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Hamilton Fics

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These are just your friendly neighborhood imagines with all our favorite Hamilton characters! Enjoy (:


These are just your friendly neighborhood imagines with all our favorite Hamilton cast members, along with a few Rafael Casal x reader fics! Enjoy (:



These are fics that are much shorter, the length of mine vary, but usually, they are under 300 words. Some are character x reader/cast x reader, others are character x character.


This is a fairly well known AU in which John Laurens becomes a ghost after dying, this is my written take on it (:

Mistletoe Series

This was my holiday series of December 2016. Each of these is about 100-400 word ficlets involving mistletoe, except Alexander’s, which is about 1600 words.

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Beautiful Flames, Rafael Casal x Reader - Reader is Daveed’s sister, Jordan Fisher x Reader- Requested - Fluff: Jack Johnson’s ‘Do You Remember?’, Maria Reynolds x Reader (Angst), Alexander Hamilton x Reader (Angst), I’m also considering writing a few more parts of One Date, so stay tuned!

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This is where I post character x character fics! I mainly write for Leggy (Lafayette x Peggy) but I will also write for other ships.


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The Deal with the Devil- Chapter Five

Bruce Wayne X Reader

Summary- You’re the female version of Dare Devil. This takes place in the DC universe.

Message-Time Jump! This takes place about a year after the last chapter! Dick Grayson is introduced. Sorry if this sucks!

Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Word Count- 793

Dick had been living with the two of you for about a week when he figured out your secret. He wanted to help and the two of you agree to train him. You and Bruce talked about it and agreed that you would let him out on patrol when he turns fifteen. You and Bruce were on your way back to the batmobile after a long night of patrolling the city. You hear it before Bruce sees it.

“Someone is messing with the batmobile.” You whisper.

“Yeah, it looks like a kid.” Bruce says and the two of you jump down and land behind him.  “That doesn’t belong to you, kid.”

“Ahh” a tiny voice screams then sense an object being swung at Bruce. Bruce grabs it from the kid and throws it down the ally.

“We’re not gonna hurt you kid. Why don’t you tell us where your parents are and we will bring you to them.” You say in a soft voice.

“Their dead.” That’s not uncommon in Gotham, there were a lot of orphaned kids running around. You hear Bruce make a noise and you realize what he’s thinking. Fuck, you were about to become a mother of two. Not that you were completely opposed to the idea, but Dick had just moved in a month ago.

“How old are you?” Bruce asks.

“Five.” Fuck, shit, fuck. This little baby was definitely coming home with you.

“What’s your name, honey?” You ask.

“Jason. Jason Todd.”

“Where do you live?” You ask.

“The alleyway over there.” He answers. Your heart clenches.

“Would you like to come home with us?” You ask.

“Yes, please.” He says quietly. So you put him in the back of the batmobile and the three of you leave for the cave. “I didn’t know the Devil of Gotham was a lady.”

“Yep, I’m blind too.”

“Woah.” He says. When the three of you get to the cave, you introduce Dick to Jason and you have Alfred put the two boys to bed while you and Bruce contact the lawyer to get the adoption process on Jason started.


“Do you think my parents would be mad if I called you and Bruce Mom and Dad?” Dick asks you while the two of you cuddle on the couch.

“No, I think that they would be happy you found people to love like that. We aren’t replacing them, and you don’t have to call us that if you don’t want to. I know Jaybird does, but he didn’t have a family like you did before he came here.” You murmur and you run your hand through his hair.

“I want to, Ma.” Dick whispers and you smile. Before you can say anything else you can hear Jason running into the room.

“Ma! Dad got hurt! I saw it on TV! It looked bad!” Jason says. You hear Alfred come in after Jason.

“I’ll zeta beam up to the tower and see what how he is. I’m sure it’s not too bad, my loves.” You say softly as you get up from the couch. “I’ll be back when I can.” You call over your shoulder. After you put your costume on you zeta up to the Watch Tower. You knew that you would have to be stealthy since none of them knew you existed. You find your way to the medical bay and you hear Bruce’s heart beat-Thank God. You make your way into the room and sit on the hospital bed, just listening to his heart. You could tell he was unconscious because of how he was breathing. That’s when you hear someone else enter the room.

“You know, he told us you didn’t exist.” It was Superman.

“I only exist when it’s convenient.” You respond.

“He says that to.” Superman says. “So, are you guy’s partners?”


“It must be hard to work with someone with so many secrets.”

“We don’t keep secrets from each other, Clark.” You can feel his body tense and he takes a deep breath. That’s when you hear several other people enter the room.

“Woah, The Devil of Gotham is a girl?!” Hal Jordan said.

“Don’t sound surprised Lantern.” Bruce groaned out. “She could kick your ass if she wanted to. Why are you here?”

“A mutual acquaintance informed me of your injury. So I came up here to make sure you were okay. They are very worried about you.”

“I’ll be back in Gotham by tonight. I’ll see our mutual acquaintance then.” Bruce says in his gravelly Batman voice. You nod and start to leave.

“I thought you said The Devil of Gotham doesn’t exist.” You heard Flash ask.

“She prefers Daredevil.” Bruce says. You reach the zeta tube and activate it.

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1k follower GIVE AWAY!!!

I said I’d do a give away once I hit one thousand followers - and I did a while back, so THANK YOU! This is your chance to win some Blue exorcist stuff, as well as some random kawaii stuff too! 

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Ao no exorcist mini art book! (Disclaimer: It’s all written in Japanese, but its still totally cool - I actually bought one for myself too)

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Theres also a page of stickers! Featuring all of the exwires (apart from Nemu RIP - but like…um who cares about Nemu anyway), it also has a Mephisto sticker for your demonic daddy needs, and of course everyones favourite demonic cat, Kuro!

Just a few glimpses of the pages:

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A closer look at the mini figures ^^^

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Safe with You//Jordan Parrish

Originally posted by xecron

@thesaraaaaahpfan: Hi I have a request💕(hope yoy request are still open) Can you do a Jordan Parrish imagine where he has a nightmare (like every other night) but the reader is there for some reason, you choose one, and she comforts him and after that or the next morning they kiss cause they like each other Tag me when you’ll do it so I can like it and tell you how much I loved it right away 😉💕 (Last thing, please do it cute but not too fluffy, I’m not really into fluff, I find it too unrealistic)

cute but not too cute, you got it babe! (well, i’ll try)


It was a late night at the station, and my eyelids were becoming heavy. Being a part of the sheriff’s department in Beacon Hills was rewarding work, but came with its share of paperwork. The stack on my desk had been finished hours ago, but the stack of papers for my partner had taken longer than expected. I knew Jordan’s secret, and with all that’s been going on in Beacon Hills, he needed a break. After twenty minutes of arguing with him, and reassuring him that paperwork was no big deal, he finally went home, hopefully to catch up on the sleep I could tell he’d been missing.

After filling out the last line and stapling the pages together, I rose from my desk and grabbed my keys. While sliding one of my arms through the sleeve of my coat, Sheriff Stilinski walks out of his office, ready to leave for the night as well, and says a quick goodbye while passing by. Just after passing Jordan’s desk, he turns around and picks up the cell phone that was almost hiding underneath the keyboard. “This belong to Parrish?” he asked, holding it up for me to see.

“Yes sir, I believe it does. I’ll drop it off at his place on my way home” I replied, zipping up the jacket I had put on. I grab my bag as he gives me a small nod, handing me the phone before joining me as I walk to the parking lot. A cold winter’s breeze blew, and the few leaves that remained in the trees shook. I said a brief goodbye to the sheriff before getting in my car, making sure to turn the heat up as hot as it would go.

The drive to Jordan’s house was quick, thoughts of him rushing through my mind. We’ve been partners for so long, I can’t even remember when my feelings for him started to change. Ever since we’d been paired together at orientation at the police academy, we’ve been inseparable. We do everything together, he’s my best friend, but over time my feelings began to change. The sparkle in his eyes made my smile grow, when he looked at me there were butterflies in my stomach, and just the thought of him could alter my mood. The more I thought of him, the more miserable I became. I could never have him. He was my partner. We were suppose to have each others backs, and keep each other safe, not fall so unwillingly in love that any sight of him turned a police officer, with a duty to protect, into a lovesick puppy.

I settled my mind before parking outside of his building, and taking a deep breath before getting out of the car. I walked up the steps, his phone in hand and reached his door fairly quickly. I’ve been to Jordan’s apartment before but this time felt different.. Maybe because it was so late. I reached my hand out of my pocket and up towards the door when I heard a strange noise coming from inside. The groans of distress coming from the apartment startle me as I reach for the key Jordan had given me. As I push the key into the lock, a disconcerting yell comes from behind the door, causing my heart to drop. I unlock the door quickly before unholstering my gun. I quietly enter the doorway, silently shutting the door behind me before starting to sweep the apartment. I’d cleared every room except the back bedroom. I held the doorknob and gently pushed the door open.

What I saw was no intruder, but a very sleepy Jordan Parrish. He laid tangled in sheets, tossing and turning in his bed. I returned my gun to it’s holster and let out a deep sigh. The expression on his face was one of discomfort, his brows furrowed and his forehead sweating. He mumbled in his sleep, somethings I couldn’t make out, but then one word I could: my name. After that, he began to struggle more and more, his breathing sped and body moving erratically. I made my way to his bedside and laid my hand on his arm. “Jordan” I said, trying to wake him.

“Jordan” I began again, shaking his arm a bit, trying to pull him from whatever trick his mind had been playing on him.  After a few more unsuccessful attempts at waking him, I begin to panic. Without thinking, my legs are up and running to the kitchen. I grab the closest thing I could find and began filling in up with cold water under the sink. I bring the now filled bucket back to Jordan’s bedroom and nervously dump the entire thing on his head (and maybe the bucket too). After realizing what I’d done, my heart rate sped and my eyes went wide as Jordan finally awoke from his dream, very confused, and very wet. His head snaps in my direction, his eyes filled with fire, but return to normal once they meet mine. “Y/N?” he asked, confusion covering his face, “what are you doing here?”.

“You left your phone at the station and when I came to return it, I heard a yell from inside, I thought you were in trouble” I replied, gaze dropping to the floor.

“Then why exactly am I wet?”. Shit.

“You were having a nightmare, and wouldn’t exactly wake up any other way” I explained, voice low, and still avoiding eye contact. He looked at me and just nodded before standing. I helped him remove the now soaked linens from his bed and carried the empty bucket back into the kitchen. I hopped up to sit on the counter and waiting for him to come back from getting a spare set of sheets. Jordan entered the room, laying the new blanket he had on the counter opposite of me and stood quietly. After a few minutes of silence I decided to break the silence.

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked him softly. A few moments pass before he looked into my eyes, his kelly green eyes filled with sorrow. “They were about you” he confessed, “in every one I’ve had, it’s always been you”. I stayed silent, letting him speak freely, not wanting to push my bounds.

He looked at me once more, this time with disappointment. “I couldn’t save you Y/N” he said, voice so low it was almost a whisper. He turned away from me and placed both his hands on the counter in front of him, letting his head fall in between his shoulders. The sight of him so disappointed in himself made my heart drop through my chest. I leapt off the counter and went to him, placing my hand on his shoulder, causing him to look up at me.

“You don’t have to save me” I whispered to him, my gaze shifting from my eyes to his lips, and back up again. I brought my other hand to his cheek before speaking again, “because I’m safe, right here with you”. He slowly brought his face closer and closer to mine until my lips met his. Jordan’s strong arms wrapping around my waist, deepening our already passionate kiss. When our lips separated, the look on his face was one of wonder. The small smile on his lips growing with every passing second, before laughing. I gave him a questioning look and he explained himself: “I’ve never been so happy to have someone splash me with water”. He gave a laugh before he continued “if you could even call that a splash, I got soaked!”.

“That was your own fault! Who even keeps a bucket in their kitchen?”.

Writer’s Note: Thank you so much for the request! I hope you love it! As always, a big thank you to @redstringlovers for being my beta reader, motivation coach, and title consultant lol :)

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anonymous asked:

Halbarry icon anon here, can they be from the Flash annual #2?

sure and there you go! icons under the cut!! (let me know if you want a different background color). tagging @olliedinahs who also requested them 💜

like/reblog if you’re saving, credit if you’re using

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where is my batlantern established relationship fic where jason ask them both how does it feel to be the modern live version of pride and prejudice? and everyone just loses their minds

Magic Coffee (Laurens x Alainna)

Summary: @fandom-nerdness7 meets John at a coffee shop



Alainna walks into the coffee shop as it opens and slaps the money on the counter. “The blackest of black coffees.”

The man behind the counter chuckles and takes the money. “What are you trying to study for?”

“Why did I become a psychology major?”

He laughs even more and hands her the fresh coffee. “Good luck!”

She smiles slightly as she walks out, drinking the bitter coffee. She finishes it all before she gets back to her dorm and gets back to studying.

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brianadoesart  asked:

Well considering I finally found you on tumblr because I recognized mccree being pulled over- imma say mccree is your trademark, jordan. Or maybe just the styling of mccree's face? Mostly the nose I think. Very distinct nose style. And the gums wif the teeth.

omfg i forgot you found me bc of mccree’s i ♥ jesus hat! incredible. but oooo!!! nice!! m boy!

I remember once being happy,
being cheerful and carefree,
an idealistic boy with lots of hope.

I remember once being resilient and determined,
believing that I had it all as long as I was with my friends,
even in the face of unspeakable danger.

I remember once being in love,
seeing a girl that made my heart patter and my stomach tumble,
stolen kisses in the night.

“Have you no hope?” everyone now asks me,
frowning as I drown myself with a bottle of scotch,
rolling their eyes as I become more and more reckless.

“My love is dead,” I tell them,
“Most of my friends are, too,
and my hope has died with them.”


“My Hope Has Died With Them” by @as-inevitable-as-morning

Was feeling particularly emotional about Jasper Jordan after last episode, so I decided to make a poem about him. Also, I wanted to tag a few people. I hope you don’t mind!

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nownlaters  asked:

Suggestions on how to put together a Dwayne Wayne Halloween costume?

Oooooooooooh, I love this. Let’s go from head, to toe.
(A lot of the below can be thrifted, but I’ll provide links to specific products)

Step one: STOP CUTTING YOUR HAIR. STOP. The top at least. Continue cutting the sides, but a high top is essential. You have enough time to grow enough hair to pick out if you stop cutting now.

Step two: GLASSES.
5) Google

1) Puffy jacket print jacket or sports, or HBCU (Hillman!) jacket with a short sleeve printed/ sports/ HBCU shirt
2) Classic printed 90's long or short sleeve button up
3) Printed/ sports/ HBCU sweatshirt
4) He was about that cardigan life a few times, too!product/prd1/3455678275/honors-society-cardigan-black–large-extra-large

Step four: BELTS.
Dwayne mostly wore black belts with silver buckles or a brown belt with gold.
He only got creative with belts a few times, but rarely.

Step five: PANTS
Jeans, khakis, slacks, hammer pants- Dwayne wore it all.
Whatever one you choose, make sure it doesn’t downplay his upper half. That’s where he put most of his effort.

If not, Timberland boots are cool.
If not, some sort of dress shoe.
I've peeped penny loafers on him a few times.

You could always replicate his suit from the night before the wedding (lol I’m being petty, don’t do that…unless you want to. If you do, take pictures like this and tag me in them)

No matter how you do this: I WANT PICTURES!!!!
Definitely tag me if this is your costume choice!
Thanks for asking, this was fun!


tagged by @499k , thank you so so much for tagging me :))) 🐝🌿✨

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• what you know - two door cinema club

• matilda - alt j

• cigarette daydreams - cage the elephant

• saved - khalid

• the other side - conan gray

• rainy streets - blue in green

• jocelyn flores - xxxtentacion

• is it too much to ask for (feat. shiloh) - Jordan Maxwell

• affection - jinsang

• pretty girl - clairo

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Dog on the loose

This is for @onyour-left1918

Originally posted by steven-rogers

“Jordan!” I yelled as I grabbed my phone chasing after my German Shephard. It was supposed to be a relaxing morning jog after a hard week a work. And the last thing I needed was my dog on the loose. I stared at the leash in my hand wondering how the hell I allowed that dog to convince me to leave without his leash. I clutched the tag that read “Jordan” and ran after that dog, thankful I had been bothered to put on a decent pair of sport shoes.

I spotted the golden fur of him and ran after it, knowing if I left it alone for more than an ten minutes, he’s bound to get in trouble. He knocked a rubbish bin down just last week, chased my neighbour’s poor cat up the tree yesterday, and hopefully today it hasn’t got any new tricks up his sleeves. Right he didn’t have sleeves. Paws then.

Jordan ran across the park, it’s brown eyes wide open looking for someone to play with. It’s not his owner that didn’t love him, she did, it’s just that he was bored and needed a play mate. Owner wasn’t getting a new dog anytime soon. Last week, he had found an old ball in the bin and in an attempt to get it out, he had knocked the entire bin down and this scary old man had yelled at him. Yesterday he had a new friend or so he thought. A fat fluffy cat he always saw across the window. He had barked at her thinking she would understand him and in the end she ran up the tree. Once again he was left alone. He looked around and spotted a man. He had blonde hair. Just like him! He barked, happy that he had found a friend that looked like him!

He ran across stopping the man in his tracks. He had a kind face, and a grin was etched on his suave features. He dropped a stick at his foot, wagging it’s tail as it barked, it’s paws on standby. “Hey buddy” he had opened his mouth. Did he want to play too? Jordan watched in excitement as the man picked up the stick, throwing it across, he barked happily and ran for it.

“Jordan! There you are!” I yelled as I watched him pick up a stick running back towards a tall man. I went forward. “I’m so sorry, did he disturb your run?” I asked as I rubbed Jordan’s head, watching as he wagged it’s tail at him. “Not at all ma'am, your dog hasn’t been a disturbance” he said a smile on his face. “I’m so sorry. I’m (y/n) (l/n)” I said with a grin as I extended a hand. “Steve Rogers, pleased to meet you ma'am” he said. Something rang in my head. His name sounded so familiar. I remembered the news I had heard recently. “You’re Captain America” I said smiling.

“Yes ma'am” he replied with a bashful grin. “Thank you for helping me with my dog Cap, and none of the ma'am business I’m hardly pass my thirties Steve” I said chuckling as his face flushed red. “You’re welcome (y/n)” he replied. I turned, putting the tag around Jordan’s neck, before hooking the leash on to it. “I’ll see you around Captain”

“Wait, I was hoping you’d join me for lunch later?” He said a hopeful smile etched on his face. Jordan barked as he pulled me towards Steve, as if asking me to agree.

“I don’t see why not” I replied.

“We’ll meet here at one?” He asked

“Sure, I’ll give you my number” I replied reaching for my phone.

“It’s a date then?” He asked grinning.

“It’s a date”

We’re done! This was so cute, I kept thinking of the Winter Soldier park scene. ;)

hey guys! Jordan (CaptainSparklez) ’s birthday is coming soon. 10 feb! And i am planning to make a video containing EVERYONE’S well wishes. people who loves him, idolizes him, or literally anyone who wants to wish him a happy birthday with words you would really like to tell him.

however, if we really made this video possible, it would not be private, thus if you would like to say anything TOO personal, just remember that it may be seen by many people.

if you would like to be part of this video, you can send me a direct message in tumblr or twitter (@sheldonatory) of your well wishes. NOTE: your birthday wishes should be in text form. Which means you do not have to take a video of yourself saying things.) there are no limits on how long or how short your wishes are going to be but maybe please not a few pages long. :-) Do state your name, username, and the country you live in too!

i will only start making this video on 31 JAN ONLY IF I REACH 200 WELL WISHES from you guys.

if we really do reach 200 people, on 10 FEB, i will post a link on twitter for jordan to see and i need all of your help to retweet and everything you can to make him notice the video.

if we don’t reach 200 people by 31 jan, this post will be deleted.

to keep you all updated, i will tag all my updates under #maronmission25 ! feel free to message/ask me anything!

so please, help make this possible?

I was tagged by Julia @anastasiaaromanov to say 10 songs that I’m into right now. Thanks honey!

1. I Hate Men - Kiss Me Kate (it’s just such a mood tbh)

2.  Screw Loose - Cry Baby (i keep singing this song all the time??)

3. What’s The Use Of Wond’rin - Carousel (i’m so excited for the 2018 revival)

4. You’re A Queer One, Julie Jordan - Carousel 

5. Motherhood - Hello Dolly (it’s so catchy what can a girl do)

6. Changing My Major - Fun Home (i also keep singing this, shout out to jeanine tesori for writing it so comfortably within my range) 

7. Never Ever Getting Rid Of Me  - Sara Bareilles (hayley’s fault bc she introduced the idea of a girl ogie) 

8. Somewhere In The Middle Of Nowhere - Come From Away 

9. Requiem - Dear Evan Hansen (this is just really nice to sing??)

10. I Didn’t Plan It - Sara Bareilles (i’ve been listening to the concept album a lot lately) 

I tag @jell-o-shot, @maurellis, @amypoehleralldayeveryday, @cantnotknope, @no-money-moproblems, @poehlerised, @upperdarbysfinest, @jessiemueller, @andyourhostkristenwiig, @back-home-ballers, @putawaythefairytales, @kelllioharaa, and anyone else who wanna do it!

tagged by @obliviateme09 Omg thank you for the tag 😊

rules: answer the questions and tag followers you’d like to get to know better

name: Jordan
nickname: Jordy, Jay Jay, or Farmer Ted lol
zodiac sign: Pisces
hogwarts house: Hufflepuff and proud
height: 5'8 ½

sexual orientation: bisexual 
ethnicity: african-american
favorite fruit: tangerines
favorite season: Fall🍁
favorite book series: Right now, definitely Harry Potter
favorite fictional character: Oh I don’t know haha… Cory Matthews, Shawn Hunter, Jim Halpert, Chandler Bing or Barney Stinson (I can see a bit of myself in all of them, I can’t choose one)
favorite flower: sunflowers of course 
favorite scent: vanilla
favorite color: yellow if that wasn’t obvious by my blog lol
favorite animal: kangaroos man. Got a plush one named Wallaby
favorite band: Probably Bright Eyes tbh (First Day of My Life is the best)
coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea with honey or hot chocolate  
number of blankets: 2
dream trip: Galway, Ireland definitely 
last thing i googled is: the definition of “inherently” (for political science)
how many blogs i follow: 154 and counting
number of followers: 29 (mostly porn bots I’m not gonna lie)
what i usually post about: random interests, poetry, quotes, tv shows, movies, books, etc… I love a lot 
do i get asks regularly: none at all lo

Your turn!





I Got Tagged (sorry its not gay)

I got tagged by @multifandomimaginings and I’ve got the day off, so I’m gonna do this. Hope this doesn’t dry up your dash, and thank you to @multifandomimaginings for tagging me!

Name: Jordan

Nickname: The Human Dictionary and History Dad (its not a sex thing, I swear)

Gender: Sexy, haha, no. I’m female (although I do have a weirdly deep voice)

Star Sign: Aries (the ram motherfuckers)

Height: 5′8 and still growing, which sucks because I’m too damn old for this (not really)

Sexuality: I’m pan-romantic and pan-sexual

Hogwarts House: I’m a Ravenclaw

Current Time: 11:45 am

Average Hours of Sleep: 3 to 4 (yikes)

Cats or Dogs: Birds. Although dogs and cats are cool too.

Fact: You can pick any moment in history and, nine-point-nine times out of ten, I’ll be able to tell you exactly what happened.

Number of Blankets: I prefer sheets. I know I’m weird.

Dream Trip: I’m mostly Danish, and I’ve never been to Denmark :(. So Denmark is my dream trip! (also literally any place with cool history)

Dream Job: I want to be a history professor, a quantum physicist, or a lawyer. Hopefully I’ll write stuff on the side.

When I Made This Blog: A really fucking long time ago, but it’s only recently been something I put myself into rather than just a place to put stuff I like. (It’s only been an It blog for a few weeks, maybe a month)

Followers: As of this very second it’s 196, and, wow, thank you all so, so much. I cannot express how awesome you all are!

Why Did I Make My Blog: I was forced to by my artist friend who draws on here. Now, I fucking love being able to get my writing out into the world, so thank you all again!

Reason For URL: I’m solely an It blog now, so I figured out I could change my URL (from the cringy ass name it once was) to something more “It” related. “its-complicated-isnt-it” is both a play on words and an a allusion to “It” (I’m not very creative name-wise)

You, of course, don’t have to do this, but I’m tagging @forstenbrough @areya-reddie-togetspooky  and @lame-yellow 


I was tagged by @impossiblyfuturisticfangirl Thank you for tagging me❤️

Rules: tag 20 followers you want to get to know better

Name: Jordan
Nickname: Jo or Jo-Jo
Gender: female
Star sign: Pisces
Height: 5'8"
Sexuality: lesbian
Hogwarts house: Gryfinndor
Favorite animal: cats
Average hours of sleep: 5-7
Dogs or cats: cats, I don’t really like dogs
Blankets you sleep with: 1, Florida is way too hot for more than one
Dream trip: New York City
Dream job: paralegal
When I made my blog: 2012 I think, but I start using it more regularly in 2014
Followers: 2,083
Why I made my Tumblr: one of my friends had it and it seemed really cool so I made one
Reason for my URL: it’s a line from the movie “love actually” I picked it because I thought it sounded nice. I wish I had Taylor Swift URL but I really don’t want to change it.

I’m tagging: @swift-cat-1989-gmeow @and-never-let-go @tearingdownstopsigns @plaidshirtdayssandnightss @tolstoyevsky @just-another-taylor-fan @all2whale @dont-like-your-kingdom-keys @jordan-the-swiftie @rainstorms-and-houses-of-cards @le-gay-one @speakmeow @she-so-swift @pleasereturnbeckysscarfjake @screamingcolor158 @becky-loves-cats @we-found-wonderlanddd @alitoowell @ifreakinlovetaylorswift @omgitsthatblondegirl