#10 Ness

A child gifted with mysterious psychic powers from a meteorite.
I played the entire Mother series in chronological order about 5 years ago and it was a very fresh take on the RPG genre for me, changing the classic sci-fi/fantasy scenarios to a more contemporary setting makes things very interesting.With a party consisting of kids with psychic powers, science and every day objects like baseball bat and yo-yos (as seen above) instead of swords and shields makes it very appealing (plus the sense of humor is great!).
If you’ve never played any of the games in the Mother series I highly recommend you do, especially Earthbound and Mother 3.

I wish there were more playable characters from this series in smash…

The first of her name, ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom and Mother of Toads.

Princess Peach is the first character added to the roster in smash bros melee.
Even though she’s being rescued constantly by Mario and his friends, she’s a pretty strong character with many abilities that make her a force to be reckoned with.
Her floating skills make her the best character in many super mario games, such as Super Mario Bros 2.

She may look cute but she’s quite the fighter, DO NOT underestimate her.

#5 Yoshi

Mario’s green trusty steed. Super Mario World on the SNES was the very first videogame I owned, Yoshi is one of the best parts of that game, getting the different ones and testing their abilities was a blast. Later on with Yoshi’s Island, his coolness grew a lot. That game is truly a masterpiece. Good times! 😄