jordan jeffries

Debuting at TCAF 2017 - Matinee Junkie 4 by Jordan Jeffries

8.5" x 11", 52 pages

The fourth issue of Matinee Junkie collects every entry from Jordan Jeffries’s 2016 movie journal. Part autobiography, part pop culture review, Matinee Junkie documents a year of obsessive movie-watching and the way the entertainment people seek out is inextricably intertwined with their own real lives.

This is Jimmy Giegerich’s cover to Mutant #5. Available for free at Atomic Books on Free Comic Book Day.

Contributors: Pat Aulisio, Pat Barrett, Josh Bayer, Haleigh Buck, Josh Burggraf, Mark Burrier, Ben Claassen, Max Clotfelter, JT Dockery, Alex Fine, Kelly Froh, Monica Gallagher, Everett Gee, Jimmy Giegerich, Kate Haberer, Katrin Hagen, Jordan Jeffries, Dina Kelberman, Victor Kerlow, James Kochalka, Hawk Krall, Will Laren, Ed Luce, Dana Maier, Melody Often, Cody Pickrodt, David Plunkert, Ansis Purins, Noah Van Sciver, Sam Spina, Otto Splotch, Jamie Vayda, Shannon Wheeler, John Dermot Woods, and J.T. Yost.