The more I think about it the more I think it's BS that they didn't talk about Jordan in Legacy

Because good lord, reading some of the supplemental materials (a little in Betrayal but mostly Flynn’s hidden files during the Flynn Lives campaign), it’s becomes clear that Flynn was totally WRECKED by her death.

Like, a lot of what he did in the Grid was influenced by her and afhsdgfsg it makes me want to cry but honestly you could watch the movie and not even know her name. They don’t talk about her at all and it’s very strange.

In fact, Sam himself has some emotional issues regarding her death too and I want them to at least touch upon that in the third film, although as of right now there haven’t been any hints suggesting that would be the case.

Why I don’t care about Jordan Canas

yo Allronix answered my Salty asks meme (and the answers easily pass as a meta for the fandom), and this part kind of made me smile, not in a nice way though: “What kind of woman could handle a brilliant, cheerful, crazy ball of energy like 80′s!Flynn?”

My opinion is: a woman that never existed, but was created by mediocre storytellers who have no sense of character building or continuity.

So here it is

Canonically Jordan Canas is an architect, designer of the ENCOM building and has designed several other office building as well. Ok.

In the US, if a 18 years old student decides to become an architect, they need to obtain an university degree, go through training and internship. It is around the age 33 when somebody actually becomes an architect. Designing a high rise building takes weeks/months, building such takes about two years. In 1982 the ENCOM building already houses the company with no sign of the ribbon having been cut recently. Long story short: the architect of the ENCOM tower should be in his/her forties/fifties in 1982, it is literally impossible for that person to be a twenty-something individual, the way Jordan is depicted in the Betrayal cartoon and in the flashback scenes of Legacy.

If you overlook this part, next step, in canon Jordan and Kevin Flynn meet in 1982. Flynn, who is not over his relationship with Lora Baines, freshly back from his first adventure on the Grid, newly appointed boss of ENCOM (the point I am trying to make, he is over occupied at this time), falls in love and proposes. Jordan, who must be a super intelligent person, does NOT notice that Flynn is not ready/not husband material at the time being/F*ING DISAPPEARS FOR HOURS EVERY SINGLE NIGHT WITH NO EXPLANATION, falls as well, and they marry.


Jordan gets pregnant immediately, giving up her career (in Betrayal we see her having a difficult pregnancy and being bedridden for the most part of it.) Throughout the years she never has second thoughts about Flynn’s obvious other life, she lays down as a living incubator. Again, we are talking about an accomplished professional here. She does not call out Flynn for not being there for her or for missing Sam’s birth.


Aaaaand in 1985 Jordan conveniently dies in a car accident. She is remembered as perfect, beautiful, whatever. Flynn dedicates a book for her or something.

Jordan Canas is an unrealistic, badly written character, and I can not make myself to care.

May I rant? Thank you.

Okay, confession-time: I don’t really like Flynn. In fact, he’s probably one of my least favorite characters. But before you click away from this page, let me explain what makes me like Flynn; that would be Jordan Canas.

Jordan is probably the most underrated character in the entire Tron fandom, and with good reason–she makes an extremely brief appearance in Legacy (And by brief I mean she gets one sentence about her death. Woo hoo.), and we never hear about her again. Which I think is just awful. Now, if you’ve read Tron: Betrayal–and if you’re a Tron fan in any way you should have read it or should be attempting to find a copy to read instead of reading this–you know how awesome Jordan is. The thing about Jordan that I really love is that she’s Flynn’s rock. Her calm, level-headed attitude balances Flynn’s wild, rash, creative spirit. When his head is in the clouds, she keeps his feet on the ground. And I think that’s radical, man.

What makes me love Flynn is his utter devotion to his wife. While he does get distracted by the Grid, he always keeps Jordan (and Sam) as his first priority. He is willing to go the ends of the earth and back for her, and he’s constantly worrying over the tiniest little things because he just wants to make sure his family is safe (Seriously, that conversation about paint fumes? I was giggling like an idiot).

The beginning of Chapter Two in Betrayal erased any doubts I had before about shipping them. Chapter One took my heart, stuffed it with fluff and sunshine and everything that’s good in the world, and then I turned the page to Chapter Two and had my heart ripped out, run over by a freight train, and mangled beyond recognition. It was a mess. I’m still recovering (those of you who have read Betrayal know what I’m talking about). It made me so compassionate for both Flynn and Sam and made me sympathize with them more in Legacy.

Anyways, I’ve been in a big FlynnxJordan mood for some time now, so I felt compelled to draw something.

(Haha, this thing’s looong. Congratulations if you took the time to read all that.)

*stabs writer’s block in the face* Drabble time! I hope you don’t mind I used you for inspiration, StalkingBit.


Bit seemed permanently stuck in NO-mode, a ludicrously bright red here in the real-world rain better suited for plastic toys than a living thing, while Jordan in her soaked pajamas and slippers looked ready to kill it with her frying pan.

Not how Flynn had pictured this occasion. Guess that’s what he got for leaving a tagalong computer-alien circling his toddler while he went to grab one of the fancy fluffy towels from the bathroom. Only the best for good old Bit…

And judging from the look Jordan gave him, endless explanations and permanent relocation to the couch for Flynn.


(Don’t be fooled. This is a gateway to Good End! Jordan is going to call in sick to work the next day to process the bombshell blitz Flynn drops on her tonight, thereby not dying in that car crash, and not leaving Flynn to grow obsessed with the immaculate birth of the ISOs and their possible potential for raising the dead. Not to mention simply not leaving him alone with his bad ideas and worse impulse control. She makes Flynn fess up to Lora and Alan, together they make actually competent decisions across the board, Clu doesn’t go rogue, everyone lives happily ever after. *NOD* Here, have a sort-of sequel with more Bit-ness to prove it. )

Kevin Flynn's Lullaby

[Warnings: Possibly triggering, discussion of canon character death, and language.]

Well, I know the feeling of finding yourself stuck out on the ledge,
And there ain’t no healing from cutting yourself with the jagged edge.
I’m telling you that it’s never that bad,
Take it from someone who’s been where you’re at,
Laid out on the floor, and you’re not sure you can take this anymore.

He sat in the chair in front of his office desk and listened to what the police officers had to tell him.  He projected the appearance of someone that was listening to what he was hearing.  Honestly, he had stopped listening when they broke the news to him.  He knew that he would lose it if he listened to what the officers were telling him.  Kevin Flynn was holding it together as best as he could while he was gazing at the picture he had of Jordan on his desk.  He had taken that picture of her when they had first started dating and went to get the film developed as soon as he could.  He had sworn to her that he would keep it forever.  Now, that was the only way that he would see her ever again.  His entire world had crashed down around him when the police officers asked to speak with him in his office.

“Mr. Flynn,” the older officer had said, “I regret to inform you that your wife was involved in a car accident this morning.  Unfortunately, she died on the way to the hospital.”

A sigh brought him out of his mind and he looked at the officer that had broken the news to him.  Both officers were standing up and he watched as the older officer clapped a hand on his shoulder and passed him a business card.  Flynn solemnly nodded and watched as the officers closed the door to his office behind them after they left.  His entire world crashed down around him again as he buried his face in his hands and cried in the solace of his office.

So, just give it one more try to a lullaby,
And turn this up on the radio.
If you can hear me now, I’m reaching out to let you know you’re not alone.
And if you can’t tell, I’m scared as hell ‘cause I can’t get you on the telephone.
So, just close your eyes, oh honey, here comes a lullaby.
Your very own lullaby.  

He had told her that he wouldn’t be late for this.  He had been late for too many damn things.  He was glad that she put up with how he was and loved him for who he was, but he was pushing it.  He stopped his motorcycle as quickly as he could and carelessly tossed his helmet onto the seat before he ran inside the Emergency Room.  He asked where she was and found out that she was in delivery.  Okay, maybe he wasn’t in so much trouble yet.  He ran down the hall he was directed to and soon found the right one.

“Mr. Canas?” the doctor asked.

Flynn stumbled over his words until he finally explained, “I’m Mr. Flynn, the father.”

The doctor clapped a hand on his shoulder and handed him a small pair of medical scissors as the nurse said, “You’re just in time to cut the cord.”

His hands were shaking worse than they ever had, but he steadied them enough to use the scissors properly.  He watched as his son was wrapped in a blue blanket and placed in his arms.  Flynn smiled at the weight in his arms and decided then and there that he could get used to being a father.  He walked over to Jordan and gently placed their newborn son in her arms as he kissed her on the forehead.  "What should we name him?“ he asked as he gently stroked his son’s right cheek.  Jordan smiled and replied, "His name is Samson, but let’s just call him Sam.”

Please, let me take you out of the darkness and into the light,
'Cause I have faith in you that you’re gonna make it through another night.
Stop thinking about the easy way out,
There’s no need to go and blow the candle out,
Because you’re not done, you’re far too young, and the best is yet to come.

Kevin Flynn stood up from the chair and wiped away every evidence that he had been crying.  He opened the door of his office on autopilot and walked into the family room before a familiar crying pulled himself out of the slump that he had been in.  Flynn made his way to Sam’s room and softly smiled when his son stopped crying for a few moments.  He went over to Sam and lifted him into his arms.  The two-year-old quickly grabbed onto the material of his father’s shirt and made a contented noise.  Kevin gently bounced his son in his arms as he made his way into the living room.  Some part of him was happy that he could make his way to the couch without his legs giving out.  He softly sighed as he sat down and turned Sam around.

The two-year-old blinked and asked, “Momma?”

Flynn bit his lip and swallowed against the lump in his throat.  He took a few moments before he explained, “Momma’s not coming home.  A bad man hurt her.”

Sam’s bottom lip quivered and Kevin cradled him to his chest.  He began to rub comforting circles on Sam’s back and inwardly sighed when he wasn’t greeted with very loud cries.  Flynn bit his lip and swallowed down every emotion that threatened to rise up and overwhelm him.  He had Sam to worry about.  He needed to appear strong for his son.  There needed to be a sense of normalcy before Jordan’s funeral.  There were so many things wrong with him thinking about that.  She had been too young.  She had her whole life in front of her, she had a family, and all of that was gone in an instant.  No, he wasn’t going to make it his own personal vendetta.  He was just mad at the world at the moment.  Sam’s breathing evened out and Flynn slowly got up from the couch before he headed back to his son’s room.  At least Sam would have the chance to nap.  Kevin was just waiting for the phone call he knew that he would get from Alan.  If he wasn’t crying at the time, he probably would answer the phone.

“Get some sleep, little man,” he whispered as he laid Sam down on the bed before placing a kiss on his forehead.  He gently shut the door behind him and didn’t make it back to the living room before he started to cry again.

So, just give it one more try to a lullaby, and turn this up on the radio.
If you can hear me now, I’m reaching out to let you know that you’re not alone.
And, if you can’t tell, I’m scared as hell 'cause I can’t get you on the telephone.
So, just close your eyes, oh honey, here comes a lullaby.
Your very own lullaby.

Flynn’s sobs finally died down and they were replaced with small hiccups of sound.  His entire frame was still shaking and he knew that he would cry other times that day.  He couldn’t do this.  He couldn’t be strong enough for his son. Sam needed a father who was strong.  Flynn had always thought that he was strong.  He had been strong for the longest time.  Now, things were different.  He had just lost his wife, so things would be different.  He had been told by two police officers that he didn’t know that a drunk driver had t-boned Jordan’s car and she was killed on impact.  The asshole had been driving a truck and Jordan had only been driving a small sedan.  How the hell was that fair?  He growled deep in his throat as he ran his hands through his hair before his sight landed on another picture of Jordan.  The frame was facing him and he grabbed it off of the end table.  

The phone in the kitchen rang but he made no move to get up.  He kicked of his shoes and laid down on the couch before he looked at his wife’s picture again.  In this picture, just like every other that he had of her, she was smiling.  He gazed at it for a few more moments before he set it back on the end table and looked at the wedding band that he still wore.  As long as he was alive, he would never take it off.  A knock at the door brought him out of his thoughts and he groaned as he got up from the couch.  He hoped that it was Belinda or Donnelley that were coming home.  They all needed to be together at this time.  A sullen expression crossed his face as he opened the door and saw who was there.

A very disheveled Alan Bradley had been the one that was knocking.  Flynn moved aside to let Alan in and gave him a look that said he wanted to wait until the door was closed before they started talking.  "Why didn’t you pick up the phone?“ Alan asked as Kevin’s hand wrapped around his arm.  Flynn didn’t answer but instead pulled him into the kitchen so that they were away from Sam’s room.  He didn’t want his son to hear any of their conversation.  "You scared me, Flynn,” his friend explained with a forlorn look in his eyes.  Flynn’s face fell as he lowered his head and sighed.

“’m sorry, Alan.  I just.. don’t know what to do.  I can’t take it,” he explained as his voice broke.  Alan’s hands went to Flynn’s shoulders and he shook his head.  The programmer shook his head again as he countered, “Flynn, I know you.  You’re stronger than this.  Think about Sam.  Think about Lora and me.  Think about Jordan.”  Flynn pushed his friend away slightly as his resolve cracked and he turned around.  He braced himself against the kitchen counter with both of his hands as sobs wracked his entire frame once again.  He waved Alan off and tried to muster up enough resolve as he could.  No, he couldn’t gain any resolve anymore.  Kevin Flynn felt like his heart had gotten ripped out of his chest and shoved back in without care.

Well, everybody’s hit the bottom, everybody’s been forgotten.
When everybody’s tired of being alone, yeah, everybody’s been abandoned,
And left a little empty handed,
So, if you’re out there barely hangin’ on…

He had spent a good ten minutes just watching Sam sleep before the two-year-old woke up.  Kevin smiled at his son before he picked him up and made his way over to the changing table.  He looked down at Sam and saw that he was smiling a little.  Yeah, he would smile.  Flynn gently set Sam down on the pad and went through all of the motions of changing his son’s diaper.  He hadn’t liked changing diapers at first, but he had soon gotten the hang of it.  Sam giggled slightly once Flynn had finished.  Kevin picked up his son once he had pulled Sam’s pants back up.  He sighed and glanced at the clock on his way out of the room.  Time seemed to move so slowly.  Days usually moved by so quickly, but this one dragged on and on.  If the circumstances had been different, he would have been happy that this day was moving slowly.

“Down,” Sam said as Kevin stopped.

Flynn chuckled softly and gently lowered Sam to the ground.  Before he could move, Sam’s hand closed around two of Flynn’s fingers and father and son walked into the living room.  He was thankful that Sam didn’t seem to notice how much the living room seemed different.  It was odd, thinking that a room was different, but it was.  Jordan had brought a certain life into the entire house.  His sight landed on some of her drawings that were still on the coffee table and a sad smile pulled at the corners of his mouth.  He felt a tugging on his arm and saw that Sam was pointing to one of the drawers of the end table.  He let out a soft hum and went over to the end table before he opened the drawer.  He took out the tape recorder and looked at it as the sad smile crossed his face.

Just give it one more try to a lullaby, and turn this up on the radio.
If you can hear me now, I’m reaching out to let you know that you’re not alone.
And if you can’t tell, I’m scared as hell 'cause I can’t get you on the telephone.
So, just close your eyes, oh honey, here comes a lullaby.
Your very own lullaby.
Oh honey, here comes a lullaby.
Your very own lullaby.

He went over to the couch and sat down as he watched Sam climb up on the couch beside him.  He waited until his son was situated in his lap before he pressed the play button.  "Kevin Flynn, what are you doing?“ Jordan asked.  Right, he remembered making the tape.  Flynn’s chuckle was heard and he replied, "I’m making a recording for the baby.”  Jordan’s eye roll could be heard as she countered, “The baby would have heard my voice, and yours, for nine months.”  Sam giggled at that and snuggled closer to his father to the point that his head was against Flynn’s chest.  He wrapped his free hand around Sam and pulled him even closer.  "Do you have anything else you want to say?“ Flynn asked.

"I love you, darling.  I also love you, Flynn.  I will always love you,” Jordan finished as the tape stopped.

Sam looked up at Flynn and he returned the look.  He rewound the tape and pressed play once it was back at the beginning.  Yeah, they were going to be just fine.  She would always be with them both no matter what happened.