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Stood up~ Harry Styles imagine

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Summary: you’ve been stood up by your asshole of a boyfriend and a cute boy haired boy comes to rescue you from embarrassment 

You had been waiting for your boyfriend, Jake for what seemed to be hours now. You guys had dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant to celebrate your recent job promotion.

“Miss, are you ready to order now?” The waiter asked for the third time.

“No, I’m pretty sure my boyfriend will be here soon.” You answered, still hopeful that Jake would show up.

You gotten all dressed up for this event as well, a cute black dress with some subtle pumps. You thought tonight was going to be special, but clearly it wasn’t special to Jake.

Another thirty minutes passed. People were were starting to give you apologetic looks, like they knew you were stood up, which only made you feel worse.

Just as you were about to leave, a tall boy with brown hair came rushing to your table saying, “I’m so sorry I’m late, babe. Traffic is awful right now.”

You were confused confused to say the least.

The brown headed boy then sat down at the table and quietly said, “I’m Harry, just go with it yeah? Whoever stood you up is an ass.”

You giggled, “I’m Y/N.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you.” Harry said.

“Why are you doing this?” You asked.

Harry explained how he had been waiting for a table with his mother and sister when he saw you all alone. He said that he saw that you looked upset, “I didn’t want to see you leave here with a frown on your face, I know how getting stood up feels.”

“Thank you for doing this.” You said.

“No need to thank me, the pleasure is all mine.” Harry said.

You finally got a good look at this boy and he was attractive. ‘This might not be so bad after all.’ You thought to yourself.

The waiter came around again, “well, look who finally showed up.”

“All my fault,” said Harry, “the traffic was really bad and I left my house late.”

You giggled again, this boy is something else.

During the rest of the dinner you found that you and Harry had lots in common, you guys were both the same age, liked the same bands and music and had similar hobbies and interests.

When you found out that Harry was a musician you told him, “well now you have to play me one of your songs.”

To which he replied, “all in good time, love. All in good time.”

When the check came Harry insisted that he pay it even after fighting about it for ten minutes he didn’t budge, “no let me. It will be my treat.” He said.

Leaving the restaurant you noticed how good of a time you had time with Harry. Actually it was probably the best unplanned date you’ve had in a while. Harry was funny, sweet and he was the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

“I really had fun tonight, thank you so much.” You said to Harry, who was walking to you to your car.

“Me too, like I said whoever stood you up is an ass.” He said.

You stopped in front of your car, “you could say that again.”

Harry chucked and looked down, “I’d really like to do this with you again sometime, like on a real date.”

You smiled and said, “I’d like that too.”


here it is… the long awaited coyotes primer! anyways this took me a million years for some reason and it still looks like garbage but I love my boys so much.

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Future - H&M
Sean Combs - RICK OWENS
A$AP Rocky and Ashton Sanders - CALVIN KLEIN by Appointment
Wiz Khalifa - THOM BROWNE
Michael B. Jordan - RALPH LAUREN
Rami Malek - DIOR HOMME

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Why did Louis have a wife in the movie, instead of a brother?

I don’t know the real reason, I don’t know anyone who does. I don’t know if it was Anne Rice’s choice, or Neil Jordan’s. 

I think there were a lot of factors that went into that decision, and it stirs up alot of issues and questions, alot has been written about it and alot more can be written about it!

TL;DR: 1) I think it was done to cut time, Louis being distraught about losing a wife and child is immediately understandable to anyone who hasn’t read the books. It starts off the film with Louis questioning the reasons of a God that could punish him for seemingly no reason at all.* 

2) The other main issue is whether Louis is/was straight or if he actually was bisexual/homosexual/etc. as a mortal and Lestat entering the picture and pulling Louis into vampiring made it possible for Louis to let go of his preconceived ideas and social/religious/etc. repression and accept himself for what he really was. Neil Jordan probably wanted that left open-ended and unanswered. 

(*It could have set up the whole Louis-frustrated-about-how-religion-plays-into-vampiring, but that was cut from the film, too.)

1) One of the audiobook recordings for IWTV has a runtime of 14 hours and 28 minutes [X] and that’s ALOT OF STORY to condense down into a movie that can’t be that long. Scenes have to be cut. 

  • The movie we got is 2 hours long, and in 1994, I seem to remember movies being more in the 1.5 hour range. Titanic, clocking in at a little over 3 hours long, was kind of ridiculed by the critics for that lengthy runtime. These days, a 2-3 hour movie is not really as big a deal.
  • Building in the right amount of time/scenes to show the circumstances of Paul’s death and why Louis felt so responsible for it, that would have increased the runtime and delayed the amount of time we get to the actual vampiring. I can’t check the film right now but I think Lestat appears within the first 15 minutes of the movie, for good reason. To get the vampiring STARTED.

2) In 1994, same-sex marriage was legal in zero states. Now it is the law of the land. Movie!IWTV was already pushing the envelope to suggest that Louis/Lestat were in a romantic relationship together. So, if Louis starts his story as having been married to a woman, it would appear that he’s established as being straight. On the surface. 

  • HOWEVER! this is a Neil Jordan movie, and one of his previous movies, the Crying Game, Jordan had gender issues and sexual orientations as main concerns, so perhaps starting Louis off as SEEMING TO BE STRAIGHT and then having Lestat swoop in and now Louis is “with” Lestat somehow, experiences that moment of intense intimacy when he is given the Dark Gift… so Jordan seems to be asking the audience if Louis was actually bisexual or homosexual as a mortal and suppressed it? Since we never see Louis and Lestat actually make love on screen (aside from the Dark Gift happening), does it still count as a homosexual relationship?
  • ^I think Neil Jordan wanted these questions left open-ended, and for that to be part of the exquisite torture that is the Louis/Lestat ship. Is it platonic or romantic? Jordan isn’t telling, and neither is Louis. 

There is, as I said, a lot more to it than that, but these are the main issues that come to mind for me, and I’m also trying to be concise. Anyone can reblog/comment with more ideas.

i’m not even sorry for my one direction spam today because even though they aren’t together anymore they once meant everything to me. there were days where i couldn’t bring myself to go to school, to get out of bed, and their music and goofy videos motivated me. they helped me make friends with other people who loved them, because i was always too afraid to talk to others. they kept me smiling when i couldn’t do it for myself, they kept me wanting to see another day just hoping that one day i could see them, their concert was the happiest few hours of my life and there was nothing but positivity, i’ve made so many amazing friends from all over the world because of them. ive stayed up all hours of the night, clicked refresh over and over again on music videos, watched a livestream that lasted a day, dealt with loosing a member, and i’m still here even if they aren’t. they helped shape me into who i am, as ridiculous as it sounds. they’ve created my best memories. thanks for seven years boys. one band, one dream, one direction.