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What are your favorite fanfics??

Let her go from my twin Em @fillthevoid-stilinski <3

literally everything from @dumbass-stilinski 

Crawl Home To Her is probably my favorite :)

I’ve read Party Games from @writing-obrien at least 5 times :D <3

Faded from the lovely Lau @thelittlestkitsune

Play With Fire from @completedylantrash (!!!) <3

Friends With Benefits from @minhosmeanhoe <3 <3 <3

Somebody Else from @minhosmeanhoe and @sarcasticallystilinski :) <3

Like She’s Mine from @just-jordie-things (!!!) <3

and last but not least Escape from Britt <3 @ninja-stiles

I could probably go on forever :D 

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Jordie Benn #3

Requested by @babyseguin:  I please request a Jordie Benn fic, maybe like a first meeting? Like you run into Jordie at a bar after a win and he ditches the team to sit and chat with you all night?? Thanks 😘😘😘

*I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS because I was smiling the whole time I was writing this, also I’m sorry I suck at flirting but I love you. I also managed to slip in that beard line he regrammed. Enjoy!! :)*

Word count: 949

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In the usual bar pick-up fashion, the bartender handed you a shot of tequila. Unlike the dry martini you’ve been sipping for the past fifteen minutes, it’s straight up Patrón in a shot glass.

You gave the bartender a polite smile, “I didn’t order this.”

Instead of saying something, he just nudged his head to the side and smirked. It didn’t take all your brainpower to know that he was looking at the very rowdy AND loud big men on the other side of the bar. It didn’t even take half of your brain cells to know that it must have been that guy with a beard for days who got you the tequila.

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I miss Sant Jordi celebrations! 3 years ago I was strolling through the markets full of books and flowers in Barcelona, where they celebrate Sant Jordi, where the boys give roses to the girls and the girls give books to the boys and you can buy books for a lower price throughout town on the markets and there are so many flowers and it’s just so NICE. According to the legend, Sant Jordi (the Catalan Saint) slayed a dragon to save a princess and then gave her a rose that had sprouted from the dragon’s blood. Thought Mr. Gaiman’s quote quite fitting.

BTW I’m a master of procrastination. I would have had to write on some work for uni today but instead I thought “mmhm let’s draw”. Big kick in the ass for me… Dammit. This is also the reason why I post this pic in such a very strange (for me) colour palette, I just don’t have time to think some more on it.  Maybe I’ll change it once I actually have time for that.