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What Is The Shape Of Your Monster? – Get Out and Thought-out Horror

Get out.

No, I’m dead serious. If you haven’t already seen Jordan Peele’s Get Out yet, I need you to do me a massive favor. I need you to bookmark this page, close this page, and absolutely do not read this page— or any other essay or article on Get Out— until you’ve finished watching it.

I’m not just saying this because this essay will contain major spoilers for a movie that is best enjoyed going in knowing as little as possible— I mean, yes, it will— but most of all I just want as many people to see this movie as possible. It is by far the most socially relevant American movie to come out this year, at time of writing, if not one of the most socially relevant pieces of American art of the past decade.

It’s also just a very good movie.


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Jake is hands-down my favourite Little Mix boyfriend/fiancé that any of the girls have ever had. Not only is he an absolute gentleman to Jesy, he gets along with the girls and is super supportive of them. Kudos to you, Mr Jake Roche

Okay but Diana being old enough that she’s talked with several of the ancient gods and alot of them like her. she’s charming, man. she’s all legendary and shit and the really impressive thing is Hera doesn’t hate her, which, at the end of the day, is all that really matters. 

Anyway, gods like heroes. It’s like mortal football for them. So they keep an eye on the JLA and pick favorites or complain of heroes they don’t like or whatever and sometimes they will literally zap themselves down from on high to tell Diana their OPINIONS. (ancient gods are actually really immature and spoiled like that)

So its like you’d expect, Hermes actually is pretty fond of Flash, Ares has a thing for Hal Jordan, Hera weirdly is rooting for Captain Marvel but Marvel is ridiculously popular with most of the pantheon, Hades and Persephone always put up for Batman which seems stereotypical and until you realize Hades is actually really nice and his wife is the one who will punch you. You’d think that Apollo would be bragging about Superman, the solar-powered badass, but… like…

No. Apollo hates Superman. Diana isn’t 100% sure why because he won’t articulate himself, but Superman has definitely punched out a physical manifestation of Apollo at least twice for interfering with stuff. They have to get Supes charmed with the equivilent of a magical anti-god restraining order so Apollo stops BOTHERING him. 

There’s no point to this. I just think that’s how it should be.