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Northside Princess Part II

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Sweet Pea x Reader

Word Count: 2112

Warnings: extreme fluff

(Y/N) and Sweet Pea finally talk about their incident, will she forgive him or will he lose her forever 


It had been three days since the incident with Sweet Pea, for three straight days he had completely avoided me. When we passed in the hallway he pretended to be interested with something on his phone, when I talked towards the lunch table he would get up and walk out. If I even tried to talk to him he would just scoff and walk away. I started to feel a little bit deflated, when he held me in his strong arms I felt safe, protected and honestly I almost forgot about how much of an egotistical ass he was just for a second. But that was three days ago and now I don’t even want to see his stupid although incredibly charming face. I really didn’t understand him, how could somebody change their persona so fast in such a short amount of time. Everytime I close my eyes I can still feel his warm body against mine, no no no forget about it (Y/N), today is the day you are gonna stop caring about him. I didn’t want to forget about what had happened but I knew I had to, I couldn’t allow myself to lose sleep over some southside jerk that doesn’t give a damn about me. I snap out of my thoughts when Toni arrives to take me to school, just like the past two days she gives me a sad smile and asks how I’m doing, “I’m fine Toni, it was stupid he obviously just wanted to make himself look good” and nods at me unconvinced that I am ok. Which I have to keep telling myself that I am absolutely 100% ok. Once we arrive at Southside High I can already his tall dark frame standing with Jug and Fangs, they were laughing about something and he looked over at me only to sneer and roll his eyes. Toni goes to walk up to them but I make up some excuse that I have to get to class, she knew I was lying but she understood. As I made my way to my locker I heard his voice for the first time in 3 days. “We need to talk now” Sweet Pea spoke sternly and I shyly nod my head and go to walk into the empty classroom across the hall. “Not here, somewhere private”, I followed him quickly trying to keep up with his large footsteps. We finally get outside and he starts climbing on his bike, “Aren’t you coming? Don’t tell me you have never rode before princess” I cringed at his use of Princess as the last time he called me that was the first day we met. I panic, afraid to tell him no, but he knows and he looks down at me with a cheeky grin, “Oh this ought to be good, hop on I promise I’ll go slow. Don’t you trust me?” I thought for a second, do I trust him, not just with this but with anything? He has been nothing but a rollercoaster since the day we met. I force myself to get on his bike and I am immediately terrified. He tosses me a helmet and I give him a weary look as if to ask where his is. “Oh princess, as long as you’re safe I’ll be ok” Ok, what is wrong with this boy, he ignores me for 3 whole days and now he’s concerned about me and cares again. I sigh to myself and put the helmet on, I feel him grab my hands and wrap them around his waist “Hold on tight, don’t want you falling off” I rolled my eyes but as he started to accelerate I felt myself holding onto him for dear life. Thank gosh he can’t see my face right now because I couldn’t help the blush that rose to my cheeks at how close we were. Before I realize it the bike comes to stop and we are in front of a small white trailer, “you can uh let go now, unless you like being this close to me” I blush at his words when I realize I’m still clinging on to him like my life depends on it. I don’t know where the surge of confidence comes from but I bark out “Keep dreaming Sweets, that will ever only happen in that pretty little head of yours”. He laughed clearly taken back at my new found confidence and the fact that I had just given him a nickname for the first time, he rolls his eyes leading me into his trailer. “S-so you wanted to um talk, is everything ok” I ask as I sit down on the couch in the main room. He looks nervous as he takes a deep breath, “I wanted to talk about the past few days, I feel terrible”, I was shocked, the Sweet Pea felt like a shitty person because of the way he treated me. I wasn’t sure what to say, I was at a loss of words, “Oh yea, don’t worry about it you didn’t know, it-it’s ok Sweet Pea” I say barely audible and avert from his gaze. He goes on to tell me that it’s not ok, that he handled like a jerk and he should of been more welcoming to you. I go to say something but he interrupts me “Please, let me talk if I don’t say it now, I don’t think I ever will” I nod my head implying for him to keep speaking “These past few days, not talking to you, not seeing your smile, not hearing that voice.. I-it drove me crazy (Y/N), I don’t know why I even care so much because you are just some rich girl from the Northside and I shouldn’t care about you or your stupid northside feelings”, it all came out so fast I could barely manage to make out what he had just said to me. I mentally smiled knowing that it was just as bad for as it was me, for the first time I have seen Sweet Pea completely vulnerable. “And you don’t have to say anything back, I understand”, I quickly looked over at him and tried to speak through whatever air I had left in my lungs “Sweet Pea, it drove me crazy too, and I know we haven’t known each other that long but it felt like something very important was missing” I stopped to catch my breath, “I thought you hated me, that you wanted nothing to do with me, the thoughts inside my head began to crush me and everytime I looked at that handsome face of yours I almost lost i-” I was cut off by Sweet Pea pulling me into and I felt his warm lips press against mine lightly “I could never hate you (Y/N), even if you are just a northside princess” he smiled against my lips and in response I kiss him again. I don’t care if this isn’t how things are supposed to me, I don’t care that he is a serpent and I’m from the northside, all that matters in that moment is me and him, and how good of a kisser he is. He finally pulled away from the kiss and shot me the most beautiful smile I have ever seen in my life, I smiled back. My god this boy is gonna kill me slowly.

Sweet Pea’s POV

It has been three days, three days since I sat on the ground with (Y/N) in my arms, three days since I saw her beautiful smile or heard her voice. I am officially the biggest idiot on the planet, dodging her everyway that I can because the way she makes me feel scares me to death and I can’t tell anyone that. As I rode to school, I told myself that today is the day, today is the day that I am going to talk to her about what had happened. She needs to know that it drives me crazy not to interact with her at all. When I arrive at school I see fangs and jug standing by their bikes, I park mine and join their conversation. “Hey SP you alright, you look off today” I just nod my head at fangs while Jug laughs making some sarcastic remark that has us all into fits of laughter. That’s when I see her walking with Toni, we lock eyes and I instantly look away, I see her walk away from Toni and can’t help but smile at how cute she looks when she is flustered. I excuse myself from the group and go to find (Y/N). I walk up behind her at her locker and she gives me a small smile, “We need to talk now” I tried to keep my voice stern but seeing her give me a weary nod I begin to get nervous. She points to an empty classroom but I shake my head telling her we need to go somewhere private. We walk outside towards my bike and I can see her look at it with wide eyes, I get the feeling she has never been on one before. “Aren’t you coming? Don’t tell me you have never rode before princess” I shiver when princess leaves my lips, I haven’t called her that since the day we first me. I promise her that she will be safe when she shoots me worried look, I can’t help but get protective over her, to care for her well-being. As she gets on my bike I toss her a helmet and I smile at the concerned look she gives me, I shook my head at her and told her she was the one that needed to be safe. I cautiously grab her hands and wrap them around my waist and tell her to hold on, as we accelerate she clings onto my tighter only causing the burning in my stomach to get worse and my cheeks flush up like crazy. When we finally arrive at the trailer her arms are still clung around my waist and I can’t help but smile at the contact. “you can uh let go now, unless you like being this close to me” I tell her, not really wanting her to let go but I knew she had to, she immediately blushed but kept a strong head, surprising me barking out “Keep dreaming Sweets, that will ever only happen in that pretty little head of yours”. I was taken back by her new found confidence thinking that it was incredibly sexy, plus I couldn’t help but give her a grin when she called me “Sweets”. We got into the trailer and she nervously asks me if everything is ok, I tell her that I wanted to talk about the past few days. She looks down and in a barely audible voice tells me not to worry. How can I not worry, I was such a jerk to her and how is she just going to be ok with this. I start to get flustered when I blurt out “These past few days, not talking to you, not seeing your smile, not hearing that voice.. I-it drove me crazy (Y/N), I don’t know why I even care so much because you are just some rich girl from the Northside and I shouldn’t care about you or your stupid northside feelings”, I didn’t care how vulnerable I sounded, she needed to know the truth. I look over to her and she looks shocked I can’t help but worry that I have ruined everything. She answers me by telling me that not talking to me was driving her crazy and that she thought I hated her. My heart ached at the fact that I made her feel this way, I can see the tears form in her eyes and I can’t help what happened next. I pulled her close to me and placed my lips against hers. It was unlike any other kiss I have ever experienced, she was warm and gentle and her lips tasted like strawberry chapstick, I pull away to whisper  “I could never hate you (Y/N), even if you are just a Northside princess” against her lips. Instead of replying she pulls me down for another kiss. The fireworks in my stomach exploding, I don’t care if I’m deemed bad for her, from this moment on I will never let anything bad happen to her, I will never let her be sad again. They say all snakes have a soft underbelly, I guess (Y/N) is mine.

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