“The day of my presentation was the best day of my career, but tonight has overcome that day.. I love you very much, the team,the whole team, the fans and I want to sing a song that I liked a lot when I was a kid “1 8 9 9… Was born the club I love…. Blue and scarlet are our colors… Fuuutbol Club Barcelona… lo, lo, lo, lo-lo-loooo,lo, lo, lo, lo-lo-loooo,lo, lo, lo, lo-lo-loooo… Fuuutbol Club Barcelona”

- Jordi Alba, at the treble celebration - 


so today some boy tried telling me that I didn’t know anything about Jordi Alba. I told him “ask anything about him and I can assure you that I will know the answer.” so he asked me when was his birthday. I replied “March 21”.. then he said “what club did he play for before Barça” and I said Valencia. then the kid laughed at me and said no stupid he played with Barcelona B! I just stared at him and bursted out laughing soooo hard!!! I couldn’t speak to him anymore. hahahah he thought he knew more about MY SQUIRREL then I did… xD crazy boy….