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It’s Kate Leth’s birthday today! We celebrated last night! Witches drink a lot of cake vodka. Hope it’s a special day, grill! Well, we’re watching Practical Magic later, so obviously that is going to be excellent.

I think this is the first time I’ve scanned a marker drawing with my new scanner. It sucks! I have a hate/hate relationship with scanners.

Also I am hungover.


Debuting at SPX! Part two of the story that was recently nominated for a Gene Day Award! 

The Terrible Death of Finnegan Strappe: The Claw of the Earth PART TWO!!!! Finnegan continues his search for an evil artifact and somehow finds himself in a subterranean nightmare. The scariest kind!

Come by my table (W20 B) for a copy! I will even have a deal that will include the first book plus a tote bag at a discounted price!

FULL COLOR! 40 Pages! Occult adventures!


Let’s start up the train of new and exciting things  I will have with me (or be debuting) at SPX! 

First up is this ultra sharp (heh) tote bag that just got delivered to my office this morning! I hope you’ve got dagger eyes (hah)! It comes with a super cute lil’ book that lists the names, magical properties, and owners of each of these implements of bane.Can you guess which one (maybe ONES) belong to Finnegan Strappe?

I’m coming all the way from Canada, so stay tuned for more info regarding my new releases and all of the fun love-feelings I have for the event in general! Spread the word, pretties! 


TCAF was amazing! I just got home from Toronto last night (my plane got struck by lightning and I won’t stop going on about it for a few days because it was ultra terrifying) and maybe when I get some rest I will make a post about the event itself. My mom flew in to Toronto right after so we could hang out a bit -AND- I bought a wedding dress! How PRODUCTIVE was this trip, huh?

Claw of the Earth part three came out and so far I’ve been hearing some nice things from people people who bought it! EEEEEEE! I kinda can’t believe I’ve finally finished this story. Onward to the huge amount of shipping I have to get done O_O

Anyway, here are some progress images I posted last month on instagram and the color legends for Finn and Shan’s new outfits!


Lil’ Chester Hogs All the Hugs; a love triangle. Though, maybe not actually a love triangle, since Lil’ Chester loves honey-mustard chicken-wings most of all. Secondly, he enjoys ham sammiches. Third of all, he enjoys Mars Bars and hamburger helper. Not separately, but together.

Happy Canada Day, everyone! I hope you sleep in, touch a butt (as always), and do something celebratory. Oh, Canada! Mother of poutine and space arms! Watchers of the North!

Also, if you’re in Ottawa, I was involved in a thing that will be happening there at Parliament (keeping it cryptic). I am part of a virtual choir O_O But my body will still be in Halifax hahaha.


Occult comics, right? RIGHT.

Tiny post. Recent line art instagrams. I’m working on stuff I have to be more secretive about recently… I think when I go on my SPX holiday I’m going to spend the entire time drawing random indulgent things. And I’m the kind of person who has already started a list for this purpose. I want to draw Night Vale related things. Ahhhhhh.

Tuna Newn, aged 17 in two months, has been feeling like she’s not getting enough attention, so I pulled an ottoman into my workspace. She’s the foreman, checking that the cuddle quality doesn’t slip.