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Red Velvet Cupcakes

So. I was right, we have seen red velvet cupcakes a few times. Yes yes, they are just food…but the apples thing has been proven as important before, so why wouldn’t this too? I can think of three other times they’ve been used/mentioned. It’s just kind of interesting to repeatedly draw attention to the TYPE of cake, don’t you think?

1. Hanna is forced to eat an order of Red Velvet cupcakes at Leon’s by A. The order was under Hefty Hanna. I should point out that I always found it hard to believe Mona did this to Hanna. I know she was A at that point, but it’s questionable that she was the only A at the time. This was cruel, very cruel, much crueler than hitting her with a car. Then again, it could have been Mona’s reminder to Hanna of what life was like without her….hm. Either way, these were red velvet cupcakes.

2. Holden offers a Red Velvet cupcake to Emily at the “party” at the church. In this scene, Emily (and us) see a temporary tattoo on his wrist which connects him to not only Maya but Noel too (the tattoo was what got people into the mysterious parties the Kahn’s used to throw). This season we know that Holden is returning, Noel has returned, the parties were mentioned, and so was Maya. Hm..

3. Jordan surprises Hanna in the hotel, and with room service. Under one of the domes is a Red Velvet cupcake. Seems a little unconnected and odd to point it out, but considering the Hanna/Noel story right now…maybe it is worth keeping in mind. 

4. Noel requests a Red Velvet cake from The Brew for some party/celebration. It’s unclear if Sabrina fills the order or not, but it certainly resulted in Emily receiving Red Velvet cupcakes.

This is probably all nothing, but it certainly is strange nonetheless….Also interesting that it’s connected to Noel or Hanna each time…