Leaguers are secretly alive in the 31st century: Clark by the yellow sun, Bruce by lazarus pits, Diana by living with gods, Barry by speed force, Hal by becoming will power, and Billy by staying Shazam. They meet to pull strings to help the legion.



George looked towards you, a small smirk on his face. ‘Do you have Toad-face tomorrow?’ he asked, handing Fred a vial.

You sighed deeply. ‘Well, no, but… Wait, do I?’ you glanced around at Lee who was smirking at you.

‘I think someone’s a little tired,’ he sang.

‘You think we know your timetable?’ asked Fred, inspecting the vial. His expression softened. ‘You could’ve gone to bed, you know?’

Imagine staying up late planning pranks with the Weasley twins and Lee. 

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