin timberlake’s lap one time
  • wrote planet of the apes fanfiction
  • ships stucky
  • had a problem with setting fires as a child and once nearly burned the house down on accident
  • is afraid of balloons
  • On the one hand: Junkrat being immune to his own bombs but Pharah being vulnerable to hers makes sense from a game play perspective, as Junkrat does more close quarters fighting and Pharah is designed for long range
  • On the other hand: It make no sense that Pharah's advanced battle armor provides less protection than Junkrat's crappy jorts
  • On the other other hand: Junkrat having blown himself up so many times his immune system adapted to it is the best possible thing to happen in Overwatch's lore