jordan tho


A gender-swapped version of “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago with Leslie Odom Jr, Ben Platt, Jeremy Jordan, Joshua Henry, Christopher Fitzgerald, and Walter Bobbie.

I commissioned the ridiculously talented @xla-hainex for a portrait of my Ryder twins, Jordan and Kennedy! And it is absolutely beautiful! She’s captured both of their personalities so well! Thanks so much again! And if you guys ever get a chance to commission her, please do. The talent is unreal!


This was one of my fav’s other than this is my house, i love me a fish mhm.

I also wanna say ur videos are really amazing, there so well put together and creative ^-^ cant wait for more~ ur also a really cool dude love the paintings you post 

I wanna make more eventually but i gotta get painting down digitally tho, this was nice practice