jort life

okay but, neil and his canon jorts give me life,,

+neil doesn’t understand allison’s visible hatred towards his jorts
+“did i upset her some way?”

+nicky decides to help neil out;
+“you’re wearing jorts”
+“what are jorts?”
+“i can’t believe this”

+nicky educates neil on the topic of jorts but poor neil genuinely doesn’t get why they’re supposed to be awful
+“it’s just clothing”
+“neil, you’d probably wear crocs too if you had the chance”
+“…crocs are comfortable?”

+at this point nicky officially dies and allison, overhearing neil, shouts NO out loud, scaring everyone around her

+next day, there are notes on every door, in allison’s handwriting;
+“this is a jorts-free zone. and all crocs found in the area will be burned in a bonfire. with love, allison”

+nicky puts a hand on neil’s shoulder
+“it’s for your own best, neil, for your own best”