jordan you better look at this

TYPES AS FRIENDS (based on my experience, im INFP)

> best friend™
> every infp deserve their own infj
> actually L I S T E N and U N D E R S T A N D
> will also read your shitty stories
> looks like they could kill you but are actually cinnamon rolls
> you never know what are they doing right now, like are they looking over their siblings? are they murdering people? they will never tell you and at this point you are too afraid to ask

> bitch face™ but actually pretty sensitive inside
> writer buddy™
> kinky as fuck
> hidden nerds and fangirls
> kinda judgmental
> have their life together, or at least REALLY LOOK LIKE THEY DO?
> “so I’ve read this fanfic where.. ”

> looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll
> 100% pure innocence
> sensitive as fuck (don’t yell at them)
> hurt inside
> anime nerd
> likes cute things
> graphic designer
> worried about you
> very loyal

> necessary human being
> light of my life
> always drunk and kissing guys at parties
> always so full of energy
> favourtie person
> s m i l e

> mom friend
> worried about you
> will bring you food and notes
> always helps your introverted ass
> very emotionally unstable (at least 5 mood swings per second)
> their feelings controll them so much???
> always says that they will organize everything and end up stressed and overhelmed

> sends you memes
> on 9gag 24/7
> actuall cinnamon roll with the face of a serial killer
> you are afraid to hug them but when you do the world is a better place
> owes like 5 pairs of Nike Jordans and treats them like their children

> smart and awesome
> kinda sad
> best student
> look at you like they judge you but it’s not true (but maybe they do anyway)
> mature and organized

> that white guy™ style
> like they are so funny and annoying at the same time, so awfully annoying
> doesn’t really get anything i say
> good at sports
> will send you outdated normie memes

> 0 scial skills
> probably from the different dimension
> what are they doing? what are they thinking? ??
> you show them a game and check on them a week later and they are like 50+ lvls stronger than you
> same goes for tv shows
> pretty innocent
> just allow them to patronize you, or they will get hurt
> either Fashion Icons or completly random clothing, no in-beetween

> cool kid
> not that cool tho, just another copy of the copy
> with the “cool” squad in the middle school
> afraid to be seen as weird
> remember all the embarrassing things you did
> actually pretty funny
> dumb and intelligent at the same time

Don’t take it personally, lol

Why You Guys Need to Stop Boycotting The 100

Time for a rant:
First off let me say I’m a clexa shipper, so I went through the same thing you guys did when Lexa died. But what I’m about to rant about is more serious than any fictional ship.
Okay, for all of you people who’re not watching The 100 anymore because you’re upset, that’s fine! It’s completely okay to stop watching a show you no longer like. But to you shits who’re actively trying to get The 100 cancelled and boycotting it, stop. Seriously, you guys may think that you’re doing the right thing and trying to stop queer bating but you’re destroying tons of innocent people’s livelihood. You’re trying to cancel a show that’s queer bated, which it bad, but that was a decision that was made by a few. You’re taking away the jobs of tons of people for instance, Eliza Taylor, Lindsey Morgan, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Devon Bostick, Henry Ian Custick, Richard Harmon, Paige Turco, Chris Larkin, Isaiah Washington, Zach McGowan, cinematographer, floor manager, graphics coordinator, stage manager, makeup artists, production manager, technical directors, stunt coordinators, video control operator, composer, colorist, editors, foley artist, costume designer, location manager, production and set designer, etc. Should I go on? And I know what you guys are saying, that they’ll be better off working on something that’s not the show, but not if the show gets cancelled! They’re way less likely to get hired (maybe even ever again) if the show gets cancelled, it looks bad for them. Name one successful actor from a failed tv show. Hmmm, don’t really know anyone do you? And then think about some minor workers on the set who might not even get a job ever again if The 100 gets cancelled. All because you guys had to have a fit and demand the show gets cancelled, stop being a baby and realize that people have jobs and aren’t as privileged to have everything handed to them, they work, and you’re taking away the work from them. It’s as simple as that. Yes, I get you’re upset about Lexa but please look at the bigger picture. So next time I hear someone trying to boycott The 100, you better be ready for me setting a fire in your ass.


Previously 🏫

Anthony: All right boys and girls, settle down. I’m Anthony Rhodes, your history teacher. I will be responsible for your class for the next three years. If you have any problem of some sort, you can come talk to me. I really do hope we can spend these three years without much trouble.

Danielle: Did he not see the student’s list? Of course, there’s gonna be trouble. I mean, last year some dude that’s now in this class beat a kid up with a tree branch…

“Oh, crap… I’m the first one on the list. He’s gonna make me do a presentation. And the first person never knows what to say. This is it. Here’s to every chance of remaining invisible. It lasted a full 2 minutes.”

Anthony: Abigail? Abigail Jordan?

Abigail: Uhm… That would be me.

“Daddy.” The 100 preferences

Bellamy Blake: 

Bellamy was pounding into you at such a hard pace that you couldn’t even think straight. Nails scratching down backs, heavy moans and groans being the only human noises. The rook reeked of sex and before you could even think about what you were saying, the words slipped between your lips. 

“Oh daddy please don’t stop.” Bellamy ceased his thrusts as he stared down at you. Your eyes widened as he looked at you with a slow spreading evil grin. 

“Daddy huh? He smirked as he snapped his hips forward. You let a needy moan out as you stared up at him with pleading eyes. 

“I like that…beg for daddy won’t you princess?” He said as he continued to thrust harshly into you.

John Murphy:

John secretly had a daddy kink and you knew it. He loved to spank and you knew that he loved to be in charge. You decided tonight was the night to confront him. You spent the whole day teasing him with brushes against his crotch and low cut shirts. You were bent over in front of him and he finally snapped. Grabbing your butt causing you to straighten up.

“Princess we need to talk.” He growled. You giggled and turned to face him. 

“Do we ever…daddy.” You whispered as you murmured hotly in his ear. He grabbed your ass with a low groan. 

“Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

“Just try to keep up daddy.” You winked as you strutted away from him leaving him hot on your heels. 

Jasper Jordan: 

Jasper wasn’t prepared at all the moment the word tumbled from your lips. You both stopped as it sunk in what happened. You looked at Jasper with a blush spread across your cheeks in embarrassment.


“Say it again…please.” 

“Daddy…” And with that he was pounding into you. Your nails raked down his back as he slowed down long enough for you to put your legs over his shoulders causing him to get a deeper angle. 

“Oh yeah baby girl…cum for daddy.” 

Monty Green: 

Monty had been wanting to have a night where the both of you could try out kinks. You both made a list and at the top of his you read ‘Daddy Kink’. You smirked as you looked at him.

“You want me to call you daddy?” He squirmed. You giggled as you crawled on top of him. “Don’t you like that daddy?” You asked innocently. He grabbed your face with a growl as you almost gasped. 

“You better be ready princess…daddy doesn’t plan on stopping.” 

We’ll Manage [Jordan Fisher x Reader]

Summary: Reader has to ask Jordan to go with her to a family gathering after they break up.

Word count: 2,682

Warnings: None, I mean… Two swear words?

A/N: This one turned out longer than I expected, but also one of my favorites. Shoutout to @protecting-my-legacy​ (#strawberriesandcheese) and the anons that requested more Jordan because I! LOVE! WRITING! FOR! HIM! Hope y’all like it too <3

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“Just text him, it won’t kill you!” Your best friend handed you your phone, but you denied.

“Are you insane? I can’t just text him! We broke up only a few weeks ago, I can’t just start asking for favors.” You still felt a knot on your throat when saying those words. The break-up wasn’t something you wanted, but it was something you both agreed on: Jordan had a very busy schedule, you were struggling to keep college and a healthy relationship with him at the same time, it was just not working.

“Well, you can tell your whole family you broke up with your grandmother’s favorite son-in-law…” Your look to her was enough for her voice to go lower as the sentence went on. It was true, your whole family loved Jordan almost as much as you did. When you first introduced him on a family reunion at your aunt’s birthday, your younger cousins recognized him from the TV, and soon enough he was giving everyone an acoustic performance of whatever songs your family wanted him to play, your older cousin playing the guitar.

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You Dated Who?!

Requested by an anon

Summary: Bruce finds out that batmom dated Hal Jordan before him.

Warning(s): None

-”Well obviously you upgraded.”

-It was kind of one of those things where you start dating but realize you’re better off as just friends.

-And for you and Hal it held true, you were still friends.

-Hal recognizes you the second he enters the batcave(not like your disguise was the best anyways.)


-You and Hal hadn’t even been intimate, the most you did was a heated, slightly awkward make out session.

-Hal would never let Bruce know that though.

-”They look great in green, don’t they Batsy?” *waggles eyebrows*

-You’re slightly afraid Bruce is going to snap and just left-hook Hal some day for his comments.

-Every now and then you’ll add in a comment as well, even when Hal isn’t around.

-”Y’know Hal could…-”


-Dressing up as Green Lantern for Halloween just to see Bruce grumble about it.

-Basically just randomly buying Green Lantern merchandise to piss Bruce off.

-Little things though, like the GL keychain you have, or look at that, your new toothbrush has GL on it.

-You never even point them out, you let Bruce notice them on his own an he grumbles before replacing your toothbrush with a plain one.

-Deep, deep down, you may just be wanting to see the two of them wrestle each other, but then reality sets back in when you realize how mangled Hal’s body would be.

-Your friendship with Hal after your breakup obviously means you become friends with Barry.

-More grumbling from Bruce ensues.

-Eventually you do tell him that your relationship with Hal was nothing serious.

-Guess who makes fun of who now.

-”At least I made it to second base.”

Smut Prompts ❤

{some of these I found online}

1. I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue… wanna see?

2. Your knees are gonna be black and blue

3 You’ve gotta keep quiet

4. It’s not going to be that easy

5. You can model for me if you want, but you and I both know those clothes look better on the floor

6. Beg. You’ve got to beg

7. Come on. You don’t have to be shy

8. It’s just a fantasy

9. You’ve got me hypnotized

10. I didn’t imagine my first time being with you

11. Belts have multiple purposes

12. You’re fucking gorgeous

13. We’re going to hell for this

14. I think someone’s coming

15.Please, oh god, please

16. I love you

17. I want this to last forever

18. I need your help

19. I’ll be gentle, I promise

20. Are you sure you want this

21. Is that gum in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?


Get Better Soon

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x reader
Word Count: 1,080ish
T/W: None? (Just mentions of sex)
A/N: Philip’s a little bummed, poor baby. For @justfangirlingaround‘s sick Philip request. Most definitely inspired by Anthony Lee Medina’s allergies post on his Instagram story. Also, I’ll be posting A Whole New World pt. 2 later tonight!!
Tags: @justfangirlingaround​ ✨

You woke up to a softly snoring Philip lying next to you. Looking at the clock you noticed it was almost 11 o’clock, letting out a sigh you decided to get up. You quietly tried to unwrap yourself from Philip. Once you were out of his arms you looked around for something to put on, instinctively you stole Philip’s t-shirt and put on a pair of panties. Walking towards to kitchen with your laptop you looked at a couple of the pictures on the hall walls as you passed by, smiling you sat down at the kitchen bar. 

About an hour or so later you heard Philip waking up, he walked out of the bedroom, but you were too focused on your essay to give him your attention. He made his way over to the fridge opening the freezer door.

“Do we have any waffles, baby?” Philip asked in a shockingly more raspy voice than usual, followed by a light cough. 

“Babe, are you sick?” You asked looking up, observing that he was wrapped in a blanket.

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Reasons why I think people ship Syndisparklez part 2:

Part 1 here

1. Reactions to the first kiss:

- Jordan’s reaction included noises that sound like he didn’t think he’d like it and then it was surprisingly pleasing (at 15:05, the link already has the time built in):

Also here’s the excerpt:

Another important thing is that Jordan said he wasn’t drunk, which made us realize that it was a lot more consensual then we thought in the first place (yes, there were posts talking about how the whole thing was problematic and people wrote fics about how Jordan was so drunk he couldn’t even stand up. So knowing he was fairly sober made me and a lot of people feel much better about the whole situation). Also Tom said he didn’t have a hangover, which made us believe he wasn’t really drunk either ( - at 3:46).

- Tom’s reaction was that he really liked it:

2. New York:

- Unfortunately those who missed the livestream probably won’t ever see all the Syndisparklez moments that happened that night. The audio was terrible (I mean seriously, the organizers of the event were really unprofessional) so Jordan decided not to upload his stream even though he had better audio than Tom. 

Tom did upload his: (there’s also a part 1 that’s only 24 minutes long cause his stream crashed, I don’t remember if there are Syndisparklez moments in there, you’re welcome to check), but just beware of really bad audio quality, you can barely hear him and Jordan even less. The bummer is that on Jordan’s stream you could hear both of them but he didn’t upload it. If anyone recorded the stream that night, could you please let us know?

- But there’s one screenshot I took at the end (which isn’t on Tom’s stream but was on Jordan’s) where Tom couldn’t hold back any longer and tickled Jordan’s shoulder:

Screenshots of the tickle that smorescake took (at least I think so; it was posted on their blog):

- Tom’s vlog of the day they spent together at New York is full of Syndisparklez stuff:

Video highlights of the vlog:

Look at his pants, they’re ridiculous:

This is the most romantic walk to the toilet:

Other highlights: 

  •  I love you to pieces:
    Tom: Jordan listen, listen, listen alright? I love you to pieces…
    Jordan: By the way…
    Tom: No green shorts, but… *zooms in on Jordan’s ‘shoes’*
    Jordan: What are thoooose?
    Tom: *What* *are* those*? I’m not even doing the ‘what are those’. I’m genuinely asking. Are they loafers?
    Jordan: I don’t know what you call them.
    Tom: Loafers. You’re a loaf of bread.
  • Tom searching desperately for Jordan cause he loses sight of him for a second.
  • Tom zooming in way too close on Jordan’s face quite a few times.

3. Conventions in June 2016:

- Tom texted Jordan while drunk asking him to loan his house for a party (2:27):

  • Tom: Hey, if I did ever do it I’d give you buttery nipples all night long.
    Jordan: Mmmmm, oh that’s…
    Tom: In a sexual term.
    Jordan: That’s more tempting.

- He asked Jordan to give him a return kiss and looked really bummed out when Jordan backed out and walked away (6:14):

Excerpt instead of whole video:

  • Tom: sneaks up behind Jordan with his phone recording so Jordan sees the phone right in front of his face before he sees Tom
    Jordan: Oh! Hi!
    Tom: laughs
    Jordan: That was abrupt.
    Tom: Do I get a kiss now? turns his cheek to Jordan You gotta return the favor. taps his cheek
    Jordan: stares at the camera awkwardly
    Tom: Jor… looking dejected
    Person behind camera: Ooh, ooh…
    Jordan: opens mouth as if to say something, still looking really awkward, then closes his mouth and backs right out of the frame and walks away
    Tom: walks forward looking really sad

4. Pokemon GO:

- Highlights from the Pokemon GO adventures that Jordan and Tom had with their friends:


Tom comes back to Los Angeles and Jordan stars in two of his vlogs. In them they both act like boyfriends.

Highlights from the first video (

  • Tom: (sees Mclaren) Oh my gosh Jordan you fucking sexual man!
    Tom: Can I have your baby?
    Jordan: Um if you want…
    Tom: Can I have your baby?
    Jordan: I know a lot of…
    Tom: Dude we’ve already been shipped. We’ve already been shipped!
    Jordan: A lot of people on tumblr would love that.
    Tom: Yeah, can we have babies then? (Jordan: ye, yeah) Can I have your babies (Jordan: yeah) and can this (points at Mclaren) be my, be my present to be your husband? (Jordan grins and nods: yeah)
    Miniladd: Can I be in the background to make weird faces again?
    Tom: God you shit! (I think? I didn’t hear it well)

    (conversation copied from my post on my main blog:

  • They act soft around each other.
  • Jordan grinning when Tom points the camera at him and then laughing in happiness at the grin:
  • Tom has visible hickeys at the end of the video:

Highlights from the second video ( - 9:49, before that he goes iceskating with other people):

Bonus stuff:

- Twitter since December:

‘Get a cleaner side shave and I’d fuck you (no homo)’ -

‘You look like Dwayne Johnson’ -

‘I’d love to skeet with you’ -

‘Will gladly compare dick sizes’ -

‘Thanks bae’ -

‘Date night *smirk*’ -

*kisses pp better* -

pp kissing ship support -

‘Will you be my valentine?’ -

- Tom feeling Jordan’s abs:

- Tom kissing other men (plus being extremely flirty and making gay jokes - not the homophobic kind - throughout the videos):

Also here’s a playlist I made of all the Syndisparklez vlogs:


Originally posted by midnightinparis

Originally posted by ilovemarrish

Request: Well, I wanted to know if you could make a history with Parrish, i know your Stories are most of the Hales, but, pleaaasse, a story That he fell in love with you (NSFW? ) heh

Author’s Note: So, this request has been in my inbox for awhile and I haven’t had any idea what to do with it. Until now! I used the holiday weekend for a little inspiration and I really hope you like what I came up with! This is written from a different POV than I usually do, but it just felt right this way. Please give me some feedback and let me know what you thought about it! Enjoy J

Warnings: Language; slight smut; fluffiness


The first time Jordan saw you, you were sitting on a blanket by yourself, head tilted toward the sky as the fireworks went off. The explosions were turning your skin all kinds of mystical colors, making it impossible for him to draw his eyes away.

He watched as you stared at the fireworks above, absolutely mesmerized. Just like he was with you. He wondered idly if you were alone, not wanting to ruin a family outing or something of the like. After observing for several minutes (just glances here and there, nothing creepy), he finally decided that you were, in fact, alone. Which struck him as odd, someone attending a fireworks show for the 4th by themselves.

He would just have to change that, he thought.

The nerves fluttered in his chest as he made the decision to walk over, telling his buddies he was heading out. The closer he got, the better he could see you, and the harder it became for him to breathe properly. What the hell was he supposed to do when he sat next to you if he was this worked up just being at a distance?

“Hey,” he said, barely diverting your attention from the fireworks. Your eyes looked him over carefully before you offered a small smile.


“I saw that you were alone over here,” Jordan ventured, running a hand over the back of his neck as a blush colored his cheeks with his admission. He was glad it was dark out and you probably couldn’t see it. Or maybe you thought it was just the color from the fireworks. “Mind if I join you?”

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anonymous asked:

13. “I lost our baby.” with jordan parrish (but in a funny way, like loosing the baby in the shopping mall or so :D)

Jordan Parrish - “I lost our baby”

“Jordan…” You stared at the shopping bag in your left hand and then you stared at your empty right hand. Panic was racing through your veins and your chest was moving up and down, even though you didn’t seem to get as much oxygen as you actually needed.

“What’s wrong, honey?” He smiled at you, but you couldn’t bring yourself to smile back at him.

Your eyes were still staring at your empty right hand. Only a couple of minutes ago your fingers had been entwined with those small and tiny little fingers. Only a few seconds ago you had told your son that his father would return any second now. But now your hand was empty. Just empty. “He’s gone…” You held your breath and looked up, scanning the crowd. “He’s gone…” You swallowed a few times. “I lost our baby…”

Jordan placed his hands on your shoulders and he locked his glance with yours. “Don’t worry. We’ll find him. I promise.” He licked his lips and you shook your head while the tears rolled down your cheeks.

“This mall is huge! He can be anywhere!” You were almost screaming and around you people were turning their heads. You could see the judgement in their eyes. You could see the frowned and raised eyebrows. You could hear the whispers of the mothers and fathers around you, wondering how someone could lose a child, their child.

“We’ll find him.” Jordan nodded at you and then he squeezed your shoulders once more. “He’s not even two years old. He can’t be that far away.”

You took a deep breath. You weren’t too sure about that. You had seen him running through the living room. You had seen how quickly he could get somewhere or could grab something. You knew how even the smallest distraction and one second of not paying attention could change everything.

Maybe he was only two years old, but he was quicker than water and fascinated by even the smallest and barely noticeable things.

“Come with me.” Jordan grabbed your hand and he started to make his way through the crowd. He kept his eyes on the ground and you did the same, but no matter how many children you passed, not one of them was your son. Jordan eventually stood still in front of the counter. “Excuse me, miss?” He smiled a calm smile and you wondered why he was not panicking right now. Why wasn’t he even thinking about the possibility that something had happened? Why wasn’t he even wondering if maybe someone had taken him? “We lost our son. He’s two years old and he’s wearing a Disney shirt. He’s called Devon and he’s wearing a plastic sheriff pin on his chest.”

“We will make an announcement for you, Sir.” The lady behind the counter smiled politely and Jordan squeezed your hand. “Attention, attention…”

You could barely focus on the announcement. A thousand ideas, fears and worries were going through your mind and you were sweating all over your body. You should have held his hand tighter. Maybe you shouldn’t have allowed him to walk at all. Maybe you should have put him in the carrier. Maybe you should have bought one of those leashes, even though you had been so against them. Everything was better than the horrible feeling you were feeling right now because you had lost him.


You looked up when you heard a small sharp voice and you let out a relieved sigh when you saw Devon in the arms of a stranger. “Devon! There you are! Where have you been?” You pulled your hand back and wrapped your arms around your baby boy to press him to your chest.


“Did you see a dog?” You forced yourself to smile and you pressed at least ten kisses to Devon’s forehead.

“You can’t just let mommy’s hand go to pet a dog!” Jordan wrapped his arms around the two of you, a bright smile on his face. “Come, I’ll get the two of you ice cream.”

“O yes, of course, let’s reward him for running away.” You rolled your eyes, but once again you tightened your grip around the little boy in your arms.

“He didn’t run away. He saw a dog.” Jordan pressed a soft kiss on your head.

“I know who’s holding his hand the next time we go to the mall.”

Hal Jordon as a Mentor Headcanons

A/N: Hopefully this is ok.


Hal Jordan / Green Lantern being your mentor would include:

> Being given a bunch of nicknames but his favourite is probably ‘Lil’ Light’
“You can do better than that Lil’ Light.”
“It’s (y/n). (Y/nnnn), say it with me.”
“How about Greenie?”
“Whatever old man.”
“Hey! Stick to Hal.”

> Forming a middle finger with the ring when Hal starts to bug you with his teaching methods.

> Hal thinking it’s quite smart the first time and why didn’t he think of that?

> The other lanterns looking out for you and helping you get out of training if Hal is going overboard.
“Kilowog, have you seen (y/n)?”
“Nope, try the Andromeda galaxy.”
“Cute, real cute.”

> After some tough training, Hal bringing some pizza or another food you like from Earth so you can relax a little.

> Meeting the Flash and other members of the Justice League, but since Hal and Barry are like best friends you see him more often.

> Hal being worried he’s not doing a good job.
“You’re doing great, (y/n) is really glad you’re their mentor and wouldn’t want anyone else.” Barry assuring him otherwise since you speak to him outside of hero personas.
“Seriously? (Y/n) said that?”
“Yeah, they may not act like it but (y/n) holds you in high regard Hal.”

> Doing Batman impressions after visits to the Justice League, Hal is surprisingly good at the voice.

> “The ‘will’ is strong with this one.”
“Kick your ass to the next galaxy, I will.”
“Got you to join in that time~”

> Going for flights at ridiculous times to learn new tricks that are occasionally irrelevant in a fight.
“I need a nap, 5 more minutes.”
“(Y/n), don’t make me come in there and drag you out.”
Flying out the window whilst Hal is still pacing outside your door thinking you’re not ready.
“Hah! You’d have to catch me first Jordan!”

> Hal being over protective after a while because he’s grown attached. He will deny that.
“You’re smooth right? Can you teach me a few tricks?” Having heard some of Hal’s remarks to female civilians.
“Yes, and no. You’re too young.”
I’m basically an adult now!”
“Still too young to me.”

> Hal taking the wrap for you if you mess up, even against your protests.

> Getting nervous when going on solo missions because you feel more confident with Hal by your side.
“Can’t you come with me?”
“(Y/n), you’re amazing and your training is going so well that I have complete faith in you.”
“Hal I just don’t know.”
“In brightest day, in darkest night. No evil shall escape my sight…”
“Let those who worship evil’s might, beware my power - green lanterns light.” You finished the vow and took a deep breath.
Hal gives you a reassuring smile and nod before sending you off.

> Meeting Guy Gardener and John Stewart who think you’re a credit to the Corps. John talks to you about strategies and battle plans whereas you get tips on how to annoy Hal from Guy. But you don’t need any help with that.

> Being pretty good friends with Hal outside of the hero business.

> Your training may sometimes be just for fun but when it comes down to it, you’re the best team out of the Lantern Corps and you’ll protect each other at all costs.

Request: Hi! I have an idea for an imagine and I though I should share with my fav writer on Tumblr: you since you are taking and making amazing Alex’s requests. Well since everyone since to already hate this new girl Alicia I thought that maybe you could write about Alex x reader knowing each other from working during s4 and kinda dating (not officially) and then this new girl comes in for s5 and starts flirting shamelessly with Alex so reader is really jalous but he calms her down, yes? PLEASE!
Note: I hope I did this one right? Don’t know why but I’m not so confident about it, I just don’t want to dissapoint you. So let me know, all of you, release the pressure resting on my heart. ;-) But Enjoy, I certainly did.

Words: 2577 

Two weeks of beach and sunshine got you all reloaded for the filming of season five of Vikings that started tomorrow. In the past two weeks you didn’t do anything more than laying at the beach, reading and even did some sight seeing. But how good those hot tempatures maybe were and how proud you was on the little tan you got, you where glad to be home again. You pulled you baggage from the transporter before you walked out of the maze that always seemed to confuse you. When you came at the arrivalgate you saw a figure you probarbly didn’t suspect to see. ‘Are you here for me?’ You asked Alex completly confused. Yes, you texted past two weeks and to be honest, you missed him more than the cat waiting for you home but you really didn’t suspect him to be here waiting for you.
'No, I’m waiting on the old lady over there.’ He pointed. You turned around to an older woman, hugging her husband before you realized that he was joking. 'I’m here for you, yes.’ He corrected himself. You tilted your head, a smile spreading over you face before you wrapped an arm underneath his shoulder to hug him. Yes you missed him, that tight hug said it all. Through the whole filming of season four you kind of grew tighter with Alex. You dated him, on a occasion of two but it was a little unclear of there was friendship of more. But as long as he was around you were glad. 'Next time you run of to the sunset you don’t forget me.’ He placed a greeting kiss on your cheek before pulling your baggage out of your hands. 'What are you doing tonight?’ He asked with that kind of a promesing smile on his lips.
'I’m just back. I’m gonna go home, unpack and take a deep breath before we have our first setday tommorow.’ That last one on a little more excited than you expected it to be.
'Somebody looks forward.’
'Offcourse, missed all of you.’
'Me, the boys and Ida are coming together tonight, you should to.’ He suggested. He didn’t lead you right to a cab but to his own car.
'I’m exhausted.’
'Come on Y/n, I missed you.’ He putted on his puppy face on and you shook you head, looking to him from the other side of the car.
'Fine.’ You smiled, knowing he would harass you until you gave in anyway. He brought you home and picked you right up later that day. Your eyes traveled up to the grey sky remembering how much sunlight you had on your vacation.
'Missing the sun already?’ He joked. You stepped out of the car and looked up to the sky again.
'I’m half freezing to dead being back here.’ You reacted. He wrapped his arm over your shoulder and walked with you inside. Marco jumped the both of you from behind.
'Y/n, next time you go on vacation you tell uss so we can join.’
'You see.’ Alex agreed with his friend.
'I didn’t miss the both of you together.’ You pointed to them. Alex and Marco always were trouble if they hang around with each other. He walked between the two of you and wrapped his arms around you and Alex.
'Back together, you ready?’ Marco asked you. He held you so tight you hardly could move your neck. You putted your thumb up and he released you, giving you a kiss on your cheek before leading you to the others. Ida jumped right from her seat and embraced you tight.
'Glad to have you back. I’m so excited.’
'You’re not alone.’ You said with a promesing look before greeting Jordan to. If you talked about squadgoals, the five of you were. Alex ordered some shots and gave if to each one of you.
'My boys and girls, to season five.’ Alex said with a promessing glare over each one of you. He putted his little glass up and you all ticked it before drinking. To season five.

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Disney Part 1- Josh Dun

You sat on your couch curled up in a ball of tears. Josh, your boyfriend of almost 3 years has been gone for 3 months. You missed him so damn much. You typically joined Josh on tour with his band twenty one pilots but your sister had asked you to stay and help her with her kids. She had just gotten a new job and she was really stressed being a single mom of 3. Of course you said yes for the sake of your nephews. You and your sister have never gotten along well but you thought she might have changed a bit so you moved in with her to become a full time helper. You must have pissed her off in some way because last night after you had put all the kids to bed she came in from work and asked you to leave and not to come back. You were honestly really hurt because you gave up your job, social life, and being with Josh to help her out. You started to calm down when you realized she wasn’t worth being upset over. You just didn’t want to loose your relationship with your nephews. As you were just about to text Josh and tell him what had happened you heard your your phone ringing. It was Josh, he was Facetiming you. You didn’t want him to see that you had been crying so you just let it ring. You called him back once you applied some concealer to your tear stained face and could talk normally again.

“Hey beautiful! Why didn’t you answer before?” Josh smiled through the screen which made you smile.

“Oh m-my phone was about to die so i had to find my charger.” You lied and you could tell Josh knew you were but he just dismissed it.

“Oh. Okay. Wait, are you in our apartment?” You could hear concern in his voice so you explained what happened between you and your sister.

“I’m so sorry Y/N. It must suck. You gave up your life basically to help her. Everything will work itself out in the end. Don’t worry.”

“I know it will. But i just miss my nephews and you.” You let a tear roll down your face as you thought about how much you wanted to be in Josh’s arms wrapped up in a warm blanket with him.

“Babe don’t cry. If you’re not going to be at your sister’s why don’t you come join me on tour.”

“I want to but-” you were cut off with Josh lightly sighing. You looked up at the screen to see he was no longer alone. Tyler, Jenna, and Jordan all just boarded the bus making a lot of noise.

“Hey Y/N! When are you planning on seeing me? You left me with all these dorks and i need a girl day soon.” Jenna took the phone out of Josh’s hands while talking to you.

“Well I think we were just starting to plan when I would join.”

“Good, it better be soon. Josh is getting kind of annoying, always talking about you and-” She was cut off by Josh grabbing his phone back. You blushed at the thought of how much Josh talked about you.

“Sorry about that. So what if I book you a flight to Florida for tomorrow. We’re going to Disney on our day off.”

“That would be great babe. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then.” You heard a few cheers in the background which you assumed were from Tyler, Jenna, and Jordan.

You were so excited you were going to be able to see Josh tomorrow. You said your goodbyes and went upstairs and started to pack up your life once again to join Josh on tour.

Hope you liked this. Ill be posting part 2 if I see that you actually liked it. 

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hey class fandom

are you heart broken about class’ (inevitable) cancellation? do you wish there was more content in the fandom? are you interested in art, music or game development?

then you should consider helping me make Class: the video game

basically I got RPG maker MV and am looking for a short (1~3 hour) game and I thought: who better to use than my favorite characters!

I’m looking for literally anyone who wants to help with either writing, art, music or even play testing

DM me or message me on discord (Zazzy#1854) if you’re interested

Coffin Nail (Animorphs ficlet)

Jake lasts all of ten minutes before he cannot take it anymore, ducking the gazes of a dozen or more B-list celebrities and gratefully plunging into the cold open air of Marco’s back porch.  He’s only at this stupid party in the first place because Marco dropped a dozen hints that Cassie might be here and Jake is pathetic like that, but he’s not sure he can even last long enough to see if she’ll arrive.

He leans against the railing, squinting out at the city.  Maybe he’ll make it.  He’s survived worse.

Marco’s back door swings open again, and a familiar voice says, “Oh, I didn’t realize anyone else was out—”

Jake turns around fully and Jordan stops talking.  

She’s got an open pack of Marlboros in her left hand, a lit cigarette clenched between the first two fingers of her right, and a half-startled look on her face.  

There’s something dully shocking about the sight of the cigarettes, mostly because in Jake’s mind Jordan is still that round-eyed thirteen-year-old he hasn’t spoken to in years.  

“Anyone ever tell you those things’ll kill you?” Jake asks.  It’s a terrible conversation starter: awkward, cliche.  He uses it anyway for lack of anything better, because the fact is that they haven’t seen each other since the funeral.  

Jordan exhales her mouthful of smoke in a Cheshire grin.  “You say that like I want to live forever.”

Just for a second she looks so much like Rachel that Jake feels a shiver go up his spine.  He doesn’t say that, of course, because he of all people definitely knows better.  Even the echo of the reminder of his great-aunt’s casual “Oh, but you look just like—!” last April is enough to twist his gut with nausea all over again.  

He knows what he looks like—knows who he looks like—thank you very much, he owns a fucking mirror.  He knows.  It’s only gotten worse, given how much he sprouted up in the past few years.  (No one calls him “midget” anymore.)  He doesn’t know for sure if he’s taller now than Tom ever was, since he didn’t measure, but it’s probably a near thing.  

Three months from now he’ll have lived longer than his brother ever did.  That much he does know for sure.

“So.”  Jake clears his throat.  “Nice party, huh?”

Jordan looks at him over her cigarette, expression pitying.  “You know,” she says around it, “at least I brought an excuse to come lurk out here like a weird, sad loner.  You don’t even have that much.”

Jake blinks.  “I, uh… ‘Excuse’?”

She takes the cigarette out of her mouth long enough to wave it around, trailing a thin stream of smoke into the air.  

“Does smoking make you not a sad loner?” Jake asks.

“Nah, it just makes you a cool sad loner with too much mystique to have any friends,” Jordan explains patiently.  “You want one?”

“A friend?” Jake says.  He realizes a few seconds too late how pathetic that sounded, but it’s too late now.  

“An excuse.”  Jordan holds the pack out to him.  

“Uh, okay.”  She’s got a point, after all: it’s not like Jake wants to live forever.  

She digs into three or four pockets of her leather coat before she finally comes out with a lighter, cupping her free hand around the flame to shelter it as Jake leans forward to suck life from its tip.  He inhales too deeply, and he knows it immediately, coughing and choking on what feels like an entire ember lodged in his throat.  

Watching him, Jordan laughs.  “You know, for a guy that FOX news likes to call a terrorist, you’re awfully square.”  

Jake ignores the “terrorist” part—it’s an old wound, just another knife bouncing off existing scar tissue, so numb not even the pain makes it through.  Instead he wheezes out, “I never did much experimenting in high school.”  

Jordan’s face shutters, and Jake wonders if she’s thinking the same thing that just crossed his mind: it’s supposed to be your older sibling who gives you your first cigarette, your first beer, your first porn mag.  

“It’s not like I care what FOX news says about me,” Jake says to cover for the moment.  

“Yeah, yeah, ‘famously reclusive’ and all that, right?”

Jake shrugs.  “Isn’t ‘famously reclusive’ an oxymoron?”

“Well, you don’t whore yourself out like Marco does, that’s for sure.”  The harsh language seems just as out-of-place in her mouth as the cigarette first did.  She’s sixteen, Jake reminds himself, not twelve.  “You know…”  Jordan laughs, looking down.  “I used to have the biggest crush on him.  Marco, that is.  Anyway…”

Jake doesn’t need her to finish that sentence.  Anyway, I was a different person then.  One I wouldn’t recognize if we bumped into each other on the street.  It was nice knowing her.  Nice being her.

They smoke in silence for several more minutes, making their own tiny contribution to the Los Angeles smog.  Jake stubs out his cigarette first chance he gets.  

“Thanks,” he says.  “For the—”  He holds up the crumpled stump of filter.  “For the excuse.”

“Yeah, sure.”  And seeing he’s turning to go back inside, Jordan blurts.  “You’re taking care of your parents, right?”  She takes a breath.  “And—and yourself.”

“‘Course.”  Jake inhales, wondering if one cigarette is enough to decrease his lung capacity by fifty percent or if it just feels that way.  “You are too?”

She nods.

There’s time for one more look, one more complex ugly flash of understanding, between them.   Then Jake turns away.  

He’ll head home early that night, and the following afternoon an andalite named Menderash will show up with news of Aximili.  He’ll never see anyone from his family again.  

Hamilton San Francisco: First Preview

For those who are unaware, I was lucky enough to win lotto tickets for tonight’s show. Front row, center stage. It was brilliant experience. 

Hamilton’s San Francisco cast was amazing. The show was utterly spectacular. This cast and crew put their hearts and souls into this performance, and you could feel it the whole time.

Now, for the review:

To start off, the orchestration felt different. They definitely changed a few things up. There was an expressiveness in Joshua Henry as Aaron Burr that wasn’t there on Broadway. Don’t get me wrong, the OBC is AMAZING, but Henry brought a new kind of animation and expressiveness to Burr. Much more aggressive throughout the whole thing. While Leslie’s Burr feels like he just suddenly /snaps/, there’s a definite build that Henry has. 

Rory O'Malley as King George III was Wild. He sneered at me at the end of You’ll Be Back and I’m PRETTY SURE my heart skipped a beat and/or stopped momentarily. He played him much more crazy than Groff, which was an interesting and welcome change.

Emmy Raver-Lampman as Angelica Schuyler was beautiful, she had so much emotion and strength in her voice that I cried during Satisfied (a song that has Never made me cry). Solea Pfeiffer as Eliza had the same effect. While the scream and the gasp that Phillipa Soo gave was heart-wrenching, Solea ripped your heart out and stomped it into the dirt. Amazing voice, amazing performance from her. Amber Iman as Peggy/Maria was so mutli-dimensional as well, her voice was much lower and more sultry than Jasmine Cephas Jones.
Michael Luwoye as Hamilton was… Wow. Just, wow. He was so expressive, and his voice was just so smooth and beautiful. He brought a new life and naivety to Hamilton in act one, and a powerhouse in act two.

The RevSet was AMAZING, too. Really juvenile and playful. Jordan Donica’s switch between Lafayette and Jefferson was flawless. Mathenee Treco was so good as Mulligan, and completely blew it out of the water as Madison. Then Rubén J. Carbajal as Laurens/Philip… Wow. Absolutely stunning. I cried at both deaths. (Go figure).

Isaiah Johnson’s Washington was powerful, a perfect balance of Christopher Jackson’s and something entirely new. His line delivery sent chills down my back at the end of Meet Me Inside.

The ensemble was beyond words, Seabury (Andrew Wojtal) was hilarious, and Lee (Daniel Ching) played the lines so well.  The cast did amazing and I’m so honored that I was able to see their first preview show.

After the show, I stage-doored, as I am known to do, and I met the entire cast. I’ll post the photos from that later on. Rory was in charge of the Hamiton Insta feed tonight, and he came out and asked if he could record all of us, so now I’m on their feed. How fun. He was a complete angel, and he recognized me from the front row, sneered at me again and laughed before taking a photo with me.

Michael Luwoye remembered me as well, and when I asked for a photo he gave the sweetest smile and said “Of course, anything for the crying girl from the front row.”

My favorite of these though, was Jordan Donica. When I handed him my playbill, he looked at me and grinned, leaned back, went “Ahhhh, you criiiieeeddd, I saw you in the front and you criiieeeed.” It was hilarious.

The entire cast was just so incredibly gracious about the entire  experience, and they took time for everybody by the stage door. Everyone thanked the cast, and the cast thanked us in response. Truly sweet people.

TLDR; Enter the Hamilton lotto for San Francisco if you don’t have tickets. This cast is so full of life and love and the shows can only get better from here. <3 


You didn’t know it but he loved you. Like most of love stories, it had started with a friendship. Slowly it all had changed and now Jordan fought with his feelings. He couldn’t drag you into this mess with him because to him you were the most purest and precious person ever. So Jordan did what he thought was best for you, he kept you on distance and tried to push off his love for you. You thought he was with Lydia and Jordan didn’t correct you. It hurt you but it was better than you knowing the hell he was living in, because that was world full of supernatural creatures was. You didn’t see the way he looked at you when you walked away from him or when you couldn’t see he was watching you. It broke his heart but he really thought this was best for you.