jordan is so legit you guys

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Jordann ask and u shall receive give me mixed feeling i feel like crying im legit 'aww that was so cute' can they just date i mean hoseok is haaa my heart cant contains this feeling anymore I just love how well u wrote this all those scene when both were so nervous like both are so whipped i just. thanks jordan really im sorry for being emo but this sincerely toucheeee mi heart :'( -anon S

ahhh thank you so much. they are cute together right??? I just want them to be together and get married and have babies and jfhkfljfl!!! hehe, i love making you guys emo :”) 


Okay so i work in registration for PAX and the system for it is alot different than East, so i wasnt put on media i was just on general reg.

HOWEVER…we give badges to panelists, speakers and exhibitors if they walk up. So of course im doing my job and going about my business when two guys walk up: James and Koots.

I wasnt much star struck as i was kind of frazzled and excited. So i go through the process of getting their badges and find that their names werent on the list so they had to be validated.

Me, being all shy and stuff, i mentioned to the manager person next to me that i was attending their panel. Hes goes “oh so theyre legit? You know these guys?” I was all oh yeah ive watched their content for years. So he stops and goes “….okay give them their badge” so i pretty much saved them from having to go through the hassle of validating themselves and bringjng up their channels and all the fun stuff.

A few minutes later, i see Aleks at the window next to me (with Domi!) And he was having some trouble with getting his badge. So he left. Another few minutes later, i see Jordan in line again with Aleks. People called him up their window, but no. He knew that i knew who they were and waited until my line was cleared. He walks up and i ask “do i need to confirm that you are you again? He just laughed and we got Aleks his badge and what not.

So yeah. Youre welcome guys. I saved you loads of time and hassle. And thanks for stopping in my line and making my day :)

Carmilla Week Eleven! (part 2)

When we left off on Tuesgay, Perry had gone full-on Father Merrin at Mattie.

And we pick up right there again! Perry has some choice words for Mattie - poison being one of them - and she lets the holy water fly. Mattie though, has had enough of Perry’s constant barrage of “you killed people, you’re a killer” and so forth. Honestly, after so much of that I probably would have lost my shit too. Perry’s “leeching into our dreams” line was interesting. Is she dreaming of Mattie?

The fucking captions kill me.

While LaF goes to check on Perry, Laura reminds Mattie of the whole “you can stay here so long as you don’t kill anyone” promise she made and *technically* she didn’t break it since Perry isn’t dead. But Mattie is still pissed and hey, who wouldn’t be after getting burned like that.

Behold, Mattie! An ancient and invincible being who’s going to…not kill the tiny human because my little sister said I’m not allowed to.


Can someone explain to me how in the actual fuck Elise did not get nominated for a Streamy award? Holy shit she and Natasha absolutely fucking killed it this episode. Well fucking done, ladies. (The Canadian Screen Awards have a digital/non-TV category and I will sell my kidney and what’s left of my soul to get this show nominated).

That is not a phrase I thought Laura could ever say. Seriously. She spends 99.9% of her time caring about EVERYTHING. And Carm’s face? Jesus. I need to start hiding Emergency Wine around here for shit like this. Augh.
Laura screamed everyone out of the room but Carmilla stuck around. Because of course she did and she asks about Perry, who is in fact still alive for the time being.

Oh ffs Laura I think she actually does get your head out of your own arse. She cares a lot, but in a different way than you do and about different things. If she truly didn’t care, she wouldn’t ask.

Then we get hit with a fucking Freight Train of Feels.
“She isn’t mine. You are”. Sorry, brb I’m just going to lie down and cry for a bit.

“To love or not. To save…or not”.

Donnnnnnnn’t even fuckin’ joke about that.

At this point I’m sure we’re all uglycrying and hotladypants anamatics and Jordan are all sitting back laughing with this:

My therapy bill will be mailed to you guys, thanks.

“It’s not enough”. Laura, what has damaged you so much? At least you FINALLY FUCKING ACKNOWLEDGE THE “YOU DIDN’T DO IT FOR ME” THING jfc.


And when Laura said “like someone cut a hole in me” i had to go take a walk around the room and pick up the pieces of my SHATTERED HEART. I legit thought this was gonna be UberSnark Carmilla but omg no. No it was broken and hurt Carmilla and that was NOT ok. If this is the level we’re at for this one, I’m taking the day off when the Giraffe Shirt of Doom shows up because I’ll be a mess.

Mattie wears a locket with a piece of her heart and that’s what’s making her immortal and impossible to kill. Holy shit. That’s pretty big info, Hollis. (And Mattie has a Horcux? What up Voldemort). She’s also choosing Laura over Mattie. Again. Mildly concerned that Mattie finds out and tries to get revenge or punish Carmilla for that, be it directly at Carmilla or by doing something to Laura. But, uh, if Mattie’s under the floorboards, wouldn’t she hear that? (Excellent analogy for why she’s so aloof - she literally has her heart locked away). With this knowledge though, does that mean that Laura’s on her own to fight Mattie if needed? Or will Carmilla step in and help if Laura’s in real danger?

This (incredibly painful and amazingly acted) conversation was important for multiple reasons. The obvious is that we find out Mattie’s weakness. The second is this: there is a major problem in the Hollstein relationship. There is a fundamental issue with them and until it’s resolved, they won’t work. Carmilla cares for Laura, but to Laura, that isn’t enough and it will always be a problem. After centuries of her personality being molded into what it is now, can she change? Would she change? Something’s gonna have to give if this is going to work.

In conclusion: Perry’s so OOC right now it’s impossible to ignore and she’s possessed, Mattie is Voldemort, Carmilla is a gross sappy vampire in love and Laura needs to face reality, as her black and white world has been shattered.

Like my feels.