jordon pipkin

Week 3

So it’s another week… these are starting to go by faster! So, not as cool as last week… I had a more extravagant plan for this week with a model and all but… got a little snowed in! We don’t get a lot of snow in western Washington so 6 inches was a LOT, and Seattle just doesn’t know how to handle it… and I can admit that! My car can’t drive in this kind of weather so I just stay away :X Then the whole ice storm thing… it was cool but not really. Trees falling down and all… I was lucky enough to not loose power. I’m glad it only happens once a year here. I like the snow but I don’t want it to stick around. (Me and my puns :D)

I chose this picture because I liked the texture on the fence, and the rust and the snow and the bokeh and all that good stuff. I wanna get a new lens :D too bad I have to much else I have to do -_- Always saving money…. Always trying to get on the other side of the fence… eh? Heheh. Well anyways, enjoy.

Week 2

So as promised, here it is! week 2. 

This is a picture I’ve always wanted to do, ever since I got my flash. I never have well… because I’m lazy and, “later” always seems to run away from me. Well later, take that I’ve finally caught up to you. Lots of time on your hands does that to a girl. I’m pretty pleased…. it’s basically how I thought it would turn out. Though the me with the hair down could have looked a little more like I was trying… eh oh well.

So the whole idea with this is fighting yourself… everyone has internal battles I’m sure of it. It could be as simple as what you want to wear (like my favorite jacket in the photo), what you want to eat, where you want to go to school, or what friends you want around. Life is full of tough decisions and those choices make us who we are. Never regret something you’ve done because it’s what makes you who you are and what you know. You learn through success and mistakes, it’s all important and it’s what keeps us always changing and growing. Experience. 

Well that was a bit off topic :) ~Enjoy!

Week 1

So last year I decided to take up a 365 project like a lot of other people did. It was a lot of fun but resulted in a lot of last minute photos or, “Facebook pictures” and so I wasn’t very pleased. While it helped me improve on my photography a lot, I found myself just taking random photos of things with no real meaning. Thus, my project 52. I have a whole week to think about what I want to make and what I want my photos to say. I either want them to tell a story or evoke an emotion or capture a really important moment. They may or may not sum up my week but I’m kinda hoping they will. No more last minute pictures for this little girl :D What’s also cool is I can actually explain the story behind the photo with the blogging aspect of tumblr. I don’t have a lot of time so I would often upload pictures when I had some spare time and write basically nothing for that specific day… which is such a shame I like writing!

So this weeks theme is, “Out with the old, in with the new.” So it’s a photo of me burning a photo…. heh tricky eh? I’m striving to move on from last years bad habits (such as last minute photos) and bring in more good. More thoughtful images, joining a gym, getting a new job possibly, you know, stuff. 

I’m working towards a collection of images I can be completely proud of and show what my life was like, in 2012. 

Enjoy :)

Week 5

Wow I’m waay late on this last weeks photo… I took the pictures and all that and started editing but it took foreverrrrr so I just came back to it later when I had time… and I’m happy with it! It looks kinda cool… kind of, invisible man but… obviously it’s a girl and well, you can imagine what she looks like :) I had a lot of fun trying to figure out how I should do this. It’s good to challenge yourself. 

Nothing really new happened this week, hence a photo that is just kinda random. I’ve been working a lot again and it feels soooooooo good to be busy. Plans to get the moon setting in the morning… I saw it today on the way to work and it was amazing. Anywaaaaays

Enjoy :D

Week 9

Well behaved women rarely ever make history

Too true don’t you think?

A lot of important stuff happened this week. I got my new 70-200mm 2.8 and it’s simply amazing and I kind of have lens fever at the moment. It’s gonna help me make money though :D

And then there was leap day, the 29th of February that only comes around every four years. My best friend and I decided to celebrate this (and we both conveniently had the day off) by driving up to Bellingham for the day :D What better way to celebrate than getting a tattoo? Hence the photos, and the quote (that’s what the tattoo says). We then proceeded to eat with my other friend Mikayla at Western and see her dorm. OMG I COULD NEVER. They are so SMALL. Then to top off the day we almost died driving home in the snow o_o. But yeah- epic day. Epic week ended with getting a kind of, “promotion” at work I guess you could say. Excited for next week.


I don’t know why but I’m not quite happy with this set of photos… Maybe it’s the collage thing that I don’t like but… I’m not super pleased. I messed around with the editing and all but I don’t know. Maybe I’ll update it. I’m about to watch a bunch of editing tutorials and stuff- thank you David Dean.

Enjoy :D

Week 6

 I needed a new profile picture for facebook and whatnot, something a little more professional looking so here it is! I’m kinda making my facebook more for… professional use I guess you could say. People don’t need to know my every thought or whereabouts anyways, and I already have all my photos on there so… why not? I also felt like I needed a real self portrait for my project 52, week 2 doesn’t really count.

Make up and hair by my fabulous roommate and best friend, Carmen Olmedo :) We had brownies and she’s sewing while I work on this. Great Saturday night, for sure. Great week in general with work, my baby brothers birthday (holy cow he’s 9) and finding motivation to give my apartment a good cleaning.

Have a good week :D

P.S. YES I’m wearing a shirt