Get Out (2017) not being nominated in the Drama/Thriller/Horror category and placed in the comedy section instead is not just ‘White People at it Again’ like the whole 'Hidden Fences’ debacle. It wasn’t innocent ignorance; it was blatant and deliberate disrespect. They couldn’t let such a poignant film that so specifically called out the exploitation of Black People, Black Culture and Black Bodies have the full and proper respect it deserved and that was their way of diminishing the hard work of Jordan, Daniel and everyone else in that movie.

That fact that the film received not one award was insane. It was literally the most talked about and culturally relevant film of the year. It grossed so highly and had such incredible critical claim both by the audience and professional critics. The snub was disgusting.

Also Daniel Kaluuya was robbed.

before you reblog emma stone’s gross, woody allen-supporting, white feminist ass comment about “greta gerwig and 4 male directors”, remember that only 5 black men in history have been nominated for the award - Jordan Peele being one of those five - and none have won and ignoring that to instead push ahead a white woman is mouldy and racist. we as white women need to understand that there’s nothing feminist about putting ourselves above PoC. ever.