JOHN FITZPATRICK and the amazing SCARY ENDINGS crew are looking to bring some holiday fear with the BRENTWOOD STRANGLER

The Scary Endings gang are some busy peeps. With their latest short, YUMMY MEAT, premiering this Sunday, October 18th, at the SCREAMFEST horror film festival – showing ahead of the claustrophobic feature THE ABANDONED – makes it one hell of a year for them. For anyone that hasn’t checked out the catalogue of horror shorts, from Scary Endings, be sure to check them out HERE.

The following press release comes complete with some stills, from the upcoming holiday horror flick, as well as a message from the director John Fitzpatrick.

From the Press Release:

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It’s a blind date. Keep an open mind.

From John Fitzpatrick, Writer / Director of the acclaimed short thriller Skypemare and Far From Everything Films comes the highly anticipated follow up BRENTWOOD STRANGLER! With a unique Christmas setting, beautifully shot, the film is a satirical and at times brutal cinematic experience with an incredible cast, led by ‘scream queen’ JORDAN LADD, and is an homage to classic thrillers of the past such as Strangers on a Train, Marnie and Psycho. Brentwood Strangler is a film bound to be recognized not just by horror fans but all fans of cinema for being an exciting and distinctive film; with a focus on story and character, saluting a genre, bending it, and leaving the audience wanting more. Brentwood Strangler is hitting the film festival circuit so keep your eyes out for programming dates – the strangler is coming to wreck-havoc for the holidays.

Synopsis: It’s the holiday season in Los Angeles and women are being strangled to death in the Westwood area; Maggie, a lonely woman goes on a blind date unbeknownst to her that her date is an active and notorious serial killer, The Brentwood Strangler. Is love in the air? Or is Maggie in for the worst (and last) date of her life?

  • –  Written and Directed by John Fitzpatrick (Skypemare, Scary Endings). Produced by Adam J. Yeend, John Fitzpatrick, Sarah Fitzpatrick and Ryan Dillon. Executive Producers, Jennifer Van Gessel and Nina Friis.
  • –  Starring Jordan Ladd (Eli Roth’s Cabin Fever, Quinten Tarantino’s Death Proof, Club Dread, Grace), Adam J. Yeend (Liz & Dick, Skypemare), Maximilian Osinski (In Time, Love & Other Drugs) Annika Marks (The Sessions, Skypemare, The Fosters), Ryan Dillon (Littlerock, Skypemare), and veteran actor Cameron Daddo (F/X: The Series, Models Inc.).
  • –  Official poster art now available. Trailer and official website coming soon.
  • –  Social media site: for more info, photos, and screening

    updates. TWITTER: @BrentwoodStrangler


And now, a message from the director John Fitzpatrick:

I will be the first to admit; I love a great blockbuster. The magic of the spectacle carries with it some of the fondest memories I have of childhood. The flickering lights of the movie house formed everything I am today. Sadly, the format and spectacle of what were once great movies, as of late, are letting me down.

We have lost something in translation. And so when I contemplated making my latest short, I turned back the clock to the days of Michael Curtiz, Billy Wilder and Alfred Hitchcock and began to take a look at the basic building blocks of what made ‘Cinema’ Cinema and I could only come up with one word. Simplicity.

‘Brentwood Strangler’ is a truly unique film; a story simply about two people whose worlds collide, who perhaps never should have… and from there it takes its course and there is where it also ends. The film makes an effort to allow you to feel its simplicity; its economy of shots and affords you the chance to quietly just watch as the fated duo of Floyd and Maggie play out there slice of life for the viewer. This is something I think is tragically missing from films today and my hope is that film festivals around the world will recognize that this is what is unique about our film.

This film has been such a rewarding and thrilling experience. “Brentwood Strangler” represents so many things as I move forward with my directing career, but mostly it represents a true sense of the independent spirit; the motivation to try something that one might never attempt and to embark on a challenge that, on the surface, appears, well, simple but actually is one of the greater challenges I’ve ever faced.

Simplicity, as it turns out, is quiet complex. And for that I am grateful…
John Fitzpatrick.

October 1, 2015

Brentwood Strangler stars Jordan Ladd (Cabin Fever) and Adam J. Yeend (Skypemare) and the release date is TBD. Be sure to check back on TD for more updates on this release. For now, enjoy some pictures from the production and get excited… 14 more days till HALLOWEEN!

PRESS RELEASE: Scary Endings have their grips on the BRENTWOOD STRANGLER JOHN FITZPATRICK and the amazing SCARY ENDINGS crew are looking to bring some holiday fear with the…
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