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Teen Wolf
Being Jordan’s girlfriend and being possessed by the Nogitsune

Jordan: (Y/N) this isn’t you!

This guy, Scott Jordan, strangled his girlfriend to death and kept her in a garbage bag in the closet. Apparently he kept frozen water bottles on top of her corpse in order to delay decomposition. He looks like the type that would do that kind of thing ngl.

Paint Them Pink-Jordan Parrish

Valentine’s Collection:#8

Teen Wolf Imagine:#107

Word Count: 1,530

Warnings: None that I can think of?

SummaryJordan schedules a pamper session for Y/N and himself.

A/n: I thought I was never going to get this done but here it is! (I really enjoyed writing for Jordan btw)

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Jasper Jordan Boyfriend Preference

Being Jasper Jordan’s girlfriend/boyfriend would include:

- Hugs, lots of them.
Jasper would always be worried about the littlest of things. Nightmares would haunt his dreams so he’d always ask for cuddles and hugs and you’d never deny him. He’d love when you put your arms around him and rested his head on your chest, listening to your heartbeat until he falls asleep.

- Jokes.
Jasper makes a joke out of just about everything. Especially on tiring, busy days in which you need a pick me up. He’d sometimes jump on you, not literally, of course, and tell you all kinds of horrible jokes to lighten the mood. They’d never work.

- Horrible flirting.
Jasper would always try to be a flirt with you. Kissing and cuddling all the time, especially in public when he sees other guys looking at you, and he’d try to impress you with terrible pick up lines Wick had given him. They never worked, but they made you laugh.

- Jealous Jasper.
Literally anything would make Jasper jealous. If anyone so much as says something remotely flirty to you he’d be next to you in an instant. Other times he’d get stroppy, moping about until you asked him what was wrong and he replied with a nonchalant, “Ask the guy you were talking to earlier.” You’d get mad, arguing with him about how you loved him and only him. It’d take lots of reassuring hugs for him to become the good old joyous Jasper again, and then it’d only be a matter of days before he’d become jealous of another work mate.

- Protectiveness.

Jasper would be very protective of you, especially in Mount Weather, although most people knew he wasn’t really a threat. When the mountain men took you he’d be all over the place, content on only making sure you were safe. When he finally gets to you he’d never let go, only whispering apologies and “I love you” into your ear.

ok but do u ever get emotional bc monty and jasper were just two little teenagers who got caught selling drugs they’re just two innocent children and now monty’s trapped in a torture chamber and jasper is scared because he can’t find his best friend how did they even get here they’re just babies they must be so terrfied 

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How do you feel about jordan loosing weight? My girlfriend swears she loves me the same though I've put on a bit? xx

As long as she is healthy and happy, I’m happy. I’m mostly proud of her for being so strong and junk, because watching her lift heavy is v attractive ;)


Burnside Ladies (issue #35 - #40

(Left to Right: Nadimah, Yuki, Barbara, Alysia, Rose, Jordan Barberi’s girlfriend, Diane, Yuri, Frankie, Dinah, Evil Barbara, Batgirl Robber 1, Dinah’s band mate, Liz, Batgirl Robber 2, Batgirl Robber 3, Jo, Angry Grandmother, Batgirl Robber 4, Mugger Girl)