Collide || High School AU

                    The sound of the first bell rang in his ears. God how he hated that fucking sound. Seriously, it pierced into his dreams while he was at home changing them to nightmares. Wade slammed his locker shut after grabbing the few things that he had for class. It was nearing the end of the first week of the new school year. Sophomore year had just begun and he was already wanting it to be over.

                   “So let me tell you something kid,” he feels a large arm slip around his shoulders and he knew that it was Logan trying to spew something into his ear about practice after class or some party that was coming up this weekend. He may have been well acclimated to the popular scene that most of the football players were in after being in it since Freshman year, but he still couldn’t wrap his mind around how there managed to be a party for any and every event that happened. Someone on the cheerleading squad passed a math test? Party. Someone managed to not get a concussion at the game that Friday? Party. A cheerleader wasn’t pregnant? Party.

                   “This weekend, after the scrimmage on Friday, Vanessa is having a thing, and I know that you’ve been staring at her ass in that lovely, little cheer skirt. And wouldn’t it turn out that she told me personally to invite you,” he says. The smile on Logan’s face is wide and he looks at Wade waiting for an answer. Wade shrugs his shoulder. Crazy Vanessa wasn’t someone that he wanted to get involved with at the moment. But the promise of free drinks was something that he knew he couldn’t and wouldn’t pass up.

                   Eventually he nodded at his friend. “Fine. Fine. Because we definitely didn’t know how crazy Vanessa is over the Summer, let’s definitely go to her party.” Wade stops in the hall, causing Logan to move to stand in front of him. “You must be blind if you think that I’m looking at her during practices, because that girl is a bag full of cats crazy and after this summer I don’t wanna have anything to do with it.” There’s an eye roll from Logan and he huffs out a breath before groaning.

                   “Fine. But you fuck up anything I got going with her friend and I will literally be the end of you, Wilson.” Wade narrows his eyes and laughs. “Mhm. Shut up and walk me to class, big man.” The pair made their way to their chemistry class, taking two seats in the back of the room.

The rest of Novembers intake

“—Have you any idea what the melting point of magnesium is–”

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I'm not a recruitment officer.

Rhodey looked to everyone, giving a slight nod to Tony before addressing the others. “It’s nice to meet you all, I am Colonel James Rhodes. If you are interested in joining the Air Force or any armed service for that matter, I ask that you go to your local recruitment center, and not to me.” He stated, his head tilting back a bit as he regarded the rest.

Fatalist Palmistry| @jorohart

Waking up in a bed that wasn’t his own was a pretty normal occurrence for Johnny Storm. As he pulled himself out of the plush beige color bed, his sleep addled mind wondered where he was. It wasn’t until he reached the large window in the living room and stared out over the city that he remembered he was in Stark Tower. Some kind of superhero conference, yadda, yadda.

It didn’t take him long to get showered but getting dressed was a different matter entirely. He wandered his little suite in a pair of boxers and a white t-shirt, if he remembered right there was a press conference later that night. No sense getting all dressed up hours before he had to be anywhere.


“Rough translation, she’s pleased to meet you. Got a task for me or did you just stop by the shop to shoot the breeze?”

⚓ OPEN ⚓

The sounds of the ocean were a constant for all of Benny’s second life. As a human, he’d never ventured near water, really. But after being turned by his maker, he’d spent most of his days on the open water. And fifty years of Purgatory had only make him homesick for the sea.

Which probably explained why he was lying in a sleeping bag on the floor of the empty café with a pillow over his face, at noon, wave noises blasting from  the speakers of the contraption next to him–some kind of dock for a pod, Elizabeth had called it. Whatever it was, it seemed to be the only way for Benny to get any rest, and so he’d turned it up to a near-deafening volume. 

The sounds were so loud, in fact, that he almost didn’t hear the café door swing open. Shit, he thinks, scrambling to his feet. Forgot to lock it. He rubs at his eyes, squinting through the sunlight to greet the stranger. “Mornin’.” He tries to get his eyes to focues. “Guess you didn’t see the ‘closed’ sign, huh?” Benny’s voice is raspier than normal, and he clears his throat. The waves are still blaring in the background, and he stumbles over to the player, pressing random buttons until the noise goes down to a bearable level. He hasn’t the faintest clue how to turn it off.

JoRohart- Rubber Baby Buggie Bumpers

Pepper sighed as she looked at the list Hank and she made that was labeled hers. “That’s a lot,” she said wide eyed, finally taking in all of tasks that needed to be done.

Slowly, she looked from the work pile to the list and back. “Time to switch gears, Pepper. You’re going shopping…well…window shopping. Hank would be furious if I bought anything, but it doesn’t mean I can’t look.”

She picked up the phone and dialed an extension. “Hey Jo? Drop what you’re doing. We’re going to take a break. I think we pregnant women deserve some fun. What do you say?”

But the Fire is so Delightful| Stark Party OPEN

“Do you think the coats too much? I don’t think the coat’s too much. It might be too much. You know what you’re right. It’s fine. I can always get rid of it, not like I leave these parties with all of my clothes on regularly anyway.” Johnny babbled happily to the impassive doorman. He patted him on the back before stepping through the doors, impressed by the decor.

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"Did you think I wouldn’t notice you watching me sleep?"

“Honestly, no.” He was quiet and humans tended to sleep so soundly. It only made him wonder if Jo had gotten used to his waking presence during the nighttime hours. If somehow she had made herself almost consciously aware even while in her sleep. “How long have you noticed?”

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Jo had been stuck in the office far longer than she had wanted to be. It was dark when she got home and she wanted nothing more than to just relax. Walking into the apartment, Jo kicked off her heels, walked over to the couch, plucked the book Godric was reading right out of his hands, and plopped herself into his lap. She sighed heavily and nuzzled her face into his neck. Jo did all of this without saying a word. (Hi! :D)

For the past few weeks Godric had grown accustomed to not expecting Jo home at a particular hour. She had been staying at work later than usual. The vampire had occupied his time spent alone doing various things he never otherwise found the time to do. For the past hour or so tonight he had been finishing up a mystery novel randomly selected at the library. After having read so many books in his time, Godric found that he could read most anything.

Even when Jo walked through the door (as he had heard her before she appeared) Godric found it difficult to draw his attention away from the mounting plot. His eyes lifted and a small smile formed on his face as he greeted her with a pleasant, “hi.” So the ancient was quite surprised when Jo responded by taking his book away and replacing it with herself.