“Jordan Shine” Preview

Jordan Brand presents its first look at its newest model, the Jordan Shine. As the name implies, the new silhouette features a premium woven leather upper with a glossy finish paired to a tonal rugged midsole. While the weave bears a striking resemblence to the Jordan Future, the coarser woven pattern on the Shine is broken up by a smooth toecap and heel. As the preview shows, it looks like it will drop in both black or red options when it drops at select locations including Barneys New York.
McKinley to Denali: In Alaska, Obama to rename tallest U.S. peak -
While in Alaska, President Barack Obama plans to rename Mt. McKinley to Denali, in a historic nod to the region's native population, which The White House says is under threat from the already-present threat of climate change.
By Jim Acosta, CNN


I know I should be beyond surprise at anything Republicans do, but it really does leave me dumbstruck that Boehner and Portman are throwing a tantrum over this. what big fucking babies. 

how can they defend this? what possible claim does a president from Ohio, who never even visited Alaska, have to our tallest mountain? GO NAME A CORNFIELD AFTER HIM, ASSHOLES

The Tale of Tammy and Jordan

Twas a dark and spooky night. Tammy and Jordan were feeling a bit adventurous and decided to visit a haunted place, known as The Creature Office. Before they walked in Tammy said to Jordan “I am scared. Is spooky.” To which Jordan replied, “Don’t worry Tammy, Jor Jor is here to protect you.” With that, Jordan kicked down the door, his shirt ripped off from being so manly. Tammy glanced as the moon light shined on Jordan’s chest. She felt a tingling sensation in her chunky thighs, which she has never felt before with any of her clients. They slowly walked through the door. All of a sudden a wild Russian Boy jumped out with a scraggly beard! His whiskers frightened Tammy, to which she jumped with fright, right into Jordan’s muscular arms. She gave a slight chuckle, revealing some 99 cent lip gloss on her teeth. Jordan comforted her and continued down the hall, Tammy in hand. He pauses at the sound of tiny feet pitter-pattering across the room. Children were screaming “It’s Uncle Tommy! Run!” Out of sheer fear, Jordan threw Tammy onto the floor, hurting her wrist. He hid behind the couch as poor Tammy lay on the floor with a broken wrist and shattered pride…what was left of it. Jordan sees what he did and runs to Tammy. “I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have been so scared.” He apologized. “No,” replies Tammy. “You did, what you had to.” With that, Jordan took Tammy by the waist and pulled her closer to his bare body. He whispers in her ear “Will you ever forgive me?” She nods, and Jordan holds her chin and leans in for a kiss. A kiss so passionate, all of Tammy’s chlamydia scent blew away. He proceeds to unzip his pants and carefully takes off her clothes. “I’ve always found you so attractive. Your split ends, your mosquito bites. Simply beautiful.” With that, Tammy became so moved by his charm, she turned into dust and herself, blew into the wind, into the night. Jordan lay there heartbroken and naked. His head slowly tilts up to see a handsome Irish gentlemen.   


Man Crush Monday: Michael B. Jordan

Every Monday I will be listing my own MCM. Not just based on their killer looks but also their killer style. My first MCM has to go to Michael B. Jordan who starred in my films and TV series such as Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, Chronicle and Fruitvale Station. 

Not only does he have charm, wit and that beautiful smile but his style is always %100. From the red carpet to the front pages of every magazine, Michael B. Jordan always shine!