Monday October 29th, 2012

I find that the thing that keeps one awake the most is thinking. How can you sleep when you’re figuring out answers to your life? It’s before I fall asleep where I make my life choices, where as some while taking a shower or even a walk in a park, mine is before I drift off to sleep. There’s a lot to reflect on like what I’m doing after China, what I’m doing now, and even the past (which is the worst). It’s hard to fall asleep when you have hypothetical conversations or past memories you want to forget. I would listen to music to fall asleep, but I tend to really decipher lyrics at night, which keeps me up. And sometimes I think it’s just me who overthinks before I fall asleep, but I think it’s a normal thing. The moment before you go to bed is really a moment for a person because you’re calm, everything is quite (sometimes), it’s dark (hopefully), and time is not important. It’s you and yourself, having a moment. It’s quite lovely, but scary. –Okay done with the reflecting.


       I planned on waking up at 5am today, but my body said “no” and I let it win. I woke up at 6:45am instead to upload to Tumblr and enjoy the fast Internet. We left the room at 7, but Tammy wanted to go to the mart so I got breakfast by myself.  Class started with my grammar teacher, and we were going over a very easy structure we’ve been over before.


       During recess I went downstairs to hangout with everyone and Chris was sick, so he didn’t come to class. Jon said his Ayi (the woman who take of our dorms) talked to him for 20 minutes last night and the conversation turned philosophical. She said that people who walk in a straight line get the big melon, where people who steer back and fourth get the small melon. We didn’t know what it meant, but Jessie told me about a fold tale that had to do with getting a small and big melon. Bascially those who are humble and caring will get a big melon where inside will reward them with shelter, wealth, and good farming. Where as those who are greedy and pretend to care will be rewarded with unhappiness. Deep stuff.


       After recess I had my speaking class, which was SO BORING! O-M-G, I’m going to die from boredom. I’m also probably going to fail my speaking test because of this –sigh. Although, if she does it maybe she’ll be really easy because she’s new teacher?! Also! Ming Jin didn’t turn in my Ch. 9 worksheets because it was on my desk and when the teacher came by I thought Ming Jin grabbed my papers, but she just did the sentences. It was funny when we both realized it, because she too had not turned in her ch. 9 worksheets. She said she was going to turn it into the teacher box, so I hope it made it into out teachers hand; If not, no big deal.


       When class was finished I met up with Tammy and Jon, then Jessie joined us. Tammy and Jessie got street food, and Jon and I went to the mart. I wasn’t hungry for lunch so I decided not to get anything. I still had those crackers left over from yesterday and I wanted to watch I movie as well! I ended up watching Prometheus and the first 5 minutes of Spirited Away –inspired by my Skype call with Jordan!


       It’s nice to talk to someone I was/am so close to :) We can be sassy, honest, and talk about our life in Seattle again. I forgot how funny we are together! I really need to see him in the winter –I WILL FIND A WAY!

       I also had time to write out 4 postcards, buy 3 Suzhou postcards, do my homework, AND watch an episode of Freaks and Geeks. Just call me Ms. Productive!

       On top of all of that I went to the post office to look for my package, again, but I didn’t see it. I saw Jessies in a pile though. I tried to call her, but her phone was off so I decided to pick it up for her, like I did once before. I grabbed it and signed her name, but the guy asked for an I.D., and since I’m not Jessie, said I didn’t have one and that I would return. I went back to the room and messaged Jessie about it. There was a knock on the door shortly after and she said she didn’t see her package, but saw mine on a self. We both then went back to the post office and got our packages. I showed Jessie that hers was on a desk, and she showed me the shelf mine was on. I’m so happy I got the stuff I needed… Although, now I’m worried I have too much stuff… I HATE wasting, so hopefully I can sell what I don’t use… Hmm.. 

       I started to listen to Bon Iver today as well –which I forgot was so sad and calming. It should be listened to on a cold night with Christmas lights around and hot coco in my hand. Or even as a way to fall asleep –his voice is very unique. I also LOVE his album For Emma, Forever Ago, it not only has my name in it, but every track is great! I really like Skinny Love, For Emma, and Flume :)  -suggest you to listen to it!