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messi appreciation week: favourite pairings of leo


Headcanon: Rietveld Brothers as Indo (half-Dutch, half-Indonesian)

Their mother was a native Kerch (Dutch Republic) daughter of a Kerch merchant, and their father was a slave from Southern Colonies (possibly, colonial Indonesia). Kaz, small as he was, didn’t really remember his parents, nor about his ethnicity, but his brother Jordie was his only link.

Abang sayang kamu, dik,” said Jordie every time he kissed him good night. Sometimes Jordie cooks him Indonesian delicacies, (Kaz specifically likes pisang goreng). On the Ketterdam streets sometimes Jordie would steal from Kerch merchants selling colonial trinkets, and Kaz slowly learn thievery from that. Kaz with his pale complexity, people might pass him as native Kerch kid, while Jordie was so much like his dad. No one in Ketterdam likes strayed orphans, especially Indo minority.

Jordie, his Abang, is no longer with him. His only ties with his family has broken. No one knows about his past and origin. (1/?)