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Vassals of Vassal Houses

It’s bothered me for a while that there is no centralized resource for all of the Houses sworn not to paramount Houses, but to the Houses themselves sworn to paramount Houses. So, I figured it was time to remedy that, with much help from @racefortheironthrone​.


  • House Ryswell: The Appendices for both AFFC and ADWD list Roger, Rickard, and Roose Ryswell as Lord Rodrik’s “quarrelsome cousins and bannermen” (though Theon in ADWD notes that Roger, Rickard, and Roose are Rodrik’s sons)
  • House Manderly: Wyman Manderly tells Davos in ADWD that his “bannermen include a dozen petty lords and a hundred landed knights”
    • Ramsgate and the Sheepshead Hills are definitely sworn to White Harbor, according to the app, but it’s unknown which families control them (though the Woolfields controlling one is a strong possibility, given the name of the family and the fact that a Woolfield is married to the current Manderly heir).
    • It’s possible that the Lockes of Oldcastle and the Flints of Widow’s Watch are sworn to the Manderlys, as Wyman alleges he can deliver “all the lands east of the White Knife, from Widow’s Watch and Ramsgate to the Sheepshead Hills and the headwaters of the Broken Branch”.  However, in all relevant appendices the Lockes and this branch of House Flint are listed as primary bannermen of Winterfell, rather than bannermen of the Manderlys; Wyman’s words may only be suggesting his ability to influence his lordly neighbors, rather than a true liege-vassal relationship. 
  • House Reed: 
    • House Blackmyre (“Reek II”, ADWD)
    • House Boggs (“Reek II”, ADWD)
    • House Cray (“Reek II”, ADWD)
    • House Fenn (“Reek II”, ADWD)
    • House Greengood (“Reek II”, ADWD)
    • House Peat (“Reek II”, ADWD)
    • House Quagg (“Reek II”, ADWD)
  • House Glover: 
    • House Bole (“The King’s Prize”, ADWD)
    • House Branch (“The King’s Prize”, ADWD)
    • House Forrester (“The King’s Prize”, ADWD)
    • House Woods (“The King’s Prize”, ADWD)


  • House Royce: 
    • House Coldwater (AFFC Appendix)
    • House Tollett (AFFC Appendix)
    • House Shett of Gulltower (AFFC Appendix)
  • House Corbray: in “Alayne II”, AFFC, Sansa thinks that “Corbray’s vassals” would be attending the wedding of Lord Lyonel and his Gulltown bride
  • House Waynwood: 
    • House Hardyng (“Alayne II”, AFFC)
  • House Sunderland: 
    • House Borrell (AFFC Appendix)
    • House Longthorpe (AFFC Appendix)
    • House Torrent (AFFC Appendix)


  • House Vance of Wayfarer’s Rest: 
    • House Smallwood (“Arya IV”, ASOS)
  • House Frey
    • House Erenford (“Jaime VI”, AFFC)
    • House Haigh (“Jaime VI”, AFFC)
    • House Charlton (“Jaime VI”, AFFC)
  • Harrenhal (presumably applicable for the duration of Harrenhal’s feudal holding)
    • House Wode (“Jaime III”, AFFC)
    • House Whent (formerly) (“The Riverlands: House Tully”, TWOIAF)


  • House Reyne: TWOIAF notes that “Lord Reyne reportedly laughed when his maester read him Ser Tywin’s edicts and counseled his friends and vassals to do nothing”.
  • House Tarbeck: TWOIAF notes that “[t]he Lannister host descended so quickly that Lord Walderan’s vassals and supporters had no time to gather”.
  • House Farman
    • House Clifton (“Jaime VIII”, AFFC)


  • House Rowan
    • House Osgrey (“The Sworn Sword”)
    • House Webber (“The Sworn Sword”)
  • House Tarly
    • House Hunt (AFFC Appendix)
  • House Hightower
    • House Beesbury (AFFC Appendix)
    • House Mullendore (AFFC Appendix)
    • House Costayne (AFFC Appendix)
    • House Bulwer (AFFC Appendix)
    • House Cuy (AFFC Appendix)
  • House Redwyne
    • House Rhysling: speculative. “Rhysling” sounds not unlike “riesling”, which might be a clue that the Rhyslings are in the winemaking business - and the only spot for real winemaking in the Reach is the Arbor.
    • House Cupps: speculative. Again, the name suggests a connection to the wine-drinking Arbor, and House Cupps being a vassal of the wealthy and powerful Redwynes might explain why the very powerful Leyton Hightower would allow his daughter Leyla to wed Ser Jon Cupps (especially as Leyla’s sister Denyse wed Ser Desmond Redwyne)


  • House Yronwood
    • House Drinkwater: possibly if not probably. The app says that Gerris Drinkwater is a “knight sworn to Yronwood”, though this porbably only refers to Gerris being a household knight at Yronwood, as Gerris does not seem to be the head of House Drinkwater (since his twin sisters are called daughters, rather than sisters, of a landed knight). The House is not formally noted as a vassal of Yronwood in any Appendix, and only designated as a landed knightly House in the text, but in “The Spurned Suitor” Quentyn Martell thinks that he wants to “go back to Yronwood and kiss both of [Gerris Drinkwater’s] sisters”. This may suggest that the Drinkwater twins live on or near the Yronwood holdings, which would be sensible for daughters of an Yronwood bannerman.  
    • House Jordayne (formerly) (“Ancient History: Ten Thousand Ships”, TWOIAF)
    • House Wyl (formerly) (“Ancient History: Ten Thousand Ships”, TWOIAF)
    • It’s possible that the Blackmonts and Qorgyles were also at one time Yronwood bannermen; Yandel writes that Nymeria and Mors Martell “struggled against Yronwood and his bannermen (the Jordaynes of the Tor, the Wyls of the Stone Way, together with the Blackmonts, the Qorgyles, and many more)”.
  • House Dayne of Starfall
    • House Dayne of High Hermitage (AFFC Appendix)

Iron Islands

  • House Harlaw
    • House Volmark (AFFC Appendix)
    • House Myre (AFFC Appendix)
    • House Stonetree (AFFC Appendix)
    • House Kenning of Harlaw (AFFC Appendix)
    • House Harlaw of the Tower of Glimmering (“The Kraken’s Daughter”, AFFC)
    • House Harlaw of Grey Garden (“The Kraken’s Daughter”, AFFC)
    • House Harlaw of Harlaw Hall (“The Kraken’s Daughter”, AFFC)
    • House Harlaw of Harridan Hall (“The Kraken’s Daughter”, AFFC)


  • House Hayford
    • House Hogg (“Jaime III”, AFFC)
Jealous Dornishman

Imagine being Oberyn’s wife and attending a political dinner at Starfall with him where you end up dancing with the Lord of the Tor and Oberyn gets jealous.

(To the person who requested this. Here ya go. i am sorry if you didn’t want smut. One thing led to another and yeah…)

(Word Count: 2,368)

Starfall, the keep of House Dayne, was  beautifully decorated for the annual party Lord Dayne always held. To represent the ruling family of Dorne Prince Doran sent his brother Oberyn, and being the younger brother’s wife meant you got to go as well.

You had only been married to Prince Oberyn for half a year, but you had known him for close to ten. Your marriage was happy, and one that the people of Dorne whispered about in delight.

Dressed in a red, thin gown to go with the Dornish heat, it fell down to your ankles with a slit up the side. Your hair fell down your back in slight curls that had only come about after hours of teasing it.

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Elia’s ladies-in-waiting

I’ve already written a detailed post about ladies-in-waiting in Westeros but @amazingeugenie asked me today about Elia’s ladies-in-waiting. Unfortunately we know almost nothing about them … but when has that ever stopped me when it comes to pre-series ladies?

We know that Ashara was one of her ladies, and we know that Elia had more ladies than just Ashara alone:

Nor Elia of Dorne, though she was good and gentle; had she been chosen, much war and woe might have been avoided. His choice would have been a young maiden not long at court, one of Elia’s companions … though compared to Ashara Dayne, the Dornish princess was a kitchen drab.

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got meme - five houses (5/5) -  house jordayne

House Jordayne of the Tor is a Dornish noble house. Their seat is placed on the coast of the Dornish Sea. George R.R. Martin confirmed that the house is a homage to Robert Jordan. The lord is called “Trebor” which is “Robert” backwards “Jordayne” is similar to “Jordan” and “Tor” is Jordan’s publisher.

anonymous asked:

Hypothetical: A female heir to a major Dornish noble house inherits the seat of power. She marries a member of another major Dornish noble house. Does she keep her name or does the husband's family name replace hers? For example, Myria Jordayne has hypothetically assumed the rulership of House Jordayne and then gets married to a member of House Qorgyle. Does she become Myria Qorgyle? Do her children become Qorgyles as well?

Interesting question. There’s no firm canon answer that I know of, but we do have evidence of the children of ruling women passing on their house name to their children.

Doran, Oberyn, and Elia’s mother was the heir to House Martell and their father was, presumably, from another house. In this case she kept her name and passed it on to her children. House Martell is the ruling house of Dorne and that name has to live on.

When it comes to lesser, but still powerful houses I imagine it would depend on the situation. If a woman is the firstborn child of her house and she marries the third son of another house, their children would, I assume, take her name. The only tricky situation I can imagine is two people who are both the only heirs to their respective houses marrying, personally I’m not sure what would happen there, it’s possible one may have to pass the inheritance off to another family member. It’s possible the Dornish try to avoid this situation altogether.

Of course, this is all hypothetical. We, unfortunately, do not have enough info on Dornish culture and customs to know for sure. As they say “Only a Dornishman can ever truly know Dorne.”