One minute with Jordi Alba.

-If you weren’t a footballer, what would you be?

A special education teacher.

-What footballer would you like to be like?

I like a lot of footballers but I prefer being myself.

-What goals you’ve scored do you like the most?

The one in Euro ‘12 and the first one I scored with FCB.

-What does “football” mean to you?

My life.

-What’s your favorite meal?

Rice with chicken.

-Inside the locker room, who do you laugh most with?

With Pedro.

-What do you do when you need to relax yourself?

I love being with my friends and my family. I don’t need anything else.

-Since you’re in FCB, do you hook up more often?

No, definitely not.

-What is the maximum number of crunches you’ve done?


-What physical activities are you good at?

“La cosnavet” (It’s a physical education test. You have to run from one touchline to the opposite one as fast as possible.)

-Is there a sport you’re bad at?

I’m bad at golf.

-What’s your favourite motto?

When you work hard, the reward arrives.

-How would you celebrate a goal at Bernabeu?

I would go crazy because it’s a hard opponent.

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