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I was hesitant to do this post because I am a Black Panther fan but I haven’t read every single issue of the comics and I feel like I have a great grasp on Killmonger as I do on the others. If anyone wants to write a better post, I will happily rebog!

Erik Killmonger is the primary antagonist of the film Black Panther. We know this from news reports and from the casting of Coogler fave, Michel B. Jordan , in the role. (I know we love MBJ as Creed and Johnny Storm but we will need to get over that since Killmonger will undoubtedly attempt to take the throne from T’Challa!)

In the comics, “Erik Killmonger” was born N’Jadaka. His father worked for Klaw (now spelled “Klaue” and played by Andy Serkis) so the family was exiled from Wakanda. He was raised in America and comes up with various plans to overthrow the Black Panther regime and take control over the country himself.

Killmonger often represents a strict traditionalist view among Wakandans. Black Panther must strike a balance between the isolationism that has kept his nation safe in the past, and the acceptance that he must also work with other nations and individuals to fight global threats (your alien invasions, humanity-hating robots and such). Typically, Killmonger wants the country to be totally isolated, go back to the old ways,to throw all non-Wakandans out. This comes from his early association with Klaw/Klaue whose main objective is to steal the vibranium from Wakanda, and pretty much rape the land and get people’s families exiled from paradise.

Wikipedia describes him as a “physical and mental match” for T’Challa. I don’t usually like Wikipedia but that is the only way to make Killmonger work on screen. He needs to have a certain charisma and kingly aspect that would make people throw in with him over the Black Panther.

… which obviously I don’t totally “get” in the comics but I can kind of see with Michael B. Jordan in the role!