Adventures of Team Dianite Chapter 1: Part 1

(fanfiction that I don’t want to put on any sites)

“Rise and shine, Jordan. As of today you’re my bitch and a ward of the almighty Dianite,” Tom hollered pounding on the guest door to the wonderful room he had built for the Ianitee. He had originally made his room a cell, but after Martha’s teasing of it being a sex dungeon… Well, Tom considered himself a perverted badass, but that crossed a weird line and red-faced he had built Jordan a proper room while he was stuck with Tom for a month.

Jordan hadn’t come to the door so Tom kept pounding. “Wakey wakey, if you don’t come to the door I’ll break it down,” Tom sang. Dianite had a mission and despite his alcohol induced insomnia he wasn’t going to be late for it. The chance of reward was too high. Besides, everything was dull with the Purge law in effect. Luckily bets and servitude could be used to recover lost items.

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