It’s a funny feeling to step into a darkened gallery, look into a glass case and see colorful foam and rubber sneakers.

But there are plenty of people who revere kicks like holy icons. Sneakerheads, they’re called — like Myles Linton, a high school student entering his senior year.

“I’ve been into sneakers for a couple years now,” Linton says. “It’s kind of a part of me, a part of my community.”

On his feet, he’s got a pair of Air Jordan 4 Toros, black and red. He calls them “kinda basic.”

I met Linton in a sneaker shop and asked him to join me at the press preview of the show at the Brooklyn Museum, titled “Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture.”

New Exhibit Laces Together Sneakers And History

Photo Credit:  Ilya Marritz/WNYC