Spectres - ch7

Loki brings everyone back to his cavern, and Tony starts trying to heal Barnes… until they’re interrupted.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who’ve supported this story, it’s completely insane and I’ve had SO MUCH fun writing it! Special thanks to @salamanderink who prompted it in the first place over a year ago oops!

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Tony was getting used to travelling by Spectre teleportation. He only had to gulp air three or four times before he was able to take in the scene around him.

And what a scene it was. Loki’s cavern seemed larger, Tony thought as he looked around. Hela started dancing, shooting Spectral power at the roof so garlands of light hung themselves and cast a warm white glow. Jormungandr shifted into his human form as the last kid slipped off his back into Peter’s arms. “Injuries over here,” Jor called. “I can heal you.”

Loki nodded to him, the pride clear in his eyes. He lay Barnes on a table that rose out of the ground at his gesture. “I think,” he said, cocking his head to look at Barnes’ face, contorted in pain. “That you should heal him. He has had too much Spectral interference.”

Tony nodded, and took a deep breath. “Healing’s not much my thing,” he admitted.

Loki smiled softly, his bone mask turning to mist and floating away. “I have faith.”

Tony looked down to hide his smile, and cast a diagnostic spell over him. “OK, so he’s got a bunch of broken ribs, a - jeez, a skull fracture, bruised kidneys and a fuck-ton of scars.” He breathed deeply again and rubbed his hands together.

“Can I help?” asked Hela from right by his elbow.

Tony startled so hard he nearly yelped. “Holy sh- uh, yeah, OK, kid.” He glanced at Loki. “You can’t use your magic, but you can fetch and carry, yeah?” She nodded, a wide grin spreading over her sweet little face. Really, the moving wounds weren’t that creepy, not when you knew what a cutie she was.

Tony laid out herbs and stones from his pockets, chatting constantly to her to keep himself calm and on target, telling her all about the associations and powers of all the ingredients. “Oh, here’s a piece of gold, huh, forgot I had that. That’s for riches, obviously. Then linden root, for strength. And that’s pansy petals, they’re for premonition, but I don’t really like the way they feel, it’s not quite right, you know?” Hela smiled up at him and nodded. He grinned and patted her head. “Yeah, of course you know. Anyway, I’ll work out what to do with them some day, but we definitely don’t need them for this.” He took another deep breath. “Right, pass me the weeping moss, the willowbark and the bloodstone.”

She passed him two tupperware pots and a small earthenware jar and he set about mixing a pinch of this, a dash of that, following the tug in his fingers that took him to the next right thing.

“What about this?” she asked, holding out a slim root.

He spared her a quick glance, still mixing the reagents, golden sparks flying up as his mortar struck. “What about that?”

“Linden root,” she said. “You said it was good for strength and bones are the strong parts of a human, are they not? We do need to fix the bones, right?”

He blinked down at her, a slow grin spreading over his face. “Hey, Pete! You’ve got competition for apprentice duties!”

Peter grinned and used his Spectral powers to thunk Tony in the back of the head. Tony flipped him the bird and took the linden root. “I think this is just what we’ll need,” he said to Hela, who grinned so hard her eyes almost closed.

The linden root started hissing as soon as Tony crushed it, and white smoke poured from the mixture. Tony held it over Barnes’ face, blowing gently so the smoke coated him, clinging to his skin in certain places, sliding off him in others. He started moving slowly downwards, rationing the potion so it could cover his whole body.

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Tis done! mermaid mama Loki with her mischief makers!  From the bottom: Sleipnir (who’s the only one that took after his father’s tail just a bit),Hela (on timeout! go to the tail!),peter (who came from an abandoned egg that Loki didn’t have the heart to leave all alone and adopted him! he’s mama Loki’s little helper!), Jormungandr and Fenrir! (oh! and it was papa’s turn to babysit the eggs)


Viking Silver Snake Pendant and Chain, Late 9th Century AD

The serpent form may relate to the Norse myth of Jörmungandr (Jormungand), the Midgard Serpent, a child of Loki and a giantess who according to legend grew so large that it was able to surround the earth and grasp its own tail, forming an ouroboros. According to legend, when it releases its tail, Ragnarök, the final battle of the gods that will result in Earth becoming completely covered in water, will begin. One of the most popular motifs in Norse art concerns the story of Thor and Jörmungandr. In classic Thor style, he sets off on a reckless fishing expedition, taking the head of an ox as his bait, and sails further out to sea than he should. With a large hook and the ox head, he catches Jörmungandr, who surfaces, poison and blood dripping from his mouth. Thor’s fishing companion, the giant Hymir, quickly cuts Thor’s line before he can slay the serpent with his hammer and Jörmungandr sinks beneath the waves, the threat at bay - for the moment. Multiple Viking picture stones have been found depicting this story, including one from as early as the late 8th century.


mythology aesthetic   – —   loki’s brood

fenrir, jormungand, and hel — three beings who frightened the gods and in doing so confirmed their belief that capturing each of loki’s children, at the begetting of the giantess, angrboda, would be their best course of action, if only to ensure that their evil hasn’t the chance to spread.


God of War Fan Art - “You’re ready, Boy!”

This is a God of War fan art I created to publish with the last game release. I chose to recreate a possible future of Kratos and Atreus, as I imagined them, because I am a huge fan and played all of the previous games. Since I didn’t have had the pleasure to play this last game, this draw might be inaccurate, comparing to it.
I hope you enjoy.


World Serpent

We just woke up the World Serpent of Midgard! Father thought he was going to try and eat us, but Mother always said Jormungandr was a friendly Giant. He tried speaking to us, but I couldn’t understand him. I wonder if that’s the language all giants speak? He doesn’t seem very interested is us right now. I wish i could talk to him… I have so many questions! Where did he come from? What does he do all day? What does he eat? Maybe we can find another way to talk to him…