Evulvians now give birth to baby evulvians!!
I’ve updated the evolution batch process adding a new feature: when two evulvians are highly compatible there is a chance that they have one or more babies. Siblings are made of some shapes inherited from their parents, so they always look alike.
Baby evulvians get the health, money and love parameters based in the country they are born, as any other evulvian, though it may be good if they were also slightly affected by their parents’ values, also, I’ll think about implementing that too.


Videoshot of the output of an app programmed in processing (p5) by me. Controlled by a midi interface (korg nanoKONTROL2), i can choose what 2D or 3D shape will appear, shapes colors’ or background palette, speed of new shape creation or growing, the objects’ rotation and some other parameters.
It has also midi messaging from ableton live implemented (not showing in this video), so the shapes can react to the midi notes we send from live.


Exercise about adding new dimensions to a two-dimension image. Work in progress, a lot to be done yet.
made with processing


My two processing.js sketchs were selected to be displayed on the Medialab Prado façade, in Madrid (Spain), together with other cool sketches.
Free as a bird, minute 7:22.
Hearts and more, minute 35:28


me and a couple of friends hacked a mindflex with an arduino and used it to control visuals made with processing.
or well, should I say to represent our brainwaves? (it seems it takes lots of training to really control anything with your mind)


Planet9 - (by jordirosa1to5)


GAYCAT - White calm

GAYCAT is the band I am in, together with Carles Pons, I sing in this one. We made this video using some fireworks videos we recorded, and adding a kaleidoscopic effect. It looks great projected on us while playing live.