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*Note: All Smut is in bold text and non-requested imagines/one-shots are in italics*

Rami Malek/Josh Washington/Ahkmenrah/Finn/Snafu/Elliot Alderson:

Just a Cup of Coffee- You bump into Josh at school. (Part One)

Savior - Josh offers a solace to the end of an embarrassing job. (Part Two)

If This Were- Hypothetical first date with Josh is unconventional. (Part Three)

Strange Like Me- Cuddles and comfort. (Part Four)

Feels Like- Josh invites you to dinner with his family. (Part Five)

Study Me - Studying is hard to do, hard-ons require study. (Part Six)

Sweat It Out- Spending the summer with Josh and his family. (Part Seven)

Just a Minute - Embarassment, hot water and a power outage. (Part Two of Part Seven)

Take Another Lap - After days of anticipation, you finally get alone time with Josh. (Part Three of Part Seven) 

Welcome to the Cabin- First night in the cabin with Josh and his friends. (Part Eight)

Sweet Sour - Josh asks to spend time with you, and everything changes. (Part Nine)

Welcome Home- Benjamin takes a strong liking to you on your trip to Egypt. (Part One) 

Leave Me Alone- Benjamin convinces you that he is your mate. (Part Two)

Obedient- Getting in trouble with Rami leads to heavy consequences. 

Just Be There- Your parents don’t approve of Josh. 

Damage- Your boyfriend, Josh, plays seven minutes in heaven. (Part One)

Recover- You leave the cabin, and Josh, behind. (Part Two) 

Repair- Josh tries to make things right again. (Part Three)

Suffer- Josh tries to make things right again but you won’t listen. (Alternate Ending)

Fearsome- Josh’s prank goes too far.(Part One)

Intimidation- Your fear of Josh leaves you petrified. (Part Two)

Protection- Josh takes it into his own hands when Mike hits on you. 

Backfire- Josh breaks up with you, then realizes he’s made a mistake. 

Comfort- Your insecurities hinder you, Josh helps you. 

Discomposure- Josh comes in on you learning to dance. (Part One)

Private Dance- You show your new moves to Josh. (Part Two)

Give it to Me- You and Josh play Mario Kart, both of you win.

Caretaker- Josh takes care of you when you’re sick. 

Revelation- The group plays Truth or Dare, Josh tells the truth. 

Sweet-Tempered- You and Josh make love for the first time.

Reassured- You reveal to Josh that you might be pregnant. 

Abetting- You help Josh with his storyboard. 

Run Off- You and Josh elope to Vegas. (Part One)

Affections- You and Josh come home to your parents’ discouragement. (Part Two)

Teacher’s Pet- You’re dating your professor, Rami. (Part One)

Extra Lessons- Rami gives you extra credit. (Part Two)

Strange Love- Based off of Strange Love by Halsey; You and Josh are a “private”, wild couple.

Boss- Josh gets frustrated with his video game, you’re frustrated with Josh. 

Envious- You start dancing with Mike, Josh gets a little jealous. 

Hacked- You and Elliot break up and you fear that he’s going to hack you. (Part One)

Download- You and Elliot learn to trust each other. (Part Two)

Double Dip- You and Rami go skinny dipping. 

Predators - Male reader saves Josh from the mines. 

Pacify Her- Based off of Pacify Her by Melanie Martinez; Josh can’t tell his girlfriend (Sam) ‘I love you’.

Together Downhearted- Both you and Josh are in a depressed rut to solve together. 

Allure- Based off of my old header GIF with Elliot in bed, Benjamin finds your fascination with sleep alluring. 

Treasure- Ahkemenrah meets you on the night he comes alive. (Part One)

Cherished- Ahkmenrah would like you to stay. (Part Two)

Timorous- The “prankster” isn’t Josh and you’re used in the game. (Part One) 

Catatonic- Josh doesn’t leave your side after torture, the maniacs are revealed. (Part Two)

Recuperate- You wake up in the hospital, Chris is in bad shape. (Part Three)

Dejected- Elliot girlfriend (you) has a severe mood disorder. (Part One)

Turmoil- Elliot tries to help you with your disorder. (Part Two)

Revival- You try to make Elliot leave but realize he cares for you. (Part Three)

Attacked- Josh and Chris pull a panic-attack inducing prank on you. 

Screwed- You and Rami are friends-with-benefits, you have quite the secret.

Fun-Size- Josh makes fun of you for being short. 

Please Daddy- Rami tries to make an obedient kitten out of you. 

Wanna Bet- Josh is bet by the boys to ask you out. 

Missing You- You and Josh were childhood friends, Josh has a crush on you. (Part One)

Pulling You In- You and Josh get closer, but with complications (Part Two)

Finally- Josh confesses his feelings for you (Part Three)

Numb- Josh is afraid you will leave due to his medication. 

No Happy Endings- Josh cheats on you and it gets worse. (Part One) 

No Second Chances- Josh and the group find out what happened to you. (Part Two)

Songbird- Ahkmenrah takes a strong liking to Larry Daley’s famous singer daughter (you). 

NSFW- Josh stumbles across best friend’s (your) inappropriate blog. 

Illusions- Elliot believes that you are real, but you’re just a delusion. 

Dinner Date- You and Rami go to dinner.

Cryptic Heart- Ahkmenrah becomes fascinated with you, the servant. 

Back to Me- Josh saves you from Wendigo Hannah.

Uncovered- Reader is an archaeologist studying Prince Ahkmenrah.

Holding Back- You and Rami are out with friends, he gets protective. 

Enabled- You have a disability, Rami cares. 

Powerful- Based off of Powerful by Major Lazer feat. Ellie Goulding; You and Josh share a powerful connection.

Strangers in Crime- You and Elliot are complete opposites, stranded and in trouble. (Part One)

My Best Adversary- You and Elliot get closer (Part Two)

Human- You and Ahkmenrah get cuddly on the couch (Part One)

Live- You and Ahkmenrah have a movie marathon (Part Two)

Devour- (Wendigo) Josh ravages you.

When You Sleep- Based off of I Like it When you Sleep by Matt Healy; Elliot admires you sleeping.

Brother Keeper- You’re kidnapped by Kahmunrah, Ahkmenrah’s brother, beaten, questioned and held for ransom. (Part One)

Light Sleeper- Ahkmenrah gets protective of you, no matter what. (Part Two)

Halloween- You, Josh and his friends go to a Halloween party.

Permission- Daddy Rami punishes you for cumming. 

Sins of Flesh- ExorJosh tries to keep you away. 

Decision- Josh has to choose between you and Chris. 

Astonished- Rami is impressed by your dancing. 

The Chase- You replace Sam during the chase scene, but with a twist. (Part One) 

The Lead- Josh comes back for you and you try to make things right. (Part Two)

Step Forward and Calm Down- 1. Josh proposes to you at graduation, 2. Josh panics in front of his public speaking class. 

Young God- Based off of Young God by Halsey; You and Rami own the night.

Plotless- You and Rami cuddle.

Colors- Based off of Colors by Halsey; Josh realizes how broken he is.

Stay- Ahkmenrah wants to cuddle though you have to leave. 

Samoan- Rami attends your Samoan dance practice.

Mechanics- You and Finn get into a bet. 

Something New- You meet Elliot and Flipper.

Soul- You and Ahkmenrah were soul mates.

Courtship- Ahkmenrah tries to court you who’s confused by his ways. 

Make Up - You and Elliot have a fight then make up. 

Distraction- Snafu rambles and you undress to stop his talking. 

Omelette du Fromage- Snafu talks dirty to you in French.

Costume- Josh finds a latex suit at the Halloween store.

Handsy- You are a nurse and Snafu enjoys your spunk. (Part One)

Forward- Snafu asks you out on a date. (Part Two)

Assistance- You offer to “help” Snafu.

Lover-  Male reader and Ahkmenrah were lovers in ancient Egypt.

Stand Up- You stand up against fiancé Josh’s father. 

Screwed Over- You and Elliot were Friends with Benefits, but then you found out you were pregnant. 

Little Prince- You are Ahkmenrah’s expecting princess. 

No Bounds- You and Snafu interact through dreams. (Part One)

Before I Wake- Snafu opens up to you (Part Two)

Moves- You show Ahkmenrah modern music. 

Midnight Cigarette- You and Elliot have a fight, then share a smoke. 

Fist Fight- Elliot gets into a bar fight, you tend to his wounds. 

Wildest Dreams- Based off of Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift; You and Rami have a picture perfect relationship. 

Terrible Things- Finn is concerned for you and the baby. 

Study Buddy- You have a crush on Elliot in college, he offers to help with a project. 

Bail Me Out- You go to Elliot’s in the middle of the night. 

All You Had to Do- Based off of All You Had To Do Was Stay by Taylor Swift; Josh comes after you broke up with him.

Best Friend’s (Half) Sister- You’re Chris’s half-sister and Josh develops a crush.

Sultry- You act risque on a night out with Snafu.

Home- Snafu returns home from war to you and a surprise

Costume- Josh finds a latex suit at the Halloween store

Thrift- Vinyl Rahim shops at the thrift store where you work.

In the Buff- Finn strips for his office and tells you how he feels. (Part One)

Catch Up- You finally catch up with naked Finn, then share an elevator ride with him. (Part Two)

Tech Support- Elliot helps you, his new neighbor, with your computer.

Kiss Me- You and Snafu have a fight, and he offers a kiss that doesn’t go well.

Breakdown- Elliot has a breakdown about his father and you offer him comfort.

Disunity- You find Elliot to be an illusion of your disheveled mind.

Car Talk- Finn walks up and talks to you at a party.

Fail- Rami scares you while you’re playing a video game.

Snake in Daffodils- Vera uses you to his advantage, to Elliot’s disadvantage, after a fight.

Sweater Weather- Based off of Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood; you and Josh enjoy staying inside.

If You Only Knew- Finn takes you on a date to bring back your confidence.

Ms Believer- Based off of Oh Ms Believer by Twenty One Pilots; Rami admires you on your winter vacation.

Sound and Color- Based off of Sound and Color by Alabama Shakes; all about Elliot.

Roadtrip- You and Rami share anecdotes on a road-trip.

Sacrifice- You are an artist and your art fills the apartment, Elliot gets agitated.

Off To War- You and Snafu attend a Farewell Ball before he’s shipped off to war.

Say Goodnight- Based off of Say Goodnight by The Click Five; Ahkmenrah chooses to stay with his family in London.

Stick Shift- Finn teaches you how to drive a manual five-speed.

Big Brother- Matt is your older brother who wants you to stay away from Josh.

Sister Keeper- Emily is your older sister who is on the fence with you dating Josh.

Good Enough- (PoC) You don’t think you’re worth dating Josh.

Tear You Apart- Based off of Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge; you see Josh a year after the cabin incident.

Girl Crush- Based off of Girl Crush by Little Big Town; You’re jealous of Sam, Josh’s girlfriend.

Keep Me Warm- Rami tries to keep you warm. 

Fault Of Our Own- You are attacked by a Wendigo, but Josh thinks that it was himself. 

Dirty Games- You hide from Josh during the chase, and the tables end up turned. (Part One)

Clean Ends- Josh tries to save you from your sick game. (Part Two)

Search and Rescue- You go after Hannah and Beth with the help of Sam. 

Tickle Monster- Rami teases you, then starts to tickle you. 

Persistent- you and Snafu occupy each other, then Snafu comes straightforward.

Man Out of You- You go off to war, disguised as a man, Snafu knows your secret. (Part One)

Fox and Hound- Snafu continues to cover for you. (Part Two)

Doting- Elliot tries to make a healthy breakfast for you and baby. 

Shot Me Down- Wendigo!Josh is shot by you, you offer to fix him up. 

Drunk on You- You and Josh share a moment while you’re both inebriated. 

Dawn at the Museum- Josh visits the museum and meets Prince Ahkmenrah. 

Tidal- You (as Bella’s younger sister) fall for Benjamin, Tia does not appreciate it. 

Don’t Move- You’re a famous Youtuber, doing a Let’s Play of Until Dawn (Rami).

Just One- Elliot visits an animal shelter where you volunteer. (Part One)

Going as Planned- Elliot proposes in the most inconvenient way. (Part Two)

Heavy- You suffer from a misfire of Josh’s prank.

Spells are Calling- You practice magic, but it backfires on Ahkmenrah.

Mine to Keep- The new psycho has taken you and Jess, Josh attempts to rescue you. (Part One)

Mine to Take- In tandem, you have to save Josh from the new psycho. (Part Two)

Tainted Love- Elliot gets you addicted to a lot of things, especially drugs.

If It Wasn’t For You- You and Josh have a cute snowball fight. 

Before He Cheats- Based off of Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood; Josh cheats on you with Jess, you get some serious revenge.

Taking Back the Crown- Based off of Emperor’s New Clothes by Panic!at the Disco; You, as Ahkmenrah’s lover and right hand, plan to get him back as king. 

Under the Mistletoe- You and Rami arrive at Chris’s Christmas Party. 

Stupid Cupids- (songs included in this imagine, here) The cupids of the Smithsonian Museum serenade you and Ahkmenrah, embarrassment ensues.

Partition- Based off of Partition by Beyonce; Snafu thoroughly enjoys you dancing to Beyonce’s single. 

Something More- Elliot enjoys you, this goofball-sh, outgoing girl he meets at a gas station. (Part One)

Same Time- You meet up with Elliot again, and you two just enjoy each other’s company. (Part Two)

Caught- After they mess with the spirit board, You follow Josh into his workshop.

Isn’t She Lucky?- You go to a premiere with Rami and Portia makes you feel quite insecure.

Rainy Day- You and Rami have rainy day fun, cuddling, slow-dancing and watching movies.

Help Me Help You- You (as the Stranger’s daughter, or the Stranger) help the group with wendigos since you are invincible to them.

Forever- Ahkmenrah perishes at the hands of a traitor of the throne, you choose that you cannot be without him. (Part One)

Eternal Love- You and Ahkmenrah cannot keep your hands off of each other. (Part Two)

Tough Love- This brand new psycho wants to teach you that they love you so much, they can hurt you; Josh comes to save you, then gets very angry.

Temporary Fix- You and Elliot have a tumultuous relationship revolving sex. 

Cuddly Companion- You still sleep with a stuffed animal, Josh offers to replace it. 

Socks- Rami wears quirky socks with crazy patterns. 

Rushed- Finn takes you in Tobey’s garage while his friends are away. 

Sami and Rami:

Twinning- Rami and Sami meet you, a very lucky fan.

Double Trouble- You’re dating Rami and Sami is your best friend.

Impromptu Guardian- Rami leaves Sami to stay with you, whom is very pregnant. (Part One)

Babysitting- Sami and Rami look after the baby, or try to. (Part Two)

Brother Will Play- Rami leaves for shooting, returns to you and Sami. 

Brett Dalton/Mike Munroe:

Trigger Happy- You are terrified of Mike after he shoots Emily.

Abundance- Polyamory featuring you, Matt and Mike.

His Homecoming Queen- Mike sees you on the dance team, during homecoming. (Part One)

Crowned- You and Mike continue where you started. (Part Two)

Resentment- Mike is jealous of you flirting with Josh.

Timidity- You and Mike make love for the first time. 

Jordan Fisher/Matt Fletcher:

Sweet Scent- You are invited to Matt’s house with friends.

True Love- Based off of True Love by Jordan Fisher; Jordan takes you on a date.

Over the Top- You and Matt are the obnoxious, goofing-off couple.

Protector- Matt stands up for you at school.

Noah Fleiss/Chris Coen:

Curse of Curves- Based off of Curse of Curves by CIWWAF; Chris has a crush on you and Ashley.

Bench Me- Noah loves working out with you.


So you hid under a corpse hoping to hide from La Bete and then get mad when the tactic you’re using works and also disguised you from werewolves? 

Sounds fake but ok.


- Throwback to when Until Dawn came out and it was one of the biggest games in 2015. -

  • Hannah (Han) and Beth Washington played by Ella Lentini
  • Joshua (Josh) Washington played by Rami Malek
  • Samantha (Sam) Giddings played by Hayden Panettiere
  • Matthew (Matt) Taylor played by Jordan Fisher
  • Emily (Em) Davis played by Nichole Bloom
  • Michael (Mike) Munroe played by Brett Dalton
  • Jessica (Jess) Riley played by Meaghan Martin
  • Christopher (Chris) Hartley played by Noah Fleiss
  • Ashley (Ash) Brown played by Galadriel Stineman