Dragonspawn/Targlings/FireIce Babies OCs

Visenya Targaryen, Princess of Dragonstone and Mistress of Coin also #BOATSEXBABY 

The eldest of the five children  Visenya was born ether during the War for the Dawn or shortly after the War for the Dawn. Considered by Dany to be Viseiron reborn, due to close proximity of Visieron’s death and Visenya’s conception. Visenya is aloof and hard to read but incredibly brilliant especially in mathematics, architecture and economics. During her late teens she suggested a few economic policies that pulled the Crown out of a post reconstruction recession and into a boom.  On her 17th name day, Dany appointed her to the Small Council as Mistress of Coin. Currently overseeing the reconstruction of Summerhall. Current Age 23. 

Ser Daeron Targaryen, the Dragon Knight. 

Two years younger than his sister Visenya, Daeron is Jon and Dany’s eldest son. An extremely gifted swordsman who wants nothing more to be like his father and protect the realm and his family. Though this has been hindered in the past by his ego and recklessness. Knighted by Ser Jorrah Mormont at 17 after dealing with a band of rebels in the mountains of Dorne. Left King’s Landing three years ago after an argument with his Father. Has finally returned home with special cargo.  Current Age 21 and in a current relationship with a Lysnei noble named Sonia who has traveled with him from Essos. 

Rhaella and Lyanna Targaryen 

Fraternal Twins named after their Grandmothers. Rhaella has the Targaryen silver hair like Visenya and Daeron. While Lyanna has the dark curls of House Stark like her younger Brother Eddard. Both are headstrong, ambitious and have a bond stronger than Valyrian steel. The two are currently touring the Bay of Dragons to inspect their family’s holdings in the region under the eye of their Aunt Arya Stark. Ages 18

Eddard “Ned” Targaryen 

The youngest child of Jon and Dany, named after Jon’s Uncle/Father. The blood of the First Men flows deeply in his veins as he looks very much a Stark. The quietest of his siblings, Ned takes a lot after his Father Jon. Is very fond of history and the arts, has a special bond with his Father’s Direwolf Ghost and has inherited his Grandfather Rhaegar’s music gift. Is getting prepared to be fostered at Winterfell for a few years. Age 11

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For DWC: “Cross that. Don’t answer that.” Characters of your choosing. :)

Marina Amell x Alistair Theirin, for @dadrunkwriting


“One of these days you’ll have to give in,” Alistair whispers softly, lacing his fingers through hers where they lie on the bed, the sun just beginning to peak in from behind the curtains, “…Let me make an honest woman out of you,” he continues, tucking in a little closer behind her to spoon against her back.

“Yes,” Marina agrees with the smallest hint of a smile, voice still a little heavy with sleep and rough from her tears the night before.

He is still here, still with her, after everything that their, at times, extraordinary, lives have thrown at them. And now, after years apart, years of searching, they finally have their freedom. The means to retire and live a life like anyone else, without the fear of their respective Callings looming over them. Getting married, it isn’t really necessary. A possibility she’d long ago stopped dreaming much about while she had lived in the Circle. Then there’d been so much more work to be done when he’d first asked. Did Gray Wardens even get married? Jorrah had been, but did any marry after their Joining? She didn’t know. Alistair hadn’t cared.

Marina thinks perhaps her parents had been raising her to be a good Andrastian, but after she was taken to the Circle, the Chantry seemed less a comfort. What use was a Maker that had abandoned her and allowed his children who had the misfortune of inheriting magic to be locked up and treated so. She doesn’t need a Mother or Brother’s blessing, or the formality of any ceremony to know she will love and do everything in her power to always return to and protect this man. But she can appreciate that it means something to Alistair, even if the life of a Templar hadn’t suited him. And perhaps its sentimentality getting to her after two years of subsisting on nothing but their ravens to one another whenever they could afford to send them, but really, she has kept him waiting long enough.

“Yes,” Alistair nods. “Wait, yes,” the warrior asks, suddenly sitting up to stare at the woman beside him. “As in, yes, Alistair, love of my life, all your charm, all these years and all your asking has finally won me over, I will marry you.” Marina laughs softly, but it’s definitely not a no. “No, nevermind,” Alistair interjects, shaking his head, before she can make any real reply. “Don’t answer that. Let me live in the fantasy for a moment.”

“Ali,” Marina replies patiently, sitting up and gently turning to face him, resting her forehead against his as blue eyes meet brown ones. “Ask me,” she encourages softly. His Adam’s apple bobs as he swallows hard, betraying his nervousness despite having asked this question a hundred times and a hundred different ways before. She’d always been gentle, but it had always been ‘no’. His brown eyes lock on hers, as his hands reach down between them to clasp hers between his once more.

“Marina Amell, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

“Yes,” she repeats with a warm smile, drawing her forehead away from his, but only so that she can offer him a kiss instead. “Yes Alistair,” she promises between enthusiastic kisses, “I will marry you.”

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